Chapter 2333 Selena Nelson

Indifference and tenderness seemed to coexist on Eric’s face, which created a shocking contrast.

If the nurse really did as Eric wished and drained his blood, he would die.

Before the nurse left, she was still thinking why would such a man give up on his life?

The emergency room was lit up for around five hours.

When Mitchell came back, he had already gone to the police station. Mitchell was not driving, and there was surveillance to prove it.

Although Eric ran the red light, Mitchell explained that he had distracted Eric because he was talking to Eric. That was why something unexpected happened.

From the surveillance footage, their car bumped into the woman, but the woman also ran onto the road before the green light for pedestrians was lit up. That was why she bumped into their car.

Eric also braked in time. That was why the woman fell in front of the car and did not fly into the air.

Although they did not know why that woman was so bloody, Eric could still avoid any legal re
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