Chapter 2326 Revived

Grant took care of Aida in the hospital.

Although this was Aida’s second pregnancy, the Stanton family did not relax one bit.

Floyd sent a few servants to take care of her, but none of them were actually useful.

That was because Grant did everything for Aida.

In the past few days, Grant went to the hospital every day. When Aida was discharged from the hospital, Grant took her back to their home.

Floyd wanted to see his youngest grandson, but Grant immediately refused, saying that their own home was quieter.

Floyd could not say anything about that, but he was waiting anxiously at home every day.

Thus, as soon as Nicole said that she was going back for dinner and that she had a surprise for him, he was elated.

Floyd immediately called Kai and Julie over.

Although Nicole told Clayton that he did not need to prepare anything, Clayton always valued proper etiquette.

He asked Roland to open his safe at the bank and selected a few antique paintings for Floyd before he asked someone
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goodnovel comment avatar
I’m switching to a more exciting book cuz this is completely boring now
goodnovel comment avatar
Rebecca Bezjak
whatever or however she ends it is fine with me I just can't afford to keep paying to read it every day
goodnovel comment avatar
Actually before they close this novel, we need to read about Clayton and Nicole having more babies. They need to conceive twins now ASAP. One girl and one boy. Then in a few years have one more boy. Then they can ride off into the sunset together.

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