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Scarlett thought she had died as the one guy she had ever loved stared at her with hatred in his eyes, only to wake up two years ago when he hadn’t shown her his true colors. Life gave her another chance and you can be sure she’s using it for revenge. In her past life she had made mistakes by being too kind and naive, and trusting those who she shouldn’t have. She had been betrayed and hurt, and lost everything she had, including her life; but In this life, she swears to get revenge on those evil people including her self-acclaimed bestie and the so-called love of her life. Knowing everything this time around, she came with her revenge serving cold. The only thing she didn’t expect is that she finds true love in the least possible guy she expects, especially one who she had hurt in her past life.

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Purple Ink
Revenge is best served cold. Loving it
2023-03-14 05:59:15
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udoawa chiamaka hannah
the story is so excellently interesting
2022-12-25 02:04:56
user avatar
Bright ❤️
life has given you another chance dear, use it wisely, best story ever......️ I won't miss this update ...
2022-12-14 03:49:35
user avatar
Ninmo Aroni
so awesome ......
2022-12-14 01:09:13
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Bibiana Moses
Wow, best story of the year. I'll do same if I were in scarlet's shoes. ......... Seriously, it's mind blowing.
2022-12-14 00:47:29
user avatar
Brendy ❤️
super interesting ...
2022-12-14 00:24:50
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Sunshine Writes
such a wonderful piece totally love it...
2022-12-13 23:51:18
default avatar
this is a great book totally hooked by this wonderful piece!!
2022-12-13 23:45:55
user avatar
i so much love this book thanks Author......
2022-12-13 23:41:17
117 Chapters
Poisoned food
Scarlett’s POV“You’re five weeks pregnant, Luna.” The pack’s doctor’s voice rang over and over in my head, which made me smile as I rubbed on my still flat stomach and looked out my room’s window.To say that I was super excited was an understatement. I was beyond overjoyed.My heart swelled with so much joy, and I was brimming with so much excitement about the prospect of breaking the news to my husband, Luke that at first, I didn’t notice when he came into my room.“Baby,” I heard him call softly at me, and I jumped slightly in fright because I wasn’t expecting him here in the first place.He smiled, showing off his dimples and dropped a tray of mouthwatering goodies on the bedside table before he began walking towards me with a smug smile on his face.I wanted to blurt out the good news to him, but I didn’t. I already knew the surprise would totally blow his mind but at the same time I wanted it to come off as a bigger surprise. We’ve been wanting to bear children ever since we g
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Scarlett's POV“Ah, Anna! Oh please help me talk Luke out of this craziness!” I yelled in desperation. “He’s acting up and I don’t know why!” I cried.I couldn’t seem to move my body, because whatever it was that must've been put into my food was so potent, it was fast weakening my defenses.I almost breathed out a sigh of relief when she immediately turned to look at Luke with a stormy expression on her face, that was until she said; “Why didn’t you gag her?” I heard Annabel ask spitefully, making me gasp in shock. No, not her too!“I didn’t because I wanted to listen to her shout out for help when I knew that no one was going to come to her aid.” Luke replied with a small smile dancing across his face.To my utter dismay, Annabel joined in his laughter, but immediately stopped when her gaze locked with mine.“I would’ve loved to have her gagged though… and make her watch while we do what we always did behind her back.” She said with a laugh.What did she mean by that?I had not ful
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Scarlett’s POVAs soon as I uttered the words, I saw his eyes widen in shock… and something akin to regret as his beatings immediately came to a halt. I also didn’t miss the angered look that suddenly fleeted across Annabel’s face before she quickly pushed him aside to stand right in front of me.“So you think lying about a baby would get you out of here right?” She seethed with so much loathing, it made me shiver.“I am not making this up Anna! I’m pregnant!” I choked out. I could feel the wetness begin to form a puddle beneath me, and I knew they could smell the blood too but simply chose to ignore it.“If you’re really pregnant, then there’s only one way to find out!” She snapped.I was about to ask her what she meant by that when she suddenly knelt beside me and began tearing the piece of my fabric slowly away from my body.“What’re you trying to do?!” I called out frightfully, but she ignored me, focusing almost all of her attention into cutting out the cloth, especially the on
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Scarlett’s POV I jerked forward suddenly, making a whole lot of people sitting around me turn to stare at me with a look of both shock… and pity?Seemingly confused, I quickly looked around my surroundings to discover that I was at a funeral and that Annabel was sitting right beside me, with her hands firmly clasped in mine.The fucking bitch!I was about to forcefully pull my hands out of her grip when the ritualist’s voice rang through the crowd, quickly snapping me out of my reverie.“We are gathered here today to pay our solemn tributes to this lovely family, the family of Alpha and Luna Cardel Blackstone…” I quickly snapped my head in the ritualist’s direction, realizing that this was my parent’s funeral. But how’s this possible? My parents died two years ago!I quickly looked towards the pyre that had been created up front and discovered that a lot of my parents' pictures had been scattered on it, as a means of showing condolences.“We would be less than honest if we said that
