The Bullied Luna's Triplet Mates

The Bullied Luna's Triplet Mates

By:  Liz Gray  Ongoing
Language: English
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"I don't want you as I mate!"he said once again, turning his face to spit on the side. "I, Sam Knight, Alpha of the Dark Moon Pack, reject you, Violet Windsor, as my mate and future Luna!" ------------ Violet has been termed the Daughter of Dark Moon Pack's Traitor. After her father the previous Beta of the pack betrayed the pack and also the Luna died protecting her from death Violet became the most hated member of the pack. So the bullying started especially from her ex best friend the Luna's Son Sam. Sam made sure to make her life a living hell but what happens when it seems the Moon Goddess has an entirely different plan and makes them Mate. What happens when the only person supposed to love Violet hates her the most?

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Delinda Schumacher
81 chapters 4-25-24
2024-04-26 06:01:32
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Only 3 stars bc I don't understand - is the book done? Rushed 'ending' and still some loose ends (Sam, especially), but there have been no updates in a while..think I'll give it some time before deleting off my list. But pretty interesting story otherwise
2024-07-03 14:31:14
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Sherry Bland
81 chapters 6/29/24
2024-06-30 03:10:25
81 Chapters
Chapter 1
Violet's POVI groaned as I fell to the ground, my back coming in contact with the wall just behind. An intense jolt of pain shot up my legs and I winced, mentally tracing the pain to my feet which were twisted backward. That was sure to hurt later. A sneer just a few inches from my face had me flinching, as I pressed my eyes shut."Did that hurt, Violet?" The stench of stale alcohol hit my nose as I fought the urge to barf. His voice was cold, with a hint of mischief lining it. " Tell me.""Ohhh." One of them guffawed. They were four and I could tell one of them was laughing. " She even did the laundry. Isn't that neat?""So neat. They're literally sparkling." My eyes were still closed but I could recognize them by their voices. This was Dave and the first two that had spoken were Blake and Carl respectfully. " How about we change that?""No!" My eyes flew open as I jerked up. My eyes bulged, following the item in their grasp. It was my basket, my laundry basket. " Please don't, it t
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Chapter 2
VIOLET’S POVMy heart began to race so fast I thought I was going to pass out from it. I didn’t know if I was ready to meet my mate just yet, and fear gripped me. It was as exciting as it was scary.What if he rejected me? What if he turned out to be nothing like I had imagined him to be?“Mate wouldn’t reject us, Violet. Be hopeful and think positively.” Aria said in a now calm voice. She must have sensed my panic and decided to calm me down.I nodded in agreement, seeing as she could be right, and I wanted to stay positive, still holding the late Luna’s words to heart.I felt my lips curl into a smile, small at first before it widened. I had gotten my wolf, just like everyone else.I’m not a freak anymore.I was engrossed in my thoughts that I didn’t even realize that someone had made their way down to where my cell was until their voice snapped at me, startling me awake from the daydream I was having about my life.“A good morning to you too Violet,” she stood by the bars, allowing
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Chapter 3
VIOLET’S POVFLASHBACK EIGHT YEARS AGOI stood in front of the mirror feeling excited about my new princess dress. The mirror was certainly bigger than I was, and it showed every part of the dress my eyes could catch. I twirled around, giggling at the gift Luna had gotten for me for my birthday.She had been my mother since I never had anyone to take care of me after mine died. My father said that my mother died from exhaustion, meaning she was too tired while giving birth to me and she passed away, and somehow it was my fault.I had seen her pictures in my father’s room and the living room, but I wished I had met her. Maybe I did, but I was only a few hours old to even know that.And ever since she passed away, my father hated me. He took any chance that he got reminded me that I was the reason he lost his mate and I was motherless. He never paid a single attention to me unless he wanted to rain his insults on me, and that went on until I got caught with a severe fever that almost to
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Chapter 4
VIOLET’S POVWhen my mother died, a part of me died with her, I think, even though I didn’t know her then. But then, I felt all kinds of emotions that were not positive or good for someone my age.Every part of it. Because of my father. He sure did his best to remind me that I was her killer.From anger, to brokenness, to pain down to neglect from the one and only person meant to protect my little heart, and love me regardless of their own pain.I mean, that is what adults do, right? They love their children regardless of the pain they are passing through.Not this one, not my father.And the worst part, it was that I understood to some extent why he was acting like that. And I didn’t want to blame him but I did.It couldn’t have been my fault she died, could it?And yet it was.Today was her death anniversary, as it was also my birthday, and he was supposed to go with me to her grave. We were supposed to see her together, but he pushed me away, refusing to take me with him.Understan
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Chapter 5
