Chapter 2334 Cannot Bear to Look

At this time, the driver might already be sleeping, so Mitchell contacted a substitute driver.

Eric nodded and walked out without hesitation.

The smell of blood in the car made him a little sick to his stomach. He did not expect a light bump to cause so much blood loss and a broken rib.

It was his fault, so he had to admit it.

It took fifteen minutes for the substitute driver to arrive.

Eric did not think about anything else. He did not open his mouth until he got home.

The substitute driver did not dare to say anything. After all, he never expected to drive this luxury car, so he had to be extra careful since he was driving such an expensive car for the first time.

When he arrived at the villa, there was a light in the living room.

Eric walked in with an indifferent expression. He took a deep look at Chance, who had not slept yet, with a warning silence.

Chance pursed his lips, walked over, and carefully raised his eyes.

“Daddy, have you seen Levi and Aunt Nicole? Levi said
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Renee Higgins-Gilmore
it's taken 2334 chapters for Eric to finally give up on Nicole. I'm happy stopping the book now since Clayton and Nicole are together

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