Rejected by one Alpha, Loved by another

Rejected by one Alpha, Loved by another

By:  QuirkyConfidence  Completed
Language: English
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"I, Alpha Dylan Langley, Alpha of the waterside pack Reject you, Esme West pack member of waterside west to be my mate and Luna" On Esme's 18th birthday she figured that the Alpha of the pack was her true mate which meant she would be Luna to the waterside pack. She felt the mate bond breaking and it hurt so much. She didn't know if she was string enough to handle the rejection completely. She was holding back her tears to show him no weakness and no emotion towards his rejection. "I, Esme West of the waterside pack accept your rejection to be you mate and Luna of this pack" I turn towards the entrance of the pack gates and slowly walk towards our home where my mom and dad are sorting mine and my brother's birthday out. I didn't want to cry. I heard of the tales of the rejection and the pain it causes to fated mates but I never thought I would be rejected I especially didn't think the moon goddess would have the Alpha to be my mate. I'm a nothing but a lowly omega. I work for nothing and I am the packs punching bag. Especially the queen be herself who has always wanted Alpha Dylan to be her mate...Adeline carter... Some Wolf's who have been rejected have often left the pack but have not managed to find a new pack who is willing to take them in within the time frame off 2 weeks and they are automatically classed as rogues. Rogues are wolfs who have no packs, some are nice but the thing's I have heard some rogues will kill to get what and where they want to be in the chain.