VIOLET’S POVIt was my fault, they said, and for a solid eight years, I couldn’t understand how that could be. I just couldn’t get it.I was twelve back then, and I believed the words of the woman who had raised me up until that age. I followed her lead, and when she didn’t make it out alive, I was forced to take the blame for the person who was actually responsible for it.I was scorned and punished. And now, here I am, staring at the person who caused all this pain with another woman.Sam smirked from where he was, taking his sweet time to finish before redirecting his attention back to me. Sussy rested her body on his, the moment he got off her, and to say I was disgusted would be an understatement. Above all, I wondered if this was the first time she had slept with him or it had happened more than a few times.Why would she do something like that to me, even after years of friendship? I could understand Sam turning away from me, but her? What was the reason behind it? It couldn’t
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Chapter 6
VIOLET’S POVMy throat tightened on its own as the rogues emerged, moving like a force I knew I couldn’t reckon with. The disdain they carried for anything but themselves was thick in the air, and I tried to swallow the fear that rose up.“Careful Vi or they’ll kill us.” Aria warned, already pushing herself forward so that she could take control anytime she wanted.“But they are here to kill us.” I snapped at her without meaning to.The stench of decay filled my lungs, and bile rose up from my stomach as they got closer. It was as if I could even see the putrid smell hanging in the air from how bad it was, and if I were to inhale more of it, I feared I would rot myself.I stood frozen in my place, unmoving, desperately wanting more than anything to be invisible to them. I was even too afraid to breathe, but my lungs needed air-Pure, clean air.Just when it looked like I might make it out alive by staying still, a rogue sprung out from my left side. I let out an ear-piercing scream upo
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Chapter 7
VIOLET’S POVI groaned stirring awake my head pounding like I had been hit by a giant rock. Confused for a moment, not knowing where I was, I tried to sit up but was forced back on whatever it was I was laying on. Pain shot up from my back in a way that seemed like I broke a cord.My breath quickened and as I tried to take deep ones to calm myself, I let my eyes roam the room. I was in a tent but I didn’t have any memory of how I got here.Images from the rogue attack flashed in my mind and my hand flew to the back of my head where I had been hit before I fell unconscious. Pain throbbed, letting me know it was not a dream at all.My body also seemed to be covered in some kind of herb that had been mashed into a paste. It smelled horrible and I couldn’t help but scrunch my nose.I stared at it, too engrossed staring at the wound marks on my body, trying to figure out the combination of herbs used to even notice that someone had entered the tent and he was looking at me surprised.Was I
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Chapter 8
VIOLET’S POV(Six Years Later)“You can do better!” my voice called out as I stood by the edge of the mat warriors under my command were fighting on.There were sets of them, engaging in hand to hand combat that could determine what strength level they had. Looking at Asher who was pressed onto the mat by his opponent, he sure had a long way to go.It wasn’t that he wasn’t good, he just needed to be better because that was what was expected of warriors. I had my eyes on him for some time because he joined the warriors squad with so much energy that now seemed to look like it was dying off.The fight ended and they were moved to the next test ahead. They were to climb and go through military obstacles we had mounted and changed from time to time.Asher was falling behind again and I had to keep my eyes on him. The mat wasn’t so much as a problem like the obstacles were.But that didn’t mean he wasn’t pushing himself. Regardless of his speed, I had to give it to him for being persistent
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Chapter 9
VIOLET’S POVHurt flashed through my eyes, and I knew that Beta Mike could see it. It was as they said. I was the best warrior in the pack, the best they had had in years, and now I was just supposed to drop everything and look for a mate that had rejected me?Somehow, even with my skills, I had become dispensable, and I just didn’t know how to feel about that.Six years!Alpha John wasted no time on me. He said his words and walked right out with no intentions whatsoever to listen to anything I had to say.I hated that about him, and while I was appreciative he let me stay, he refused, out of the majority, to see me as a good person.I walked out after him, feeling everyone’s gaze on me. Beta Mike was quick to follow, much to my dissatisfaction.“This is him getting rid of me, isn’t it?” I voiced, regardless of not wanting anyone around.I turned to face him, begging the tears in my eyes to keep still and not to fall. But they did anyway.His shoulders slumped like he had been the on
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Chapter 10
SAM’S POVNothing was enough. No one was ever enough to get me back to being myself. I was an empty shell living and walking, pretending I was okay when I was not even an inch closer to getting back to being the person I used to be.There had been times I questioned myself on who I really was. Whether it had been the resentful one that hated that weakling if a mate or the one before that?Both seasons of my existence, I thrived and lived my best life. I should have known to keep her locked. I should have recognized that while I rejected her, I removed a big piece of myself and killed it alongside her.Because the moment she was gone out of the house, I never set eyes on her again.For six years I wondered where she was and if she was even alive at all. I couldn’t even deny the part of me that wished she was alive, maybe then I wouldn’t feel so empty.But I came to understand that there was no way she would have lived long enough to make it in the wild. She just wasn’t strong enough an
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