The Trio Force

The Trio Force

By:  hiqmatomonike  Ongoing
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Alpha Trevor, Alpha Justin, and Alpha Ballack of all different packs come together to find a mysterious force that they have been battling with over the year. At first, they did not get along because they cannot bow down to each other and cannot afford to be ruled over by another Alpha. They all go back to their packs but when this attack continued to persist, they come back together to find a solution to it. Alpha Justin and Alpha Trevor never get along. Sophia, the Luna of the Purple Front Pack is asked to join them and she and Alpha Justin are always at each other throats. In this journey, Alpha Trevor finds his Luna and Alpha Justin opens up to them on how he loosed his Luna making them come closer a bit. They find out that the past Alphas were the cause of this attack and they had to go back in record to check where it all went wrong.

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11 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Your highness, we are under attack again." a guard rushed in panting.He stood up from where he was sitting and changed to his wolf form. Thanks to the moon goddess the door was big enough to allow him to pass. His wolf was big and it was brown. It has a black paw and was one of a kind. His father who was the late Alpha had the same color of the wolf as his. A lot of people have said that it was a different one and does not come by easily. Up till now, he does not know what it means nor did he want to know. It has not brought him any luck since he became the Alpha aside from the fact that it was good at fighting and has a clearer vision in the night, it has nothing else that is special about it that he knows of. His pack has been a very strong one until the last full moon when an anonymous attack came in. They loosed a lot of lives in the first attack because they were not expecting it. They had thought it would be the end bu
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Chapter 2
“What is wrong with the both of you? Our men are there lying on the ground and you are here fighting like your life depends on it. Are you both sick in the head?” He faced Malcolm before continuing.“You, I sent you here to call the pack doctor not fight him. What went wrong?” he said.Malcolm bowed down to the Alpha before replying to him.“The pack doctor refused to come with me so I had no choice but to fight him and try to drag him back to you. I tried talking to him but he still did not answer me. I’m sorry your highness, please forgive me.”Malcolm said before bowing again.The Alpha faced the pack doctor who was now completely dressed and was still fuming about the Alpha wearing his clothes kept quiet after the Alpha asked him to talk. The Alpha was looking at him, telling him to say his part before he talked but he just kept looking at him. When the pack doctor saw th
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Chapter 3
The Alpha moved forward to help the pack doctor up. Although he had no idea what was wrong with him, all he could guess was that he had a familial relationship with the person on the bed.Abraham did not know how to feel right now. He felt like the only hope of family he had left had been destroyed by himself. If only he had been here a little earlier, this would not have happened. He wouldn't have loosed his only son that he was just told that he is dead. He stood up deadpanned and faced the guards that were on duty and the Alpha.“Who amongst you came to my courtyard today?” he asked.Everyone just looked at him like he was speaking Spanish. First, he went silent for a little period and now asking this question. It seems like the doctor himself needs to be checked.“Answer me, who came to my house just this evening to tell me my son is dead?! My last hope is dead! Someone came in amongst you and said it to me while I was busy cooking a
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Chapter 4
“It is a journey of power. You have to join forces with the Blue Britain pack and the Purple Front pack. Gather up to three hundred people and until then, you would know what next to do or you can summon me back then. If not.” she said and vanished into thin air.Trevor was stunned where he sat down. This was not what he was expecting. He had thought it would be something about some people trying to overrule them and did not expect it to be joining forces with other packs. And to talk about it, the Blue Britain and Purple Front pack, they were known to be the strongest packs in the wolf world.The Blue Britain was the strongest then followed by the Purple Front. It seemed almost impossible for him to join them. He was just a small pack that is losing the lives of their members and soon they might be taken and wiped out of existence. This made him hiss in frustration. Everything just seems to be getting back at a point. No way out for them.“At
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Chapter 5