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Gigi hadid
Love to read!
2024-05-17 19:21:01
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Michelle Cornick
Can't wait for more chapters!!! Reading this book brought to tears while reading it. This is a awesome book and I would give more stars if I could!!!
2024-05-01 09:19:16
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Michelle Cornick
Hello writer this I a great interacting and good book. But it needs to be updated
2024-04-30 05:08:08
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Katie Scott
74 chapters 5-18-2024
2024-05-18 16:10:01
user avatar
Tricia Campbell
I'm so tired of these never-ending books I could scream. I like the storyline but it's so poorly written and translated that you can't tell who's speaking. For what they charge they should do better
2024-05-06 10:47:44
77 Chapters
Chapter 1 - The start of something new
Tomorrow me and my brother Finley turn 18. I get my wolf tomorrow and I hopefully also find my mate. I work in the packhouse doing jobs that no one wants to do and it gets tiring after a while because they make me do it all by hand."Oi, mutt. this kitchen needs to be cleaned ready for the ball tomorrow"Each year a pack will hold the annual ball and unfortunately for this year our pack will be holding out the event. Great. Just great.My mom and dad don't care about me they are more concerned about the other kids accept me and Fin, were like the black sheep of the family basically.They have never been bothered about us. Even when we tell them that I usually get abused by everyone at work she shows no emotion no nothing. My older sister is everyone's favourite. She's perfect in every way possible."Ouch!" I look up to see the devil in she-wolf form standing with her 6 inch heals on pinning my ankle down to the floor."Are you doing your job properly bitch. We have guests in less than
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chapter 2 - Birthday
Esme's POV I got up this morning with nothing but pure excitement. I get my wolf today and I couldn't be anymore happier. Both me and Finn haven't had much good luck over the years so I'm hoping we both find our mate. Wishful thinking. "Good morning Esme! Happy birthday" Finn says with excitement cladding his voice. He's just as hopeful as me. "Morning Finn! You excited for today?" I ask waiting in anticipation for his answer. "I am I'm hopeful to get my wolf today! It's just a shame that I have to work as well" "Yeah I know. Your lips turning blue. How is your bruises on your stomach and back? Have they healed yet?" He asks with concern written on his face. "I'll be okay. It's my birthday today so no one will bother me. I'm very hopeful of that" I hadn't even been at work for an hour and Elisa had summoned me to do the living room floor by hand and also the kitchen floor by hand because they don't like me using the mops. "I expect all of this to be in pristine condition when
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Chapter 3 - Rejected
Alpha Dylan's POVI've known for the last 7-8 weeks that Esme has been my mate. It's illegal for a wolf to tell an underage wolf that they are there mate. So even if I wanted to reject her I couldn't.I really wanted her sister to be my fated mate she's the one I love not Esme. She's just a lowly omega who works for us doing the shit no one else can be bothered to do. She gets the odd beating if she's not compliant or if the job she's done is not up to standards.She must have her wolf because Jared my wolf is going absolutely wild in the back on my mind. He's wanting to accept her and mate with her but I can't have that. Once she notices me I can tell she already knows I'm her mate but I have to reject her and I have to do it today. Now even."No...No this isn't happening""Out. We need to talk. But not here."She walks outside knowing what's coming I hope. Jared is going wild and it's doing my head in.'She's our mate. She was made for us and she can become stronger. You can train
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chapter 4 - The ball
Jaxon's POVIt's 11:30 am and we have a 5 hour drive up to Waterside pack. In one car is me and my Beta Charlie who is also my brothers. There is 3 years between us but we never wanted to become Alpha he has always preferred to do other duties and feared that he wouldn't be good enough.We're 2 hours into the drive and I'm ready to throw out hunter. Hunter is my gamma and acts as third command of me and Charlie are not here he is in charge and takes care of the major issues and even minor issues."I might find some hot girls tonight you know" Hunter says while flicking through some emails."You know you could at least pretend to make a conversation with them instead of just screw them and leave them" I say without hiding my irritation."Just because you haven't found your mate yet don't mean to say I have to have one""Anyway back to my night at this pack""No more or I throw you out and you walk there""Your such a party pooper Jaxon"'Yeah yeah. Course I am. I'll take been a party p
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Chapter 5 - Your nothing
Esme's POVI'm on my way to work when I get stopped by Adeline. I can't be dealing with her right now my hearts to heavy to listen to her whining about something."Oh poor Esme. Dylan rejected you because he didn't want you so you try to make him jealous by showing up to work with a smile on your face"I turn around waiting for her to carry on but she doesn't, she's stood there trying to make me break. It's working but I certainly won't allow her to see that. Dylan's walking towards the door and I kindly ask her to move."If you don't mind Adeline I have work to do""I do mind. And its Luna to you"Alpha Dylan approaches us and is glaring daggers my way like I have done something wrong. What could i have possibly done to him this time?"I told you not to come into work tonight its for guests and work members." He says so coldly."I am working." I tell him while looking at the floor. "It's only 4:45 alpha I said I would work until 7. Elisa told me she didn't want me slacking so I wont.
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Chapter 6 - Your nothing
Alpha Jaxons POVAfter hearing Dylan's estimated guess on how many pack members he has I was left utterly speechless. In my pack I have a little over 500 members. Each with their own lives, jobs and income and all's I ask if for respect and occasional help if need be."Do you hear yourself? Wouldn't you want to be expanding your numbers instead of selling them?""With all due respect Alpha but you've come to my pack lands and..""On YOUR request. I came here for 2 reasons Alpha and this wasn't apart of my bargaining either. Sort your stuff out. I will sign the treaty and I will take your staff member with me. I also want to see this place expand or I will be pulling us out of this treaty and leaving you to dry on your own. And the next visit I have I don't want to find that your staff members are exhausted and shouted at and made to feel like shit because I have the agreement here with me which states that at any point I see fit to retreat from your pack I can do and shall do with no
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Chapter 7- MATE!
Esme's POVIt hasn't been long since I got home. I've been trying to sort out some of the stuff that's been falling apart from rain and storms and sometimes when Aloha Dylan wants a punching bag and I'm unconscious he goes for the walls or the doors.I hear my door being slammed open and I know exactly who it is. He's angry. Majorly angry at that."OI mutt. You're going tomorrow to Another pack."I'm frozen on my spot. I need Finn to come home now. I need him here because Dylan won't be able to hit me if he's here! He wouldn't dare. "Are you listening to me bitch""I can't leave! Finley's here and I can't just leave him here with you on his own. He won't have no one here and I don't want to go"** SLAP **"You disrespect me again you and I'll make him watch the next slap that lands your way is that clear""I don't need you to let him watch! He sees the aftermath of every single beating I get for what? What makes your pack members and omegas any better than me? Apart from that tramp o
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Chapter 8 - New deal
Jaxon's POV"Are you really that fucking stupid you would risk all chances of loosing a treaty with me. You told me she was challenged.""She did not look challenged to me Alpha Dylan" I say trying to hold back from strangling him for hurting my mate. "She made me angry" he said like it's the most normal thing he has to offer me."Right well I'll make one thing extremely clear. That scene in that house I saw is going straight to the council. My men have taken photos of her entire body for prove along side a video I recorded with your hands on her and you kicking her. Unless...""Unless what""I take both of them" I say. Challenging him. "Finley west? You want the twins" he ask surprised by my proposal."Yes. I do and I always get what I want so this is the new terms of my agreement....i take Both Esme and Finley West and I make them work for me and we keep our deal of a treaty"I know he's having an internal battle with himself. But he has 2 options here, he either gives me what I w
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Chapter 9 - New home
Third person POVOnce on their way to Alpha Jaxon's pack Esme Is let sitting tightly in a ball with her brother trying to comfort her and talk to her. She's too anxious to say anything else but she looks his way.She has been badly beaten to the point where even Finley can't stand to look at her injuries as it makes him angry. His sister is usually upbeat and has the energy for the both of them."It's going to be okay. I trust him you can trust him too" Finley tells her."He's my mate. He's going to reject me and beat me just like Dylan did" She says while turning back to the window. She finds comfort in the outside world that's now passing by in a blur. They've been on the road for 3 and a half hours now and she's no closer to feeling safer than the last time Finn told her he's a good person."What do you mean Es" Fin says to her holding her hand. "Yesterday. I found out that Dylan was my mate but just before he rejected me and just before you came home he beat me. He spat at me, he
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Chapter 10 - your safe
Esme's POVI'm feeling really sick and anxious. I can hear Finns voice but I can't concentrate on it. I usually can but not right now. The maid that entered my room looked a lot like Elisa. I don't know how many more beatings I can take. It hurts to much my body hurts too much for it to keep happening.I see Alpha Jaxon and I'm instantly scared that he's going to hit me. I tell everyone to get out I need everyone to go."Please don't hurt me. Don't hurt me no more" I see Finn going to him and I know he's going to send him away."Get him out Finley please get him out" but he doesn't. He comes back and he tells me that Alpha Jaxon wants him to go and get me something to eat. In clinging onto him for dear life but he tells me I'm safe.I repeat his words with him and he's soon off out of the room."Hello Esme. Natalie who was here before..""She's not to come closer to me. I don't know how much more I can take of this. It hurts" I tell him. I needed him to know not to send her in again.
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