Desires of a Werewolf

Desires of a Werewolf

By:  Babidi  Completed
Language: English
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Sunny Clyde Villania, 22, graduating student who is having difficulties with her deadlines and grades. She is busy with bonding and dreaming of future with her friends, and also dealing with her complicated lovelife. Steven Andre Rendezcah, 21, a werewolf, who is living in the human world. All he wanted to do is live his life and do what are the human is doing. A serious one and doesn't want to have any connection with humans―or he thought so. When they meet each other, what will happen to the both of them? Will Sunny be able to accept who Steven really are? Is it fate or destiny?

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60 Chapters
Sunny "Sunny, have you finished your term paper already?" "Sunny, can I see your report?" "Sunny, may I look at your assignment?" "Sunny, faster! Ma'am. Froilan might come in any second!" "Sunny!" "Sunny!" "Sunny!" "Wait a minute!" I yelled at them. "Let us all come down. Inhale, exhale!" I added. I was also moving my hands up and down to calm my classmates down. "Do not bombard me with your questions! I am dying too! If you find it hard and feel like you need to finish it too, I feel you." "Sunny, this is Marco's assignment! Copy it and pass it on to others!" "Okay!" I answered and got Marco's paper, and copied his answers as fast as I could. We need to double-time, or else we will all fail the assignment! After a few minutes, Philip hurriedly came inside. "Assemble! Assemble!" When Philip said those words, we immediately fixed all our papers and ourselves before returning to our spot in milliseconds! Look how talented we are! "Good afternoon, Class!" Ma'am. Froilan gr
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Sunny I turned the gas on to heat my dish. While waiting, I went beside my grandma and helped her fold our clothes. "How is your school?" Grandma asked. "Busy, but I can still manage. My classmates and I are working together to pass this course and graduate in April." I answered. "That's good to hear. Just tell me if you have things to buy or need some allowance," Grandma commented. "Grandma can help you a little." She added. My grandma has lived with us since I was ten. My grandfather lives in the province while caring for my auntie's son. "I heard from Fei that you got a job. Will you be okay?" I asked worriedly. She is already a senior citizen and can get big discounts everywhere. We always save more money when we go out, just like being a senior citizen is a big privilege. We are very, very thankful for that too! "I am still in my sixties and can still do chores. What do you think of me?" Grandma replied confidently. "What is your work then?" I asked again. "I am a houseke
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Sunny I scared myself for nothing. I can now enter the school without any problems. I should not have gotten scared and tried to talk to or help him first. I ran away and thought wrongly of him. "Are you okay now?" I asked him. He nodded. "Want to see where he bit me?" he asked, about to pull his polo up. "No need. I just wanted to know if you were okay." I answered immediately, with my hands waving forcefully. "I am sorry about last night." I added. "I am okay. I have to go every week to the hospital for now." he answered while sitting in his chair. That must be painful. Just thinking of a dog biting me already scared the hell out of me. Imagine how many injections he had to go through. I will cry if that happens to me. I will cry. No lies. "Sorry for thinking badly of you. I planned to avoid you for the whole year, thinking you might eat me too." I said, apologizing. Although our generation today is very advanced, and those kinds of things do not exist today, I cannot help bu
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Sunny "I want to rest. I am dying. This is not physical education anymore. It is more like physical exhaustion." I commented, almost out of breath. I have been running for almost half an hour already. We experience this every Friday. I am not lying. It seems like our professor does not care about us. He wants us to do what he wants and not even bother watching us. Why is he treating us like this? It is so unfair. "I want to die and vanish from this school today. I should have skipped it in the first place." Shiela also commented. It is our PE subject today. As soon as our class started, we did different activities, such as knowing our height and weight, how many seconds we could run from the 1st bottle up to the 5th bottle back and forth, our reaction time, agility, and strength, such as push-ups, curl-ups, 3 minutes of walking up and down to the ladder, and this running thing. After doing what we needed to do, we are now just running because he wants us to do it. I really hate do
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Sunny How should I keep my expression still and not let them see through me? I should look into this later! "Hey, come with me to the library." Steven said. "Huh? Why me? I don't want to." I answered. "I have to give the books I borrowed, and I need your library card again." he said. I frowned. "Aren't you able to get your library ID? Why do you still need mine to give the books back?" I asked. He shook his head. "They are still not giving my ID, and I used your ID to borrow them, right?" He replied.But it is already evening. I don't even want to go there at a time like this. "You should have asked me a while ago." I complained. "Sunny, go with him. Complaining will make this conversation long and will make the hall dark. While it is still early, go and help him," Shiela interrupted. "And I will head now. Let's just do our plan next time. Bye!" She added as she walked away from us. "Wait—hey! Please don't stop me! I do not want to come with you. Let's give the books back tomo
