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Her blank and emotionless eyes was staring at his soul, he has never seen her behaving so cold and detach but why ? He has to find out .... something broke inside him to see her in this state. ************************************************* This is the story of two childhood friends, Faith Miller and Asher Creed ,who got separated at the age of 14 and after 11 years they met again but the situation wasn't same as before. The book cover is not mine. I take it from pinterest.

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8 Chapters
Chapter - 1
SUNRISE HIGH APARTMENTNew York Central Faith pov 2:30amThe blaring of my phone divert my attention from my laptop. I picked it up. "What it is?" I asked as I reading the document on my laptop. "Faith, this girl punctured the tire of my car with the little weapon that she call bobby pin can you believe that" My brother exclaimed. "Where are you" I asked as I rub my temple I already see my headache is coming. "We are at............HEY...WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING WOMEN!!......NO...THAT'S MY JACKET" I remove the phone from my ear as he shouted . I can feel his frustration because to handle drunk Janet ,my best friend , is not everybody cup of tea. Well....he brought up upon himself I warned him before . "What now u can't handle her,someone told me not to be worried .What happen now?"I asked sarcastically. "Yes..yes...Mother Teresa....I am wrong ,you are right now can you come now to pick us!" I roll my eyes at the nickname given by him. "Yeah...yeah I am coming. Be with h
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Chapter - 2
Creeds Enterprise, Italy Inside the ceo office a man is sitting on the boss chair listening to his personal secretary about the schedule of the day. "Sir you have the meeting with Mr. Valentino about the land that you are interested in and after lunch there is the meeting with finance department "Lorenzo said. "Have you done the work I asked you to do ?" He asked his secretary. "Yes sir , I collected the information from our men .They said everything is under control. Ma'am's safety is our top priority. They are keeping an eye on her 24/7. Lorenzo said. Asher humm in response and dismissed his secretary . Deep in his thoughts Asher take out the envelop from the side drawer and took out some photos from it. In the photos there is the girl with long hair which reach her knees sitting in some cafe. Her face expression is very serious as she doing something on the laptop and beside the laptop there is at least 5 empty cups of black coffee and she is sipping from the 6th cup. In ev
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Chapter- 3
Faith pov After declining my so called father's call , I entered my office as my secretary, Meera is following me to updated me to the schedule of the day as I take my chair. "They asked us to shift the date of launching as there are facing some technical issue " "Hmmm, shift the date to the end of the year and it is final I will not shift the date anymore" I said. "Ok then I will leave and send you the samples of the designs "Meera left. I rub my temple as I only wish that the launch will go smoothly I can't afford any mistakes. The door of my office slammed open as my so called father walked in looking very angrily. "Why are you not answering my calls?" He hiss. Meera followed from behind "I tried to stop him" I gesture Meera to go outside . " What you want?" I asked in monotonous voice. "This is the way to talk to your father ,don't you have any manners . You are just like your mother" He shouted. "Well we both know you come here so suddenly because you need something
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Chapter - 4
Third point of view Seeing Faith was struggling with the car , the staff of the restaurant came and said. "Any problem ma'am?? " "Yess, there is some problem with my car can you please call some mechanic to help me out ?" Faith requested. " Of course ma'am" He call someone . "They said that they will be here in half an hour. Ma'am you can leave your car here after it get repair I delivered it to your house or office" The employee said. Faith looked at the staff , she is having the gut feeling that something is wrong with the staff , the way he speaks is creeping her out . Her phone rings deviating her attention from staff . Her secretary is calling picking it up. "Ma'am where are you there is some thing that needs your urgent attention. Can you please come to the office" there is panic in her voice. "What happen ? Is every thing is alright " Faith frown. "Ma'am , I can't explain to you over the phone. Can you please come faster" Meera said. "Ok,ok I am coming" Faith knew Mee
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Chapter- 5
Faith pov The continuous beeping sound piercing my head. Ahhh.... my head hurts , my whole body hurts. As I try to open my eyes. My eyelids feel so heavy. I open my eyes ,adjusting my vision all I see is white ceiling.I turned to my left ,there is the balcony, through it all I see is huge garden . I heard some door opening I turn my head to my right , I saw a lady pushing the trolley that contain medicines and all. "Are you awake!! Wait let me call the doctor" she walked out of the room hurriedly. I just closed my eyes.Soon two doctors and few nurse walked in. They checked my vital and asked me few questions. "Can you see my fingers clearly?" one of the doctor asked. I replied with a nod. "You remember your name?"he asked again. "Yes, my name is..........what is my name?" I started to panic as I try to remember my name any thing how I landed here but nothing. The beeping sound of the machine increase.I started to breath heavily . I try hard to remember me ....anything but al
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Chapter 6
Faith povSeeing him smiling I got irritated. " Tell me !! What I am to you ? Where are we? What happen to me? Its the accident or something else? Why are you not answering my questions? Do you know I have a family or friends or no........" He interrupt me by placing his finger on my lip. My eyes widen . "Shhhhh........ you talk too much , I am answering all your question but first you have to finish the food and after that the doctor will come to check on you" he said. "But......" I protest. "No buts here have some food ." He said ordering me. He adjust my bed a little to help me sit properly and place the food on the side table which is attach to the bed. As my right shoulder has a plaster I try to held the spoon from my left hand but my left hand is shaking very badly ,its like I don't even have energy to even lift the spoon. I tried it few more times but ...... "Here let me....." Asher take the spoon from my hand and place it in front of my mouth . He slowly feed me the
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Chapter - 7
Asher pov I left the room and follow Eric to his office. Eric is one of the my close friends. Entering his office Eric looked very serious "Asher....her condition is serious ." He said. " What do you mean ? " I said worriedly as fear of losing her crawl into me. " Asher.. she is showing the symptoms of amnesia , the total inability of to recall past experience." Eric said. " So you are saying that her memories won't come back." I ask agitated. "I can't say anything ,in these scenario she maybe recover her memories in days, months, years or .....never" . I gulp , the thought of her not recognising me hurts like hell . I don't care if she lose her fucking memories . I only wanted her by my side but the empire she built need her. I can't be selfish with her, its her dream......its her only dream. I can't let that crumble into ashes. " So what would you suggest then?" I ask him. "For now we need to make sure how she coping up with the things, then I will able to decide the thera
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Chapter -8
Faith pov He walked out of the room. After some times the same nurse walked in . " Hi ma'am , my name is Zara. I am here as your personal nurse , if you need anything you can press the botton next to your bed I will come." She said with a warm smile.Please call me Faith ....." " Faith?" " Yes , that's my name I guess " I said hesitantly.She seems like she is in her late thirties. "Don't worry I am aware of your condition , that's why sir appoint me as your personal nurse." She said. " By sir you mean...." " Asher sir " she confirmed. " He is very worried for you , you know when you were unconscious for a month , he refuse to stay away from you even for a single moment. He do his office work and meetings from here only and if he doesn't have anything to do , he used to sit beside your bed for hours holding your hand. He loves you so much." She said. I quietly listen to her. As I don't know whether to feel happy because his concern for me is heart warming or to feel guilty that
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