Somebody to Love

Somebody to Love

By:  Elaine Elizalde  Ongoing
Language: English
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She was an heiress to one of the most prestigious luxury shipping lines in the world, a bi-product of nobility, by birthright, Aurora was meant to oversee multibillion properties and be in charge of the Cunard brand that was well-regarded in the world. But she chose to be an ordinary yet independent woman and pursued a life of service as a cardiothoracic surgeon. To safeguard her family's assets, her parents had to make a deal with someone capable of overseeing something as big and broad as Cunard Shipping while ensuring corporate ownership retains in their bloodline. There was only one way that it can be done. Aurora needed to marry. Not just anyone. She needed to marry someone capable, with a proven track record on managing multi-million properties across all continents, someone their family trusted, and powerful enough to wield authority in handling an inevitable merger. His name was Jared Rickford. Known in the business scene as a ruthless strategist, CEO, President of Rickford Hotels International. Also playboy, ex-military, and a womanizer of the first degree. He was the most unsuitable man Aurora could ever think to be her husband. But she had no choice. She could not play surgeon in the Board Room. She needed the man's expertise to ensure that her family's corporate assets are secured, and she would do anything in her power to safeguard her dying father's legacy. Including agreeing to be married to the devil.

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38 Chapters
Chapter One
Looking down below from his eighty-six storey building provided him a bird’s eye view of downtown Boston. Skyscrapers stood side by side triumphantly creating vast scenery that can provoke insatiable eyes to experience a bit of envy to the man who was part of such a milieu. He continued to stare, as if examining every part of the city center and drawing them to him, possessing them, leaving a mark of his brilliance for having been able to come out victorious in an industry his father once dominated. A knock was heard and even though he heard it, he did not turn to acknowledge the person who was to enter. After all, there was only one person who was allowed to directly knock and enter his office without further ado. “Leave them at the table, Renata,” he said. He had a profound voice, which was unmistakably cultured and aristocratic. With his back on her, the woman whom he acknowledged as Renata gently placed the fastened folder of documents to the rose wood table. She
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Chapter Two
Walking on the streets of downtown Boston on her way to the hospital, Dr. Aurora Cunard cannot help but feel a bit jittery due to her meeting with her father last night. She knew it would happen in the long run but she did not anticipate what sort of thing her father requested of her. As she sat at the outside table of a coffee shop just a block away from her apartment at 429 Marlborough Street, she glanced at the passersby without really seeing them. Her mind was still hazy from the topic her beloved father raised during their dinner last night. She was appalled when her father directly told her he’s craving for a grandchild. She didn’t see it coming. Ever since her father suffered a mild stroke a couple of years ago, he has always been importunate of Aurora to get married. Her father has been persistent ever since and by the situation she found herself into last night, her father was taking it to the next level. Her beloved mother on the other hand felt very glad of her husband’s
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Chapter Three
“Paging Dr. Aurora Cunard, paging Dr. Aurora Cunard please proceed to the operating room 3 stat...Paging Dr. Aurora Cunard, paging Dr. Aurora Cunard please proceed to the operating room stat...”Hearing her name from the paging system, Aurora immediately proceeded to the wash room to prepare herself for her first operation for the day. As a resident surgeon of the Massachusetts General Hospital, Aurora fought hard to find her place among the men who circled the hospitals. The very first moment she stepped foot on the operating room, they thought she was a nurse. She was the only woman who qualified to take her internship at the renowned Massachusetts General Hospital.  With her blond hair, and blue eyes, she knew she would have a hard time proving herself. The moment she got accepted into Stanford, she came to a decision to dye her long wavy blond tresses to a deep shade of chestnut brown. But still, who can blame them if they think she was indeed a nurse. Despi
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Chapter Four
Barely two days after his father’s operation, Jared received a phone call from the hospital that his father just gained consciousness and was asking for him immediately. Jared although in the middle of a board meeting rushed to the hospital to fulfill his father’s request to see him. Jared still hadn’t figured out if he really cared for his old man. For the past three days, he’d been trying to find it out. But then maybe he really did care because if he did not, he wouldn’t be rushing to the hospital in the middle of a very important board meeting. Arriving at the Intensive Care Unit where his father was confined, he was surprised to see at least four people seated beside his old man’s hospital bed. Three middle aged men wearing tailored suits who looked like lawyers, and a middle-aged woman in mid-sixties who, despite the old age still looked regally beautiful. As he was about to enter the room, the doctor whom Jared arranged to replace the pretty brunette surgeon approache
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Chapter Five