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Sunny "You have a wound?" he asked, looking at my hand with a big band-aid. "Ahh, yeah." I answered and slowly pulled my hands out. Why is he looking at my hands so intensely? Is it because of my wound? I tried to sway my wounded hand from left to right, and he was really following where I was swinging my hand. "Here," I said, holding out my hand. "It is just tiny. Do not be so curious about it." I added, letting him see what he wanted to see, if ever. He did not answer me and just stared at it for a while. He is now weird. He really is starting to creep me out. Is it his first time seeing a wound? He got an injury from the dog last week. So why is he looking at it as if it was his first time? "Boo!" I said, making him look at me. "Is this your first time seeing this? How rich are you?" I asked him. He glared at me before looking at my paper. There are only two reasons why he is acting like this. It's either he is rich and couldn't see something like this. If not, then he is j
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Sunny "Grandma, I heard you are sick?" I yelled from the outside of her room. "I brought you water. Can you come out for a second or open your door for me to enter?" I tried to ask her. After a few seconds, my grandma opens the door while coughing. "Here, drink this first," I said as I handed her the glass of water I had brought. "Why are you all dressed up?" I asked when I finally realized that she was wearing her work clothes. "You are not going to go to your work with your condition. Just tell them you cannot go there because you are not feeling well." I told her. She shook her head. "I need to clean their house," Grandma answered. "I am cleaning their—" She was not able to finish her sentence when she coughed again. "Look, you do not look like one who can go to work today. You can not work today. Where is their house?" I asked. "Can I go instead of you? I cannot let you go in that state. You should just rest here." I added. I do not have any classes today, and I can do our as
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Sunny"You can rest for an hour and do it later. We are not rushing you to finish this house in one go," He explains. "Just rest or not clean this floor at all. We don't force someone to do it that fast since we know ourselves that the house was too big." He added.That made me delighted. "Will you still pay my grandma whole?" I asked back.Of course, I need to make sure of her benefits first. I don't want to disappoint my grandma. It was the first time I did something big for her. Let me repeat. I want to make her proud. I don't mind cleaning the house if they pay me well. Do they know that money is a good motivator? Now they know!"Yeah, so do not worry about it. You can take a seat for a while." he answered back.After hearing him, I sat on the floor after hearing what he said. "I am so tired. There's no way one person can clean this alone. Is this house for real? How could the housekeeper clean something like this? If I was working in a place like this, I think I'll get skinny as t
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Steven "So, she is the one you are talking about?" Mavin asked my older brother. I nodded quietly. "I think she really does not have any idea about us," He said. "How gullible she is." he added, even managing to nitpick someone. Humming to his arrogance, "But with your sudden craziness, you can make her mind change. You are acting as if you are a hungry wolf who wants to devour her," I scolded him. "I will tell Mom you are acting like a wild pig here. So that means she won't let you go out more. Good luck." I added. "She just smells great. How can I stop myself from smelling her?" he answered back. "Can I compliment her? And it is a compliment. Why take it in a bad way?" he complained. Yes, we are werewolves—millennial ones. We can live as ordinary people do. We can go outside, act like one of them, and do what we need or want to do. They do not know that they are living with different creatures. We are all living with other creatures. They just do not know about it yet. No one k
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Sunny "That's good," Shiela said. "How about the assignment? Are you done with yours?" I looked at Steven's chair and saw him reading a book again—such a bookworm. "Honestly, I finished mine in just a few minutes." I told her as I put my things on my chair. "A few minutes?" Shiela asked with her shocked reaction. "I do not think you have finished yours in just a few minutes. I finished mine for an hour or two." she added. Well, without his help, I do not think I will be able to finish my assignments in just an hour or two. I signaled to Shiela to get closer so I could be able to whisper what I wanted to share. "Yesterday, Grandma was sick. So, I decided to do her work." I started to share the tea. "So, what is the connection between your few minutes' assignments and your grandmother's work?" she asked with her sarcastic tone. "My grandmother is working as a housekeeper. The house she was cleaning twice a week was Steven's house." I shared. Shiela's eyes turned to a big one. She
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