His Vengeful Secretary

His Vengeful Secretary

By:  Lola Ben  Completed
Language: English
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All she needed was the truth. And Anna was willing to forfeit her lifelong dreams and work in a new environment to get it. She would definitely put up with her self absorbed, arrogant and really annoying boss who hired her specially to be his secretary despite having no qualifications for such a job. And she would make sure that when she was done learning the truth... the company will come crumbling down and they would regret being the reason her sister died. But things don't really go according to plan, do they? Especially when she has the certified playboy, Drake Blunt as her boss. And more especially, when there is more to the truth she searches for.

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52 Chapters
  It was surprising. It was really amazing how a visit to a hardly frequented salon could change one's appearance. Anna could not stop admiring and wondering as her eyes momentarily caught her image in the standing mirror. She totally looked like someone else. The skillful mix of black and ombre in her shoulder length hair made her look like she came out of a teenage model magazine. She loved it. “Anna.” A knock followed the familiar masculine voice that called her. “Dad.” Anna didn’t back away from the standing mirror. She actually didn’t wish to turn, she already knew what he was about to rant about.  A heavy sigh intruded the heavy air and Anna braced herself for the repetitive lecture on how it is very foolish of her to resign for her good paying job to start over at some institution. “Have you gotten your suit from Josh?” “Uh?” The woman who was already leaning towards the decision of snapping at
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It was as though she was visiting a distant cousin of the Burj Khalifa building.The skillfully constructed company building left Anna in awe with its unimaginable height and its structure which looked like a regular skyscraper begging for support from the quarter- sliced, huge, long, three-dimensioned glass arc which got its own support from a robust, metallic rod that definitely ran deeper into the ground.It was simply magnificent. Pictures did no justice to the architectural beauty. Even her sister’s hype about the magnificence of the structure was not good enough, though her claiming that it looked like the building was sitting on a chair was really right.A few chattering passed by the neatly dressed woman whose neck was craning ridiculously to see if it would be possible to estimate the number of floors just by loo
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 “Are you even listening, Drake?” the slightly annoyed man he knew as his closest friend asked and Drake almost lost it.“I told you, I don’t wish to talk about it. It’s all in the past, you of all people should realize that.” Drake was already contemplating getting off the car but he knew how crazy his friend of many years, Alex, was about people being mannerless.“That past is back, Drake.” His newly styled hair which made him look, for a moment, like a gentleman from the Victorian age, danced a little as Alex bobbed his head slightly to buttress his point.Pinching his nose bridge already, Drake swore inwardly at the fact that he was yet to figure out how to successfully get Alex off his back concerning the issue.
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 As white paper flooded the white tiled floor, Anna felt a rush down her spine. A rush filled with an adequate mix of confusion and hatred. As her eyes locked further with that of Drake Blunt’s she began to retrace her steps.She was willing to work her butt off in the company as long as she destroyed him. But would working for him directly increase her chances to destroy him? Working as his secretary?“Secretary?” she asked with a low voice and the man who had to be at least six foot, four inches tall smiled, his stance having an air of pride around it in a way that annoyed her.And what on earth was his request? To pick up his date?“Uh… I am sorry, but I didn’t sign up for this.”“I know. But I want you to be my secretary regardless.” He made a quick retreat towards the window side by his right.“Why? Anna was certain her face wasn’t hiding her distraught.
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After taking a swift look at the small sign which signified she was already on the ninety-fifth floor, she checked her phone’s timer and saw that she had two minutes and some seconds left. Anna knew she could stop, go back home and pretend the day never happened. She could pretend Drake Blunt didn’t ask her to do something that might lead to her slumping. But she didn’t put a pause to her struggles up the numerous steps. As she jumped and skipped and panted and also swore occasionally, her sister’s calm face before the casket was closed kept playing in her head. And that served as a reminder. A reminder to do whatever it takes to get the truth. Soon, she was running past the sign that read, ‘ninety-six’ and Anna began to have some strong feeling about completing her task on time. She was already taking a turn to the next flight of stairs when she heard, loud and clear, someone say, “Oh, this is for Darcy Hendrick.” Anna’s attention was diverted immediately and without thinking tw
