Chapter 2338 Domestic Violence

Mitchell was shocked.

“She was beaten?”

Selena had a sharp tongue and did not look like she would take a beating without a fight.

However, Mitchell recalled how badly wounded she already was. There was nothing she could do if she had no strength to fight back.

Mitchell immediately calmed down and said, “Okay, I’ll be right there.”

He immediately turned the car around and rushed to the hospital.

Just as he was hesitating about whether to call Eric, Eric called him.

“My mother is sick, so I have to go over and take a look. Don’t contact me if it’s not urgent.”

Eric wanted to find an excuse to leave, and Quinn was really sick.

He sent his people to watch over Quinn. At first, Quinn was still making a fuss, but she seemed to notice that Eric would not compromise, so she stopped making a fuss.

Old Master Ferguson passed away, and Ingrid was sent away to some unknown place.

Moreover, Quinn did not have a good relationship with Charles, who was bedridden, so she did not want to be
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