Crazy Wife

Crazy Wife

By:  Hedi  Completed
Language: English
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My husband is a 27 year old accountant And oops I'm just a 17 year old at college Thanks to our parents for this stupid and crazy marriage between Barry and I It's not going to end well. Never! Wait... I think I'm falling

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pyke Yap
cute story to drown urclf into
2022-09-29 21:16:33
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Kris Tina
im totally loving this story...kudos
2022-09-29 15:39:40
default avatar
im still in the early chaps & so far im enjoying it
2022-09-28 01:47:51
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Enahoro BHB
i like the synopsis
2022-09-23 18:02:32
user avatar
Racheal cynthia
I just started reading and I’m loving it
2022-08-17 21:39:25
54 Chapters
Embarrassed x3
We were shriek with laughter as Bob entertained us with rib cracking jokes "Seriously I get fed up with girls like that" Bob said, still making some of us laugh.I opened my locker and took my biology textbook, we were going to have a morning test tomorrow. I needed something to read. "Enough of these jokes, we have a test tomorrow" I said to my friends who were standing beside my locker. "I'm relying on you Violet. I still don't understand Biology" Ella said to me and some of us laughed. "Crazy girl" I said and dragged her pig tailed hair jokingly. "Hey!" I heard a deep baritone voice which was annoyingly sweet. I immediately recognized the voice. I turned to him with a disgusting look. Some of my friends were sniggering already. It made me angrier. "Are you ready?" he asked me. "What if I text you the area of concentration for you to read tonigh
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Let's get a divorce...wait a honeymoon ticket??
"Tasty hun?"My fork dropped immediately as I turned to look at the masculine creature with a smile on his lips. I wouldn't have felt so embarrassed if the pastai wasn't all over my mouth. It was clear evidence. As I tried to talk I choked and coughed. He handed a bottle of water to me."Drink!" he said. I hurriedly collected it and gulped some. "Thanks" I managed to say "You should have said you wanted to eat, why do you have to steal?" He said walking to the fridge taking a tuna from it. "I didn't steal it," I stubbornly said. "Then what did you do?" He turned to me, fixing his concentration on me. "I..I..I only took it" I stammered "Well you could have it all, it's all yours anyway" he said and left the kitchen. Damn! I was caught. I let my guard off! My gaze goes to the leftover pasta. I smiled.Lucky me! I had th
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Third Grade Crush
Third Grade Crush  "An honeymoon ticket?" I read and asked with shocked screaming. They all smiled in reply. I turned to face Barry and he managed a smile too with the rest. "But dad..I can't take this "I said to my dad handling the tickets back. "Why violet?" he asked and everyone gave a concerned look. Why? Because I don't like this marriage and I've been pretending to you guys so you wouldn't kill me. Why? Because I am not in love with my husband.Why? Because we are getting a divorce soon? What should I even say? " school. I mean I can't leave school to go for a honeymoon. It will affect my studies "I finally voiced out the most meaningful thoughts in my head. "Well, for as long I have raised you..during these periods you should be having your tests and a two weeks holiday is coming right after it, am I correct?
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Fingered I got home as happy as the heavens! It was me alone in the house. No Barry No Barrier. That rhymes?. Haha  I jump on my bed and close my eyes to dream about the kiss Blake would give me. It's gonna be so marvelous. I pick up my phone and start typing some necessary information. The party arrangement gotta start.It was tomorrow or never. Blake was gonna be mine. What clothes should I put on?**At 9:00pm sharp the next day I flew my door open and the music from inside burst out of the whole premises. It was loud enough for a very hot party. People have started arriving and I was surprised I saw more people than expected. Looks like I got really popular. Well it's nice they would all see that my marriage is all a fake. When Ella came in I jumped at her. She was looking hot and very sexy. "Wow where did you get this from!" I literally knew all her clothes.&nbs
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Violet is having a party??