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“Mr. Blunt, here is the meal your guest wants,” Anna announced quite loudly, ruining the fast paced, intense smacking. “Miss Hendrick…” Not looking flustered like the woman behind him who was trying to cover up her exposed nudity, her boss pulled up his trousers and walked towards her, his bulge not shying away. “Have you ever heard of the concept of knocking?” Anna bit into her lower lip as she realized she really hadn’t knocked. “I am sorry, I should have knocked.” She knew how to own up whenever she was wrong, it was a thing she did quite well. “Yes you should have. But what were you doing instead? Watching me fuck a woman.” Anna’s eyes swung sideways as she could already tell where the conversation was going. “Is that some kind of fantasy you have?” If there was a fantasy she had, it would be ruining him totally. But Anna didn’t express her willingness to fling his crap into his face. Instead, without a word, she walked to the closest stool and placed the tray on it. Looking
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It never came. A groan escaped her as her eyes flung open. Her present state required her to get some sleep. She needed it to energize herself enough for whatever crazy thing would happen in her new place of work. But the needed slumber wasn’t doing as much as peeking. So, Anna ended up giving in to her state. She got off her bed with more groaning and decided to spend a great deal under the shower which was the first thing she should have done when she got back. Her rather dragged steps came to a halt when her phone’s ringtone filled the dimly lit room. At first, her rowdy mind failed to direct her to the device, but she got the hang of it after a small smack on the back of her head which hurt. But since it worked, Anna didn’t bother with boring herself with self talks and she went to her phone. It was Josh. Josh Handler. Like her, he also thirsted for revenge. He had loved her sister and even though Darcy was unable to return the love, he didn’t stop. Sometimes Anna felt he was
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Anna was delightfully late by an hour and she sort of anticipated the ridiculous outburst Drake Blunt would give. The solemness of the night embraced her as she stepped into the elevator which tinged, a sign to welcome her inside its walls. Like a damn routine, Anna found herself waiting with a mix of patience and impatience as the ride dragged longer than she expected. But she was soon out of the space and approaching her boss's office. Anna couldn't detect a sexual sound, so she crossed off her boss inviting her for some kind of weird threesome off her list. Remembering to knock, Anna announced her presence and a small grunt answered from behind the doors. The man was seated at his table, roughened hair dancing slightly to the tune of the gentle air, eyes glued on the laptop in front of him, his hand tapping away at the table with some off key rhythm.  "Mr. Blunt," Anna simply said. Without looking up, he said softly, "You are l
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As he worked the last button on his shirt into its designated hole, Drake's head snapped towards the antique-looking desk clock which he got at a flea market during a small trip. With the hour hand tending towards eight, he wondered what was taking his new secretary so long to get his guest to the company. If anything, before he went home, he needed to ensure the deal with her father was still intact. He had planned a grand movie night for himself after his meeting but with the way things were going, he knew he'd have to wait a bit longer before he got to set his eyes on his newly installed screen. As he sashayed towards his seat, Drake's mind went to his new secretary. She was an interesting one no doubt. It was as though he knew that when he first set his eyes on her. But what he didn't expect was the fire she kept approaching him with. While being as calm as possible, he could sense some kind of hatred in her voice and that made him wonder if they had met before. Running his l
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“I can’t believe she is really gone,” Anna whispered as the last of the guests walked away from the grounds that now held her mother’s remains.The withered leaves around her made little scrunching sounds, making her aware of the fact that Josh was still around.“Your father says he’ll be staying with his friend tonight,” he said, his voice sounding cautious, like he didn’t want to say the wrong things. Like he didn’t want to trigger something within her.Anna heaved a heavy sigh. Insane as it sounds, she actually needed the trigger. Apart from the sadness pulling at her chest, she was feeling extremely guilty, so guilty she’s been unable to let as much as a strand of tear fall. And Anna couldn’t deny the fact that she wanted to let all loose and wail.But something was holding her back.The fact that she ended things badly with her mother. The last time her mother spoke to her, she
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