Forbidden: One Night Stand With The Werewolf Billionaire

Forbidden: One Night Stand With The Werewolf Billionaire

By:  Leema Kamal  Completed
Language: English
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When Eira Silvermane ignores the voice of reason and has a one night stand with Sebastian Redwood, the one wolf she shouldn't have, she is forced to live with the consequences of her actions. Eira runs away from what she knows as home and goes to an Inn on the outskirts of town to prevent Sebastian from ever finding her. As fate will have it, Sebastian and Eira meet again after Liam is born and their pull is stronger than ever with with their feuding packs constantly at each other's' throats and so many people after their son, Sebastian and Eira will have to make some tough decisions if they want to protect their son and fight for their destiny. Will they be able to settle the ages-long feud between their packs? Will they be able to protect their son, Liam before it is too late?

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Leema Kamal
Hello, Readers. Check out my latest book, Two Mates and A Descendant. It’s a really good book, and you’ll surely love it.
2024-01-02 03:21:21
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Seeylah Kamal
This book is a really good one with all the interesting plot twists. It always leaves me holding onto edge of my seat.
2023-10-06 16:24:52
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Leema Kamal
Hello, dear readers. Check out my new book, The Lycan’s Secret Bride. It’s a really good book, and you will surely love it. Thank you.
2023-09-22 18:51:48
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Unique pen
I'm enjoying this book already,the story line is great and very interesting. I'm beginning to love Eira already .... I highly recommend this book to everyone ...️...
2023-08-27 22:39:48
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Christine Owings
8 chapters 8/13/23
2023-08-14 11:06:34
108 Chapters
Chapter One
Eira Deep, wracking sobs could be heard coming from the living room of the quaint little house. Even a deaf person could sense that it was filled with pain, agony and sadness. I was curled up on the ground in a ball-like shape, my body rocking forward and backward in a haze of pain and sadness."How could I have been so stupid? What is really going on with me?" I sobbed, running my fingers through my hair.I was in a disheveled state with wrinkled clothes, large, puffy eyes and running nose. That was when I realized that this was the first time in a very long while I had been in this state and I hated knowing that it could potentially get worse. This was not how I had envisioned my life to be and I hated knowing that there might not be anything I could do about it. This was now my life, my destiny and I knew that the earlier I accepted that fact, the better for me."You are a disgrace, a stupid disgrace," I hissed at myself.My body wracked some more and I knew if I didn't stop soon,
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Chapter Two
Eira"Really? What's the good news?" I asked, failing to hide my surprise.I wasn't expecting anything good after everything I had been through and hearing this from them just lifted up my mood to a whole new level. I wanted to be a part of whatever was going on and I needed to know what they had in mind."Just guess?" Giana said, slumping on the couch.I had noticed that she was the first person to always slump on the couch as soon as they walked in which just told me that she easily got tired."Oh snap! I don't think I told you girls, but I'm very bad at guessing. I'm not really good at it." "Okay, there's going to be a very big party at the bar where we work," Diana said, excitedly.She pulled her shoes, walking towards the bar to grab a drink which was what she always did after a long day at work."Anyone care for a drink?" she asked, walking back with a bottle."I'll pass," I murmured.The idea of a party freaked me out. I wasn't the party type. In fact I completely hated it and
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Chapter Three
EiraSlowly, I turned around and the first thing I noticed was his chest. It was wide and solid, a testament to the fact that he was a regular person at whatever gym he owned. The man I was currently staring at was a demigod, a lord on his own and it showed in his various exploits both far and wide."He...llo," I stammered.I hated the way my voice sounded, and hated the way I appeared weak even when I had no intention of doing that. It just felt like I was pathetic which was very far from what I actually was. Sebastian had that effect on me and I hated knowing that he knew what kind of effect he had on me."Hi, little one,"I stared at his chest before finding the courage to look up at his sinfully handsome face that was even more handsome than the last time I saw him. Even though I tried to resist, there was this pull he had on me that I couldn't quite understand. I hated knowing that he affected me this much when he shouldn't have. It wasn't fair on my part at all."It's really fun
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Chapter Four
Eira Diana and I were a bit scared to open the door because we didn't know what to expect at the other end of the door. One minute we were talking about Gianna's disappearance and the next minute, there was an ominous knock on the door."Do you think we should open it?" I asked.Diana raised a hand, telling me to wait for a while because she didn't quite trust whoever was at the other end of the door and I didn't want to take any chances especially in their safety."Hold on for a second," Diana whispered.She tiptoed towards the door, looking through the peephole but because it was too dark, she couldn't make out who was on the other end of the door. Then she signaled for me to come closer to see for myself if there was a way to know who was behind the door."Do you see anything?" Diana asked.Try as I did, I couldn't figure out anything because of the pitch darkness that surrounded the area."I can't see anything," I whispered.I walked back even as the knocking intensified. It was
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Chapter Five
