The Luna's Mate:  The Alpha King

The Luna's Mate: The Alpha King

By:  M.D. LaBelle  Completed
Language: English
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Discovering this piece of information out, I groan without thinking about it and then everyone stares at me.  Quickly, I turn to Arabella and that is when she raises her voice after winking at me, and states with a smirk on her lips, “I agree, it is to die for.” At that moment, I know our match is perfect.  After we finish dinner, I scoop her up and carry her upstairs, while kissing her passionately in front of all the onlookers.  Unable to take my hands off her, I kick the door open to the bedroom and then walk in quickly.  I throw her down on the bed and kick off my boots before climbing on top of her.  When I gaze into her eyes there is a fire inside and I realize that I have never seen that particular look there before.  She pulls my head down and wraps her fingers in my hair, while she returns my hot kisses everywhere.  Feeling the pressure in my pants, I break our kisses off suddenly and straighten up.  With a confused and hurt look in her eyes, she asks, “Do you not want me?” Julian the Alpha King has a secret. One night when he goes to save some of the humans from being massacred, he meets Arabella and feels drawn to her like no other before. However, when she finds out that werewolves exist, she runs from him repeatedly. After all, she thinks he is the big bad wolf.

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Marie Moriarity
I think most of the books have to many chapters
2022-02-23 02:04:29
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I have only read the first chapter so far, but so far I do like the flow and main character seems interesting. I don't have as much time to read, but keeping this in my library for when I do!
2022-02-16 06:58:23
63 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Darkness That Surrounds Him
Tonight, is a stranger night than most, because the moon is set so low that it looks like you could touch it if you raised your hand into the air. It’s already so big that it looks a lot larger than it normally is, and in a few days, it will be a full moon. That full moon will be so huge that it will block out most of the night sky. What is even stranger, is the fact that it is extremely hot out for May and the air is so thick with moisture that everything feels slick as I sit in my reclining chair. I stare out the window with an odd feeling of anticipation running through me. Perhaps it is because I sense something not quite right tonight. Or because there is danger in the air, and it is almost explosive. With my eyes glued to the woods in front of me, I silently watch a fawn follow its mother through the clearing. Sitting forward a little in my chair to get a better look, I watch as both the mother and the fawn move further. When they do, they move so deliberately that they
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Chapter 2: Meeting Arabella
Hearing the music from miles away, I know precisely where the rave is being held.  It is already in full swing, and I just hope that we have gotten there early enough before the massacre has started.  Driving past the woods, I see the clearing ahead and right away my senses go in overdrive when I smell the Alpha of The Wind Walkers pack, Jordan. When I don’t smell blood, I call it a good sign and start to drive as fast as I dare to before arriving at the destination.  The minute I hit the open path, I signal to the others behind me and stop just before the old, abandoned building.  The bright neon lights filter through the cracks in the walls and light up the hood of my truck before I ever get out.Motioning for the rest to stay put, I signal for Beta Daniel and Beta John to follow me first.  Not knowing where the Wind Walkers are right at that moment, I’m cautious while creeping around in the dark shadows.  As I hear the
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Chapter 3: The Next Day
Hearing someone yelling in the background, I look over at Alpha Conroy and Beta Dean before scanning the room to investigate.  I have been patiently waiting all morning to call Arabella and was just about to, when I heard the commotion begin.  Laying my eyes upon Omega Terence and Omega Shelley over by the far wall, I can tell at once that they are in a heated argument and that is where the yelling is coming from. “How dare you!  You know that I had my heart set on that, and you just threw it out.  Does whatever I feel mean nothing to you?”  Shelley stares at Terence with tears in her eyes before stomping off.  Noting that there is something terribly wrong, I stand up from my chair and walk over to Terence before whispering so no one else can hear but the two of us, “You need to fix whatever is wrong.”  I stare down Terence to make sure he knows that I mean business and then after a few seconds, I take my eyes off him and co
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Chapter 4: You Have No Choice Now That You Know
After I pick her up and she fights me the whole way kicking and screaming, I take her to a room at the end of my hall and lock the door behind me so she can’t get out.  This is the hard part.  I must decide what to do with her now that she knows what we are.  Can I trust her?  Or will she go to the other humans and have us all hunted down? I was originally hoping that I could ease her into my confidence and then trust her with our secrets, but this may be all too sudden for her to ever be able to understand.  So, as I shake my head in frustration, I sit in my chair and start yelling at Omega Tom because he just may have caused me the one thing, I have ever really desired in all my life.  He started the fight between the two others and if he hadn’t, I would be sitting right now at the table eating dinner with her and watching as her eyes roll back in her head from delight. Slamming my fist down suddenly, everyone around me jumps and stare
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Chapter 5: Calm Down