Barry's POV I laugh as Jennifer hiss at my dad."He told us we would leave tomorrow. Why did he have to round up the work this night" she fuss I chuckled "Well at least,we are done now" I replied with a smile. Working with Dad is hell. "I can't go home..I mean I told Lesley to stay over with her boyfriend. I was thinking I would be home tomorrow and you know I can't sleep alone" Jenifer frowned. "Well no can come stay at my house" I offered She smiled." You have a wife," she pointed out. Why did she have to remind me about that? "You mean a younger sister?" I responded. That was who Violet was to me. Nothing more, nothing less. She chuckled "Stop calling her that". "It's just so awkward. I talk to her like I'm talking to Lesley." "Well.. you're still obliged to her" She
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Blake Why?
BLAKE WHY?? Barry's POV "Don't tell me she's immature!" I shouted at Jennifer "she's not immature to throw a party is she?" Violet was wrong tonight and even Jennifer will not convince me otherwise. "Every teenager loves parties.." "Don't give me crap Jenifer. Violet is as mature as she should be, she is doing all this deliberately, she threw alcohol right on my face..was she immature to do that too?" "Barry.." "Jennifer, stay out of this?" I barked. She kept quiet and sighs.I pulled off my shirt and threw it in the bin. I moved to my wardrobe and my leg hit something. I look down to see a two little cupped crop, I mean more crop top with strip lines..okay let me go straight to the point. I saw a brazier, you know, the one females wear. I looked up at Jennifer, she was on her phone. "Is this yours?" I asked the most stupid questio
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I'm Sorry Barry
  I'M SORRY BARRY. I lay down on the bed back as Jennifer left my room. I don't know why but I feel really useless. I feel like I was doing something very wrong even if this was my first time. I loved Blake. I really like him. He only fingered me, something I can do myself if I am reading a hot erotic novel. The only difference is that, he was an opposite sex and his touch on me unlock new hormones, it's not like he took my virginity. Why was he even angry at me that much?. Or was it because it was his room? *Beep* I picked my phone to check the message that just entered  'Seriously, Blake fingered you?' Hmmn. That was from Ella  'sorry bestie'I sent her my message and sigh waiting for her reply    'Wow, I was wondering why you guys went upstairs anyway?'How am I supposed to reply to that?
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 R&B I heard a knock from the door. "Come in" I said softly and Barry comes In with a tray of food. "Oh. It wasn't necessary" I said sitting up "you didn't need to take the stress" "If Victor was here, he would do the same, so take me as Victor, as your elder brother" he said, sitting down and placing the tray on my bed. Is this his form of getting to me now? "I made you pasta. I know you like it" he said and I was reminded of how I stole his pasta that day. "Not really.. but thanks anyway" he seemed disappointed with my answer. "Pasta is not your favorite food?" he asked me and I nodded positively. Isn't pasta just a general food? "Then what is it.." "Sauté potatoes or fish and chips." "You should have requested that, I would have prepared it" I didn't even know he was making me food. "
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Good morning!" I greeted Barry as I entered the kitchen. He was the reason why I was here in the first place. He was here with his tempting dishes again. "Morning how are you feeling now" he asked with a smile "Much better than yesterday" I replied back, moving to the zinc without any cause. "Good to hear..In for Sauté potatoes?" "I said it..I perceived it all the way down here" I shouted and he smiled "I guess you want more than you can eat?" he joked and i laughed "I'll be off to work's all yours!" he smirked and left. He really did wake up to make breakfast for just me.I blush and slap myself inside me.  ***Ella and I got to the program location, I had expected something very very small, like a therapy or something. There was even a banner on the walls of the house."Are you sure this
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Friends"Late." He said when I entered the sitting room. "I'm sorry..I sort of got stuck in traffic" I apologized. Maybe I kept him waiting. Wait, why was he waiting though? Why was I even apologizing? "I wanted to call but I discovered I didn't have your number!" Barry said and we both chuckled. That was stupid of us, to be honest. "How was it?" He asked "Nice..I only got tired of sitting down" I said to him moving to the dinning where he sat, his server food filling my eyes with lust. "Okay then..I just started eating,Let me bring yours for you" "Thanks..I'm starving" I said with a big smile. He stared at me for some while before standing up. Maybe he was wondering why I was behaving a bit nice. Well, I was hungry!. He brought my food and placed it right in front of me with a juice."Enjoy!" he said with a wink and I smiled again. Don't get me
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