Tangled life

Tangled life

By:  Sylvia Sly  Completed
Language: English
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Four souls with the same life, the story revolves around two cousin brothers, Gregory and Craig, and two female best friends, Whitney and Catherine. Gregory and Craig come from a multi-billionaire family but are under some curse that needs to be broken with a complete circle, which involves their mates, if the curse is not broken, they will suffer a great deal, and they are not also allowed to fall for a lowlife poor girl Gregory is not the type that womanizer but Craig is the opposite of him, he is wide and crazy but fate has a turn on them when Gregory meets his one true love, the one girl he had in his heart all through his youth they were college mate Everything changed, the day Gregory found her, Whitney was his lost love, that same day, Craig met Catherine who happened to be Whitney's best friend, the only girl that he fancied and did want to let go Their peaceful life turns into hell, things get so worse that they have to separate again and meet again but in different circumstances no longer poor but still not worth being with them. Will they finally have a happy ending? Who is their destined mate? Who will break the curse?

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Sylvia Sly
Thanks for your votes, reviews, and subscribers, and also for those who point out my shortcomings, I have made modifications to the chapters, and I am sure will help in smooth reading, I would appreciate it if you read and share your views
2024-01-18 08:48:43
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Becky Tj
interesting read....
2023-11-04 23:49:21
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Ufuoma James
absolutely love this book
2023-10-22 18:46:52
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Hailey Sherbondy
Terrible grammar didn’t make it past the first few pages.
2022-08-24 07:52:04
233 Chapters
Chapter 1: Frustration
(International airport)"I need a ticket, as soon as possible" Gregory had said to the hostess but she was lost in his handsomeness, in a few seconds she had scanned through him, from his physical appearance to his clothing you could sense that he was one of those elites, seeing the way she was drooling over him get him embarrassed"Are you doing it or are you just going to stand all day staring?""Sorry sir, give me a minute to check"He sighed in frustration while waiting patiently for her."I am sorry sir, all flights to country D had been cancelled due to the bad weather conditions Would you like to reschedule for tomorrow?” He gasped for air, he was weary, he had sat on a flight for almost 12 hours to Florida because of a business meeting, that contract was worth millions of dollars but it was canceled at the eleventh hour, he had lost the contract that was the first time some other aviation company has beat him to it. He tried to be calm he rubbed his temple and suddenly his ph
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Chapter 2: Breaking Rules
Before Jane and Gregory could wake up, Craig has already made arrangements for their breakfast, he has specifically ordered French fries, as he knows that is Jane's favorite“Whoa! This is lovely.” As Jane sat to eat, she didn't care if anyone else was eating or not. “So, I am having a meeting this morning.”“Sorry, I canceled it and it's in three days.” “Craig!” He yelled, Jane's food came out of her mouth in shock. “Sorry, let's go to the room, Craig what will I be doing here?” “Let's look for the picture.” “Are you mocking me?” “No, just maybe, it might be lying somewhere but first, let's go on an adventure, don't you want to see the city?” Gregory looks at him, that cousin of his who wants to always make him happy. “Are you game?” He nodded like a two-year-old, whose big brother had just promised some special thing, and all of a sudden he pouted, Craig understood. “Don't worry, we are not going with the security, we don't need one.” “Fine, I will just change very fast.” “Y
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Chapter 3: I am not her guest
"Oh no! I don't even know her apartment, this place is without arrangements." He raised his head then he knew he was at the right place because they were right in front of the male hairstylist, he walked into it, and there were three boys in it, he stood in front of the door, they were men not gay but his handsomeness had caught their attention, he was wearing a gold wristwatch, he smells all rich."Do you want to have a clean cut, sir?" One of the boys asked, He shook his head, he wanted to sound normal because he needed to get information from them. "Then what do you...""Ahem! I am, looking for a girl, she has blonde hair, and she is slim and tall, I saw her standing here yesterday morning with two of her friends""No one like that lives here." "I am sure, her name is Whitney and I think her friend's name is Cathy." The second boy looks at him. "Why are you looking for them? Do you want to hurt her?" In the conversation two were talking, and the third one just kept quiet. "No, I d
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Chapter 4: Invade her privacy
"Why?""It's wet." Cathy's face was all sour, she knew that Whitney had cried through the night and her food had not touched. "Did you..." "Cathy!" She called to stop her, but Cathy didn't say a word, she left to get him juice. Gregory notices something is not right, he thinks if she is a bed wetter, he shakes his head. "I didn't..." Cathy was coming back because it's a small apartment, she was shocked that Whitney wanted to explain to him. "Here, have some juice." "Thanks!" He sits and looks back at Whitney. "You didn't do what?" He wants an explanation, Cathy just shakes her head all men are the same, there is this one standing a few minutes ago like a lost child, and now is all authoritative. "Whitney, you should go have your bath before you infect us with your dirt while Gregory fills his eyes with pictures." Whitney gasped for air, and she walked away, as Gregory watched his eyes darkening, almost the entire album was filled with Whitney and George, and Cathy noticed it. "That
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Chapter 5: Breaking Rules number two