“Thud” “Crash” Hearing a loud noise, I walk to her room quickly before taking in a deep breath and cautiously unlocking Arabella’s door with the key.  As I open the door, I take stock of everything around me and am painfully obvious of how destructive of a woman she is.  The pillows are shredded, the curtains are in piles all along the walls, and the minute I stare into her eyes, she comes running at me full force. “Damn you!  You are so” She exclaims before she meets with my chest and is forced to stop in mid-sentence.  I glance down at her eyes, before her heated gaze stares up at mine.  Raising her closed fists to my chest, she starts to beat on me.  Not caring if she hurts me, I let her pound away for a few minutes, till she seems to be all out of anger and then stops and closes her eyes before stating, “You are so cruel, you have to let me go.  My parents will be worried, and they will call the cops.  My fr
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Chapter 6: It's Now Or Never
After leaving her room, I pace the halls for what seems like hours until my stomach starts grumbling.  Realizing that she might be hungry too, I decide to bring her up a plate in the shape of a peace offering when I am done eating.  Of course, I know damn well that the minute the door opens, she will try to rush out the door.Shaking my head, I think back to when things were a little less complicated.  Perhaps I should have just left it alone and let The Wind Walkers massacre them, but then what kind of king would I be?  I have never been the one to sit back and watch as someone else takes over.  Unfortunately, now I have a bigger problem.As I walk down to the dining room, I think about my next move with Arabella.  I know that this is all coming at the wrong time because The Wind Walkers are purposely trying to cause problems for me.  Is there Alpha thinking of trying to take over?  It is a good possibility, because there is alw
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Chapter 7: Things Hopefully Get Better
Just as soon as I close the door, she decides to place the book down on the desk next to her before picking up a glass from earlier in the day and lobbing it at me.  “How dare you!  I have been stuck in here without anything to eat and I am being treated like a prisoner.” She screams at me with fire in her eyes before picking up anything else she can find to throw at me. Shocked, I watch as she acts like a two-year-old now and flings everything within walking distance at me, even though three seconds earlier she was calm and collected.  Dodging expertly, I demand, “Stop!  Quit acting like a child.”  Pausing, she glares at me only to return to her work of destroying everything in the room. “Wow.  Really?”  I shake my head and decide to leave because this simply won’t do. The minute I turn around to leave, she stops and then asks in a timid tone, “Would you please stay?  I am sorry and I’m really hungry.”  The look o
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Chapter 8: She Will Respect Me
“You will respect me if it’s the last thing I do!  This is my castle and my kingdom so if you want to live you had better stop causing problems and learn to deal with the situation.  Now!”  I yell at the top of my lungs because Alpha Romero has decided that he wants to try and take over the throne.I watch him, as his eyes grow wide and show the fear that he is feeling right at this very moment.  Then I slam my fist down on the table and state, “Leave now before I decide to rip you from limb to limb for your insolence.”He quickly stands to leave and then turns to me briefly before asking with a snide tone to his voice, “Does that apply to your little prisoner upstairs too?  Or do we keep pets to play with now?”At that moment, I launch myself towards him and my claws come out.  As I reach for him, I rip a huge gash in his arm.  When I see blood, my instincts take over and I tear into h
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Chapter 9: Every Time I Turn Around
After several hours of staring at the walls in my room, I decide to try and visit with her again.  Perhaps this time she won’t throw things at me.  Or things could take a turn for the worse.  One never knows with her. As I sit here scratching my neck, I walk to her room before I figure out what to say to her.  When I arrive, I unlock it and cautiously enter because it is too quiet.  I was wise to hesitate, because over the next few minutes, I am pummeled by a teenager’s fists on my arm and side.  This discourages me from doing anything for her.  Hell, at this point I don’t even want to see her face. She screams, “I hate you!  Everyone must be looking for me and you won’t let me go home.  My parent’s probably think I am dead!”  Now her face is so red that she looks like she could instantaneously combust. I don’t know how, but she has this tendency of making me so mad that I want to pull her pants down and spank
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Chapter 10: Where Did She Go?
The moment I wake up from our little nap, I can sense that she is gone and quickly sit up before looking around the room.  Of course, she is nowhere to be found.  “Damn it!  She tricked me.” I murmur under my breath and then scoot to the edge of the bed.  After standing up, I scan the room one last time before hurrying downstairs and collecting the security team.  Glancing between them all, I state, “I need to find that trouble making girl quick, if she gets back home and the humans all find out about us, we are dead.  Is that understood?” They all look between one another and then nod when they return their attention to me.  Realizing that the best thing to do is split up, I tell Beta Tim and Beta Peter that they need to hurry up and go up north through the woods.  Beta Connie and Beta Tom head down south to the clearing and Beta Rick ends up going over to the west to the river.  I on the other hand, head into town to see
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