Howls of love

Howls of love

By:  Eliza T  Ongoing
Language: English
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Charlotte, a weak young lady with beautiful captivating eyes,witnesses the gruesome death of both her parents by a strayed werewolf. She is saved by a stranger who is also a werewolf named Daniel. Daniel notices the strange color of her eyes, and knows immediately she was not human,but a more powerful creature. He gets her admitted to a school of shapeshifters in Oakwood. Upon admission to the school, she gets attracted to a very cold, powerful and strong Lycan named Xander,who gives off danger signs and he's rumored to be the alleged murderer of his parents. What powerful creature is Charlotte? Will she stay away from Xander,or will she get closer to him despite his reputation?

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5 Chapters
Chapter 1
How it all started Charlotte stood,looking in horror at the strange wolf-like creature in front of her.Her heart paced as she looked at the creature with a bewildered look. Sweat trickled down her face as she remained glued to a spot,paralyzed by fear. "No way! This can't be happening,this is definitely not real" she frantically shakes her head. "Why's a wolf here, and why is it this massive? I have to run,I have to warn Mum and Dad"She finally regains her consciousness and musters up enough strength to run away, but she is stopped by the wolf. The wolf leaped on her and tried to dig his claws into her,but he was stopped by her father(Mr Fried),who did not look surprised to see the werewolf. He's a middle aged man with broad shoulders,beards on his face and light brown hair. "Run Charlotte!" He yelled,as he took a stake and stabbed the wolf with it. "I said run" he shouted,trying his best to stop the wolf from getting to Charlotte. "No! I can't leave you,where's Mum? I can
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Chapter 2
Saved by a stranger Charlotte surged deeper into the woods, she scanned the scenery around her trying to find some help. She ran frantically, darting her eyes around in hopes of finding someone to help. Her vision was blurred by unshed tears, she ignored the pain she got from running too fast. She kept thinking about the heart wrecking state she left her Father. "I have to find some help, I need to help them. Someone,I just need someone to help, just someone." she said continuously as she wiped the tears off her face. "Ahhhh" she cried out as she tripped over a stick and fell flat on her face. She tried getting up,but she felt a twinge of pain on her ankle, she sprained her ankle. "How useless can I be? I just had to fall and sprain my ankle at a time like this. All I had to do was look for some help, but I can't even do that." she chastised herself in anger and frustration. "No Charlotte, you can do this, you can't give up, you have to help them! She exclaimed as she got up
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Chapter 3
Pain and griefShe looked at the man in front of her, wondering why he was mute. He hasn't uttered a word to her since he called her, except for the weird question he asked her. She patiently waited for him to say something, he must have something to say to her since he told her to stop. She looked at him as he stood, looking back at her. At this point, she was getting impatient, and slightly annoyed by his silence. “Why isn’t he saying anything? If he has nothing to say, and all he’s going to do is stare at me, then why bother to stop me?”She thought as she furrowed her brows. She was getting impatient. Now that that wolf was dead, thanks to this stranger, she needed to go check up on her parents. She had to go now, to stop herself from overthinking and worrying too much. She had a bad feeling, she hated it and she wanted to get rid of it. “I need to get to my parents now! I must leave now, I should tell him. I'm grateful he saved me, it's only because of him I'm alive now. I don
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Chapter 4
The Revelation Slowly, the surge of energy around her dispersed. He stared at her,as she tried to control her tears. She tried to hide it, but she looked lost and shattered. He didn't know why, but he felt a pang of pain looking at her in that state. She was a stranger to him, they had just met, but he felt the need to comfort and console her like a Father would. With that feeling and thought in mind, he walked up to her and held her shoulder. “What do you think you're doing huh? Trying to hide your tears and pain? Listen child, doing that is useless. It won't help you in any way, it will instead make things worse. You shouldn't hide your pain and tears, instead you should let them out. Crying is a healing process. In order to heal and move on from our burdens, anguish and sorrows, it's necessary to cry once or twice. Hiding or controlling it will only make it worse. You have to let it all out, just let it out child”. He said,as he looked at her with sympathy. Charlotte l
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Chapter 5
The Oakwood AcademyCharlotte Pov I stood, perplexed by everything he said and the whole situation. I was confused, my whole life’s beliefs were being swayed all of a sudden. I didn't know what to believe, what was real and what was true. I just stood, thinking about everything he said. Am I really not human? Funny, because all my life I always thought I was human. Until now I was clueless about the existence of shapeshifters, now I have to stay with them! I've always lived with humans, damn I thought I was human. “Mr Daniel, you believe I'm this Dragona creature right?”“Please, it's Daniel. And yes, judging by your eyes I'll say you're a Dragona, but the power you displayed in there is not of a Dragona.” he said pointing at my house. For some reason I believed him. I've always known I have strange eye color, but I never thought too much about it. I doubt he’s lying to me, something about him makes me trust him. “Okay, so Mr Dani…sorry Daniel, so what you're saying now is I mi
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