"Can you stop Craig?" He raises his hand in surrender. "I will just go and sleep." "Better, and stop meddling in my business." He didn't have a choice but to leave, in a few minutes Gregory had gone through all her messages but he could not find what he was dying in need of, there he saw WordPress on her phone. I am sure this is just her note. But he was desperate to get information, so he opened and read, it's much, he just flipped through many pages but something caught his attention. "My pain! What is her pain?" He read, "I told him I was sorry, and I wanted him to forgive me but he didn't, I don't even know what I was begging for, I know we have been dating for a year but I didn't let him touch me, I have decided to give him myself after I get my chamber attachment close to him, but he was with another when I got there, he told me I was selfish and that he wants to break up with me but it was late, so I asked him to let me passed the night there but he asked for something, he sai
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Chapter 6: It's not save outside
"Shit!" He curses under his breath. "What is it?" She asked in surprise but Craig was carried away he pressed his lips on her and kissed her, at first he was slow, but he increased the pace, Gregory on the other hand was still feeding Whitney, she opened her mouth and his tongue slipped into her mouth to prevent her from closing her teeth on his tongue, he pushed his lips into her mouth, he also start kissing her, Craig was still kissing Cathy, when she pushed him. "Stop!" She had knocked some senses into him, and his breath was heavy, if she hadn't stopped him, he wouldn't know what he would have done to her, he picks his keys again. "You should not go out there, it's dangerous." "I can't stay here with you." "But you can..." "I can't control myself." Cathy's heart raced but she still didn't want him to go, he had texted one of the hooligans in the ghetto to watch over Craig's car, and she knew they would harass him if he went out. "Don't, it's not safe out there.""Go to your roo
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Chapter 7: Break Rules for her
Craig walks into the living room to give Gregory a report, seeing the two together, he wants to go back but he stops. "Yes, anything, if it will make you happy." "I want to go to the club, will you take me there?" His eyes bulge out. "You promised to do anything that would make me happy?" Craig looks in shock, Women are trouble, how can she use his own words to blackmail him? "I will if that will make you happy." Craig's laptop almost fell from his hand. "Thanks, you are a darling, I will just go and bathe." "Whenever you want to go, just let me know." "I want to go tonight." Gregory closed his eyes, she ran into the bathroom, and he sighed in frustration. "Do you want to do that?" "What do you expect me to do?" "You don't have to hurt yourself to please her.' "You told me to break those rules for her, here I am breaking one of my rules." "Boss!" He looks at Craig, he gives up. "Here is the file of the chocolate factory that wants us to invest in their company." "Alright, how
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Chapter 8: Fighting for her
"The rich kid is here to buy her freedom. he said he wants to fight?""I never did say I wanted to fight, I only said I would buy her freedom." "You still have the boldness to speak." Another said, throwing a punch in his face, it met the side of his lips. "Do you still want to fight or we should get the girl?" The Ghetto king wants to touch Cathy. "You won't dare." "Why are you stubborn? Leave I will be fine." Another raised a punch to hit him, and Craig held his hand in space. "Step aside." He said in a low voice, she closed her eyes in fear, and he twisted his hand and pushed him. He staggered back hitting another he bent and two of the boys hit each other, he hit one by the jaw, sending him to the floor, he got two and hit their heads together, one was about to attack him but he hit him on the stomach, seeing what had happened to the others, the last boy develops cold feet, he falls to the ground. "Please, don't..." "Get off my way," he ran from Craig like a frightening cat,
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Chapter 9: I'm a demon
"Come on, let's go, you are driving like a snail and, we are finally here, you are standing, do you want it to close?" He closed his eyes. "Do you want to go in? I should ask you that, if you don't want to go, you should as well leave." Gregory gasped for air. "I didn't say so, I am just asking." "Don't ask to go home, I can care for myself." She darted inside, and Gregory darted after her, he felt like a stranger in his body, he hated himself but what could he do, her happiness was his joy. "Welcome Sir and Ma to the VIP section, what can we serve you?" "Pomegranate." "At your service sir." In a blink he is back with it, she slips on it and her face turns sour. "What is it?" "Why did you ask them to get me fruit juice?" "Don't you like it?" "Who goes to a club and drinks juice? I want alcohol." Gregory closes his eyes to suppress his anger, he has no patience for women but Whitney is special to him. "You want alcohol?" She nodded, "Don't worry I will get it for you
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Chapter 10: That isn't love but swoon
The night is almost gone, so they just work all through the early mornings, when it's six, Gregory and Craig, have already groomed to go meet with an investor, and Whitney walks in on them. "Are you going out?" "Yes, we have an investor to meet this morning, there is food in the dining.""I can't stay alone in this place." "Don't worry, there is security down outside and Mr. Beck will be checking on you from time to time." "I will go with you." "But...""It will not take long I will be out." Gregory hadn't replied to her, so she hurried inside, Craig looked at Gregory, they wanted to leave before she came out. "I am out already, I am fast right?" Gregory nodded, she rushed into the kitchen, she just got some pack. "Let me pack the food so you can eat on our way." They both watch as she packs the food in a hurry. "Shall we?" "Let me help you carry it." Whitney was surprised when Craig offered to help her, she was a bit scared of Craig but he looked simple. "Thank you." Ian drive
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