After hearing those words, his mind was reeling and he was shockingly confused. It was like two ropes were pulling him on each sides; one side was that the offer was an opportunity of a lifetime and Jared knew he’s very fortunate for a man like Paul Gregory Cunard to choose him to be the beneficiary of his multibillion corporate empire. On the other side however, his father is ordering him to proceed with the plan despite the old man’s condition. Then it hit him. As Jared looked at his father, a realization came to mind. His father wanted to secure the business for long term. Could this be possible? As stated by the lawyers, the document is binding and he had his chance of finding a woman fit to be his wife the last several years. The document said thirty-five. He’s turning thirty-nine! He realized the betrothal was put on hold for nearly 4 years to allow him to find a wife of his choosing. But he didn’t. Women he dated were not meant to be married into. They loved his money and the
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Chapter Six
Jared stared at her expressionless. Margaret my ass, he mused. It is Margarethe apparently, and she is presently in a relationship with someone he knows, which is bad luck. For Aurora however, it seemed to her that he looked bored – elegantly so! He was in a customized dark navy blue double-breasted tailored suit. His dark hair naturally combed to expose his handsome features and his marvelous gray eyes. Aurora, for the first time, though she already met him the other day when he sacked her -  realized she was looking at the most handsome man – in a rough and hard kind of way - she ever laid eyes on. And the man did not just have the looks of a rough on the edges kind, but complete with height, aristocratic jaw lines and a muscular body that are usually built for a soldier or some sort - he was oozing sex. He made her feel breathless. It was simply devastating. He was devastating. He was tall, more than six feet and hard built, not big but bulky enough she thoug
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Chapter Seven
Walking along the hospital corridor with her parents, the lawyers and her betrothed gave Aurora a feeling of dread which was slowly penetrating her tolerance. She was lucky that her department had additional staff and so she managed to get permission from her senior supervisor – Dr. Finnegan – to get out earlier than used to. They already left George Rickford III back at the Intensive Care Unit to continue his recovery.  Recalling that she was dating an acquaintance of her betrothed three weeks prior was quiet disconcerting. She met Stephen in one of the hospitals’ fund raisers and he was charming and kind. Not to mention familiar with how their family business works though she does not talk about it as she has no idea how to run it. Stephen was a nice guy some days and disappearing in other days, reason why she decided to cut him lose. His inconsistency does not bode well to her instincts and having first hand experience in a toxic relationship, she did not want to be on the s
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Chapter Eight
Jared was kind enough to drive her back to the hospital before heading back to his office. But again, they didn’t talk at all in the whole ride. This annoyed Aurora most of all. She couldn’t seem to grasp the man’s point of extreme silence! She felt uncomfortable whenever he’s too silent, and whenever he speaks… Aurora couldn’t understand it either for every letter of sound that comes out from his mouth has the obvious hint of repulsiveness on them. Does this man find her unpleasant? Is it why he never talks to her if there is no need to? Is it his way of showing he disapproved of her, that he doesn’t find her suitable for his standards as a man? Aurora hoped she’d know. It was very hard for her to comprehend the man who was supposed to be her husband soon. They should at least try understanding each other if they want to get along. She glanced at him for a while and when she was convinced that there’s no hint at all that he was going to speak, she mustered all her courage to speak
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Chapter Nine
Jared, on the other hand did not fail to notice it too. He was now scanning the contents of the red folder his secretary prepared and an idea crossed his mind. He stood up from his high-backed chair and walked over to where the two women were. He then sat himself beside Aurora and without a word to both women, took the put of tea and poured into the empty cup beside Aurora’s. He reached for the creamer, poured a small amount, stirred, and began to sip. Both women exchanged a meaningful look and smiled. Renata then excused herself, and upon receiving Jared’s  approval, walked towards the exit. “What are those?” Aurora asked as she sipped her tea eyeing the creative board paper in Jared’s hand. “Invitations for the Met, and the Gates Foundation” he replied nonchalantly as he leaned his back against the couch and rested his head. “Both are fund raisers, Met’s for breast cancer but we need to shell out at least five thousand dollars per individual, the other one’s f
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Chapter Ten
“You will join me in New York,” he told her when they were inside the elevators descending towards the basement parking. “I beg your pardon?” she was not entirely sure if she heard him right, with the exhaust humming in the background as they reached the basement parking where Jared’s silver BMW X5 was parked. He smiled at her as he prompted its keyless controller to unlock the door of the vehicle. “We go together. It’s black-tie, this coming Saturday. We’ll leave for New York on Friday afternoon. We’ll fly back here the next day. Can you clear your schedule?” She heaved a sigh before answering his gentle orders. “You misunderstand,” she began her explanation. “I don’t go to these kinds of social events. In Germany and in Austria, yes but not here in the States. Absolutely not.” “Why not?” he was scowling now, irritated more with her foolish reasoning. “What’s the difference between the social events in New York than that of Germany and Austria? Excep
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