“You are really a good cook, Lily.” Sarah complimented Lily as three were done eating. 

“I am happy you liked the food. Ahh, there is one more thing,” Lily said when Mark told Lily to sit there. “I will bring it.” Saying that Mark stood up and went to the kitchen.

“Brother really cooked with you? I am seeing him first time cooking something. I am amused,” muttered Sarah when Lily asked her, “Did Mark never cook at home?” 

“No,” replied Sarah. 

“Then how did he know about that?” Lily muttered. 

“I think he used to cook when he was in the Netherlands,” answered Sarah. Lily gave a nod. “I am coming,” Lily said and went to the kitchen. 

“Is it still baking?” Lily asked Mark. 

“Yes. A few minutes more and it will be done,” Mark replied. “Could you please pass me a plate?” Mark asked Lily who forthwith, went to the cabinet made on the walls and opened it. The cabinet was at a good height and she wasn’t able to take th

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