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Scarlett’s POV “Hey Alpha!” He teased, and I couldn't help but smile, regretting what I did to him two years ago, all for those two betrayals. “Hi Atlas” I muttered, still maintaining the smile flickered on my face. I admired his face for the first time ever. Luke did a lot by blinding my eyes from not seeing other men's beauty, but I am back again to Amend those silly mistakes. “Wow, you know my name?” He uttered in disbelief, biting his lips sexily. I quickly diverted my gaze from his lips and wondered why He is making me feel anomaly. “Who doesn't know Beta's son?” I blurted out, not realizing what I just said, but the bean has been spilled already. “Awwwn, don't know I am popular” He facepalmed shyly covering his face abruptly. “Oops, see you later Atlas” I murmured sadly, loving his company, but I need to check the park and put things in order. “So fast” Atlas muttered, His face dropped, it seems he doesn't want me to go but what can I do. “I have numerous things to do, R
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Past Life
**Scarlett’s POV** Immediately Annabel left my room obviously angry, and I didn't care, I headed straight to see the elders. I scratched my head thinking of what they have to convey, I hope it isn't what I am thinking, I kept on murmuring until I got to the Throne room, they were all seated. I breathed down nervously before going in. They were two thrones, I sat down on the second one which was my mom's throne, My Alpha will be the one to sit on my Dad's throne. I don't think I am ready for any relationship now, I will be the one to rule, I don't need any Alpha that would betray me in the future, My past life kept on ringing in my ears. The Elders bow slightly in honor, That's the rule as an Alpha or Luna of the park. For now, I am seen as the Alpha of the park, and they dare not disrespect me. If you do not obey any rules, you will be killed or thrown into the dungeon. I nodded my head after they bowed their heads, waiting for them to speak. “Your parents just got burie
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“ I don't need a mate, I want to rule my park all by myself, but they won't let me be” I said, still pretending to be sad. She is already convinced by my acting. “I concur with them, you've already seen your mate, My cousin Luke is your mate, it is unclear to me why you are rejecting him. He loves you and the mate bond is drawing him closer to you, just give him a chance in your life. You can't control this Park all by yourself, you require Assistance. Try to understand my point Scarlett, I am your best friend, and you know I can't lie to you” She blabbed, I stared at her, felt like slapping her cause of the rubbish she just spilled out. This was how she fooled me with her sweet talk. I glared at her hatefully, though she couldn't notice it. If eyes could kill, I think she would be in the grave. “I don't feel anything for him, I am not even feeling the mate bond” I screamed in tears, My acting is so real, My wolf giggled happily. She gasped in shock, holding her mouth. “Are you not
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**Scarlett’s POV** Through the scent no one needed to tell me who it was, I didn't waste time punching his face Angrily, not once but repeatedly. “Arggghhhh” Luke groaned as blood dripped from his face, I breathed down Angrily. “What are you doing here?” I questioned glaring at him angrily, felt like killing him right away, but I was keeping all in. “I came to stop you from hurting yourself and all I got was a punch, huh?” He said, wiping his face with his hands. “ I didn't ask you for help, just let me do my thing. Stay in your lane and don't cross mine” I yelled angrily hissing loudly, licking my blood. “ You are my mate and I can't let you hurt yourself like this” He replied stubbornly holding my hands protectively, I smirked and stared at his disgusting face. “You are not my mate, and you will never be my mate. Remove your filthy hands from mine Now!” I warned, glaring at him hatefully, He hesitated before removing his hands from mine. “You can continue Rejecting me, but I
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He couldn't catch me quickly, we both fell on each other's body, His hands landed on my ass, My eyes widened in shock, I raised my face up to find out it was Atlas, our eyes were fixed on each other and I screamed. “Ahhhhhh” I stood up immediately dashing out from his sight, Shantel and Daniel caught up with me, holding their stomach laughing out loud. “Awwwn, I do watch this in movies how soulmates meet, either the female lead falls and the Male lead catches her, their eyes glued on each other. That was what happened now, Daniel, so......” “ This is love” Daniel completed, I glared at them and they both kept quiet. “You both caused this, My innocent butt” I groaned, worst I did him dirty just few minutes ago, I am dead. I thought, still glaring at these two stupid lovers. “Wait…, I thought you've seen your mate” Shantel changed the topic immediately, My mood changed immediately. “Which mate, Annabel's so-called cousin. I don't need any stupid mate anymore, I will rule this Park
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**Scarlett’s POV**Next morning****I woke up tired and flabbergasted. The rowdiness of the mansion got to me, I wore my comfy flip-flop and went out of my room to see what was going on. I got to the kitchen, that was where the rowdiness was coming from.“What is going on here?” I questioned, folding my arms. Everyone kept quiet and bowed their hands down. They greeted me with their heads bowed.“We saw this letter on Ella's table (The Maid who was killed by Annabel and Luke), and she is nowhere to be found” one of the maids muttered, bowing her head down. I took the letter from her, glancing through it. “I am writing this letter to you, our Amicable Alpha, thanks for all you do. I would be gone by the time you read this letter. I am leaving this park to another park for something urgent, I apologize for not letting you know in person. Take care of yourself, Goodbye” Ella★ I was dumbstruck, My eyes couldn't leave the letter, something was off as I
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