EiraIt was very clear to me that I didn't know who I was dealing with since everything I could see was the person's shoes and the smell of his perfume that filtered through my nose. It wasn't the cheap type, far from it but the exotic one that just seemed to take you to another plane and dimension. I knew I couldn't be too attached to whoever this person was because that wasn't what I came here for. I came to help Gianna and that was exactly what I was going to do.As I stood there, staring at shoes, I couldn't help but feel that the scent of this perfume was very familiar but I still couldn't place my finger on who it belonged to. It was just at the back of my palm but still, it was very hard to place who it was from. It was very familiar, like I had sensed something like that before. It wasn't funny because I couldn't remember and I had always been good at stuff like this. I decided to ignore it because that wasn't why I was here."Hey, let me show you what to do," Diana said, walk
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Chapter Six
Eira"This scent, it's very familiar," I murmured.Try as I may, I couldn't quite get the scent away from my head. It was very disturbing, calling my name like it wanted to tell me something. There was just something about it that screamed to me, telling me to come have a look and see what it really was. Could it be Sebastian? I questioned myself.Now that he had shown himself in this new life I was living, I couldn't put it past him not to try anything funny just to get my attention. He had done something like that before in my pack and I wouldn't be surprised if he tried the same thing here in this new world.He's as cunning and sly as anything and he has proven to be more harmful than good to me, I thought, sighing.I hated that I was having these thoughts about him when I should have driven him away from my mind. He was invading my privacy by being in my head and I hated it because it was strengthened by the familiar scent that was wafting into my room."Get out of my head, Sebas
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Chapter Seven
Eira"So you're in then?" Diana grinned.I only said I was in because I wanted to see them happy and not sad and discouraged and also to avoid getting kicked out. Of course, I knew they couldn't do that but I had come to learn that human beings were unpredictable and your reaction and attitude told them a lot about you. I didn't want the girls to see me as a party pooper and I realized that it was much better that I accepted their invitation.As I thought about what I had just done — agreeing to a party I had no intention of going to — I felt sick to my stomach. It always happened to me especially when I did something I would normally not do and in that moment, I felt like throwing up. It was dreadful to say the least and I hated myself at that moment. The girls had done a lot for me and I didn't want to break the trust they had for me nor the love I had for them.They had taken me in when no one else bothered to, they had fed me, put clothes on my back and the least I could do for th
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Chapter Eight
EiraAs soon as the owner of the restaurant offered me the job, I was dumbfounded for several minutes. I didn't even know what to say because the last thing I expected was for him to offer me a job only after watching me for about three minutes. There were many things that ran through my mind as soon as I heard his decision and even as I walked home now, I was still finding it hard to believe him.Did it mean I was really good? Did it mean that it was my wolf who helped me? All of these questions and more were burning in my mind as I walked home. The effects of the job if I decided to resume on Monday weighed heavily on my mind. For one, I knew that I wouldn't need to stay in the house regularly when I had a job. It was a very nice thing but still, doubt and uncertainty clouded my mind. What were the odds that if I began this job, I wouldn't run into trouble?I had noticed that anytime I began something, trouble seemed to be associated with it and the last thing I wanted was for me to
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Chapter Nine
EiraI knew he was looking at me. I could feel his eyes on me but yet, I refused to stare at him. There were many thoughts within my head, many things I wanted to say and I knew that if my eyes connected to his, I would spill them all out because when it came to him, I had no filter. I knew he was staring directly at me and I knew I had to do everything possible to avoid his gaze even while I tried to have fun.I danced, shaking and moving my body to the fast beat of the music. It was a high tempo music, one that guaranteed to leave me breathless but I didn't care because this was what I needed. This drive was all I needed to keep me going. Sebastian didn't own me and I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing that he affected me so much."You are really on a roll. I never knew you to dance so much like this," Gianna said."Yeah, I guess today is my day to dance. There's so much fun here, and I never knew I could have so much fun." I grinned.The girls were really surprised about
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Chapter Ten
EiraDrunkenly, I could feel Sebastian's hands and his touch all over my body but I couldn't stop it or him because I was enjoying every bit of it. Funny enough, when I thought that his touch would make my skin crawl, it did the opposite. It calmed me down, comforted me and in that moment, within his arms, I felt protected.There was no way I could explain it but being with him left me assured that everything was going to be alright. I leaned into him as he cupped my breasts and the side of my neck. Drunkenly, I laughed, pouring out all of my love into the laugh. I could feel Sebastian's beard tickle the side of my cheek and I giggled still in my drunken haze. In the dimness of the bar, he found my soaking wet panties and as soon as his fingers touched my dripping folds, I froze.That was the most intimate part of me, the part that no one ever knew and I was going to let him because I wanted this, needed his touch on me there."Come on, Eira, you and I know that this is what you want
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