David told the pack doctor exactly what the Alpha said to him before leaving making the doctor shake his head. Although the value he received from being the lack doctor was great on a normal circumstance but since the time of this attack, he has done nothing other than treat people and the Alpha threatening him. It was starting to wear him out and made him grow grey hair when he is not even yet that age. He resumed his work and did it fast as he could so he would be able to get out of this place quicker.  ••••••••••••• Justin was in his room pacing back and forth. He was both angry and frustrated. He felt like catching those people that were behind this and tearing their heads off their bodies. He had loosed more than he could sacrifice making him scared of the fate of their pack. He continued to pace back and forth thinking of where it all went wrong but could not
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Chapter 6
 In another pack, Alpha Ballack was seated at the dining table eating his breakfast silently and a lot of thoughts going through his mind when the maid entered. He looked at her closely and saw her face drained of all color, he exhaled silently at the sight of this. This was the eighth time that she was coming downstairs. He felt for her, been sent back and forth like that. He could only blame his Luna for doing her like that.“Sir, the luna insist you come upstairs. Paints brushes and make up tools have been scattered throughout their room and she insists that you come now.” The maid said.Deep lines formed on her forehead and her nostrils flared up. Her eyebrows were pulled up making it easier for Ballack to know how deeply frustrated she is. Although the Luna did not ask her to say the last part of the sentence, she just added it so that the Alpha would consider this and go to meet her. She could only pull her raised chee
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Chapter 7
“It’s not my fault. I was looking for something making me disarrange everything like this. You can’t blame me for this.”Sophia said to Ballack pouting her lips.Her action made Ballack facepalm himself. He looked everywhere not with an open mouth not knowing what to say Even though she was the cause of this, there was no way he was slowing her to touch this broken glasses and spilled foundations. He looked at her and the floor again. He was still somewhat taken aback by this huge mess she created. This was the highest that she has done.“You can’t keep spoiling everything when you are angry Sophia. This is the last time I’m replacing this things for you.” Ballack said as he made his way out.He was not angry at her but he could not stand the way the room looked like. If he did not know better, he would not believe she was the one that made the room turn upside down.Sophia ran after him a
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Chapter 8
 Sophia stepped out of the bathroom with a towel tied around her body m, water dripping out of her hair and her cheeks rosy red. She walked to her wardrobe and took a red robe out. She put it on and went to sit on the chair the moon goddess just stood from. She took out the hairdryer and plugged it to the socket. “Were you talking to someone when I was in the bathroom?”she asked Ballack. Ballack who was lost in his thought was just gazing at the ceiling with his arms placed beneath his head did not know she was back from the bathroom not to talk of hearing her say something to him. It was not until she turned on the hairdryer that he was  pulled out of his reverie. Sophia pulled out a part of her hair, positioning the hairdryer to that side. “Did you not hear what I said?”she asked him again. Ballack got down from the bed and went to wher
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Chapter 9
 Malcolm scratched his head as he drawer a chair out and took a sit opposite the Alpha. “How are you going to approach the two packs, your highness? How about we send some guards to deliver the message to them before you take yourself there?” Malcolm suggested. “I have to go Malcolm. We have loosed enough people than to await this again. Since this was the decision of the moon goddess, who am I to not listen to her?” Trevor replied. “And as you know that the two packs, we are nothing when compared to them. It might be hard getting along because of their power and status but we have to give it everything it cost. The pack must be saved. If I don’t go to meet them, everyone would soon leave the pack making me look like an incompetent Alpha.” Trevor added. “But you are not incompetent, your highness. Those people cannot see it but we can. We h
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Chapter 10
 It was already five hours that they've started the journey. Trevor's throat was parched, he glanced to call a guard to bring him water and noticed they were looking at him and laughing. Immediately they saw him look at them, they mute their mouth and faced the other side. “You, bring me water.” Trevor pointed to one of them who was black in complexion. The back guard hit the other in the shoulder and passed the water to Trevor. He held the bottle for a bit before releasing it to Trevor. Trevor looked at both of them with an uneasy feeling. He peeked at Denver who was at the front and saw him smoking. He looked around quickly but could not find anything to kill the uneasy pit in his stomach. He closed his eyes for a moment, while the carriage stopped. He opened his eyes immediately and peeked at Denver again. He saw him still smoking, while he placed his leg on the horse's back. He knocked the space between them to a
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