The triplet alpha's rejected mate
The triplet alpha's rejected mate
Author: Next door man


Anna pov

“Please help me!” I cried, sobbing profusely as I walked into the hospital strolling behind the stroller that carried my father. 

“Where’s the doctor?” One of the four men by either sides of my father questioned the first nurse that had rushed up to them. 

“Most of the doctors are already in the surgical room. I’m afraid we do not have any available doctors”

While the nurse and the men contemplated on how to save my father’s life, I couldn’t help but shiver in fear and imagine the worst to come.  

“This is all my fault” I mutter over and over again as tears rolled down my cheeks, convincing myself that my father was dying because of me. 

And why should I not? My mother had died during childbirth while bringing me into this world. I was too big that I’d occupied a lot of space in her womb. 

When I, Anna Marion; a sleezy, worthless omega was born, my mother breathed her last. Father had always hated me ever since then.

And to be honest, I couldn’t blame him either. I equally hated myself and so did everyone of the Night gazer pack. 

I was bullied repeatedly, spat on, mocked the worst way possible. It made me wonder why I was alive since no one wanted me. What exactly was my purpose?. 

But when I’d turned 18, I was looking forward towards that life changing moment where I would find my mate. 

‘Hopefully, he’ll be an alpha and my status would change. Father and I would live more better’ I prayed. 

And the moon goddess seemed to have two birthday presents for me that day but the results were everything I’d ever dreaded. 

The first present was that after 18 years, father finally came along on my birthday.

“Happy birthday” Father said. I looked around to see if there was anyone else around me.

I pointed my index finger at myself, surprised as tears I hadn’t realized began to cloud my vision. “Me?”

Father wiped my cheeks. “You don’t need to cry”

Overwhelmed, I took father into my arms and hugged him ever so tightly. It was the first time I’d held my father since I was born. 

He felt soft, he felt safe; like home. Father refrained from me, handing me a wrapped box. 

I quirked my brow at him. “What is this?”

“There’s only one way to find out”

Taking the wrapped box from his hands, I slowly began to unwrap it with unsteady hands; This was the first gift I was receiving from my father. 

Everything about that day was a first for me which equally made it an unforgettable day. 

When the box was fully unwrapped, I brought out the purple dress that was nearly folded inside. 

I spread it out in the air. I was moved but also worried that the dress wouldn’t fit me; Afterall, I was absurdly big. 

‘Absurdly’ was even putting it lightly. I was in a nutshell what they call ‘ugly’ and my body size had often made me feel insecure. 

I looked up at my father as if he didn’t know this. “A dress?”

“You would be meeting your mate today, you should look nice”

The thought was nice and all but---- “What if…it doesn’t fit?”

Father scratched the back of his head as if he hadn’t expected a scenerio where the dress wouldn’t fit. “This is..” His voice lowered. “XXL”

I nodded my head in understanding. In order words, the dress was meant to fit at all cost. 

Not wanting to make father feel bad by his efforts, I flashed him a smile. “It’s a pretty dress, father. Thank you”

“Go ahead and try it in now. You should wear it for the rest of the day. You don’t know when you’ll meet your mate”

Father meant good. I knew he did and because of that I didn’t want to upset him but what were the odds that I would find my mate today? It might even be tomorrow or the next.

Does that mean I would have to wear this dress for three days straight or even months?. 

The rest of the packs were sure to make a mockery of me again before then. But even while knowing all these, I decided to give into father’s wishes. 

Before I even had the chance to go up to my room and change into the dress, there was a knock on the front door and father and I both found it weird as we weren’t really expecting anybody; well no one really came around to our home anyways. 

“I’ll go get it” I told father who have me an approval nod as he wat he’d me make my way towards the front door. 

As I took very careful steps, I started to perceive a very strong, sweet scent that was unlike anything I’ve ever smelt before. 

“Could it be?” Marion questioned getting all jittery and excited. 

“Don’t get too ahead of yourself, Marion” On turning on the door knob, standing Infront of me, draped in a black tuxedo and his brown hair neatly cut in a bob style was none other than my crush, Jimmy Flicher. 

I’d always adored him from afar even though I knew he and I could never be as he was Alpha Chase son and was always surrounded by prettier girls than me but---

“MATE!” Marion screamed excitedly. “Oh my gosh, Jimmy is our mate!”

I was excited; happy even that this was the grande present the moon goddess had in store for me. This out- of- a- fairytale concept that was about to turn my life around for good but---

“I Jimmy Flicher of the Night gazer pack hereby reject you, Anna Jenson as my mate”

My dream, my hopes were all shattered in that moment there and then. The moment of shock only lasted for just a short while before I felt a great and unbearable. 

Clenching to my chest as I slowly fell to the ground, I watched as jimmy turned away from me without unfeeling, leaving me alone by the doorstep. 

I gasped as I struggled to make my way back to father but it was to no avail. I’d given up all will to struggle back to my feet and remain on the ground but a loud sound; like a Vaseline crashing to the ground behind me jolted me up.

On getting to my feet and looking back, I saw father on the floor. Adding two and two together, I knew he must have seen Jimmy reject me and that had caused him to pass out. 

I’d immediately rushed over to his side, shaking him fervently, imagining the worst. “Father! Father, wake up!”

But he didn’t budge and with that, I was left with no choice than to call the ambulance which brings me to how I got to this hospital. 

Today was my birthday, the day Jimmy rejected me, the day father passed out from shock, the day I would never forget in my life.

“Are you the guardian?” A nurse questioned me bringing me out of my thoughts. 

“Yes, how is my father?”

“Your father already had a terrible heart condition before this” The nurse started. “I’m sorry to tell you this but…your father just passed away” I wailed out loud before crashing to the ground, sobbing. 

My chest felt so tight, I found it difficult to breathe. I pounded my chest heavily as tears trickled down my cheeks. 

Once again, I was alone. But this time without my mother, father or a mate. 

What really is my purpose? Why was I still alive? Was this the goddess big plan for my life all along? Where do I go to now?.

How could I go back home all that pack where nobody cared about me, where everyone treated me like dirt at the back of their shoes?. 

“Madam, please calm down” The nurse pleaded with me as she helped me stand up to my feet. 

“You are going to be fine, Anna” Marion, my wolf says, consoling. “Be strong”

I managed to get back up on my feet but my knees were weak that I’d crumbled to the ground again. 

The nurses helped me up to my feet one more time and made me hold the counter. I was standing now upright on my feet with support but I wasn’t okay. 

“What would you like for us to do with your father’s body?” The nurse questioned but her voice wasn’t clear to my ears as my mind wandered off. 

I was shivering ever so visibly and all I wanted right now, in this moment was for someone to console me, hold me; anyone at all. 

Marion sat up straight. “What is this? Where is this sweet scent coming from? Anna, do you perceive this too?”

I shut her out completely. I was in a state of shock and meanwhile here she was worried about---

My thoughts were cut off as I felt a strong arm engulf me in a warm embrace. 

I was taken aback but I couldn’t move. What was going o—

“MATE!” Marion screamed. 

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