Chapter 8

After my pointless conversation with Melissa, I hopped in the shower.

My body refused to put me out of my misery and allow me some restful sleep.

Instead, I laid awake staring at the chipped ceiling mulling over what Alec and Kade had said to me.

How could they possibly think I belonged to them? I had just started school here, and I hardly even knew them. Yet they claimed I belonged to them, as if they had known me forever.

It would've been easier to ignore the twins if I wasn't feeling this annoyingly strange connection to the two of them. Sure, they were drop dead gorgeous but some innate part of me wanted to be around them. It was as if my instincts were pushing me closer to them while the logical side of me pulled away. Nonetheless, my body seemed to react on it's own under the twins touches as if it wanted to be claimed by them.

I had no choice but to go to school the next day. Melissa had a day off and the last thing I wanted was to be stuck
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Michele Harwell
I have a feeling that Aurora dad may be a wolf
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Shae Young
Good book the chapters are just short
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Helen Green
I wish there was

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