Freya Rose Book Two ~ Abandoned By An Alpha

Freya Rose Book Two ~ Abandoned By An Alpha

By:  L.P. Dillon  Ongoing
Language: English
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Here we have book two in the Freya Rose series.She was stalked by a deranged vampire, now Freya's werewolf boyfriend Tristan and his pack have been attacked by her stalker. Some of the pack blame Freya and she can't help but agree with them. With Tristan in a coma at the hospital, and believing that she's the cause of it all, Freya runs away.She met a mysterious stranger, and the connection between them was impossible to fight.Wracked with guilt, Freya runs from the stranger, but he has answers about what she is.Will she be able to resist Mason when he presents her with the opportunity to finally know what she's turning into?Will Tristan survive and fight for his girl? Or will he die, leaving Freya heartbroken and banished from her home?Book three is called Honored By A Hunter.

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25 Chapters
Chapter One - So sorry Freya
Freya Rose I ran back onto the bus and slumped into my seat, turning my body to face the window, so that I could carry on crying without being seen. I felt Mason sit down behind me, he put his hand on my shoulder. I knew he was only trying to comfort me, but I shrugged it off with an aggravated huff. “I'm so sorry Freya.”He spoke in such a kind and apologetic voice.“You have nothing to be sorry for Mason. I'm the one that just cheated. You didn't know,” I replied while closing my eyes and resting the side of my head on the seat. “I know but I'm sorry, nevertheless. I pushed it, when I should have been stronger. I behaved out of line, and I should have resisted you. I hate seeing you this upset.” He leaned in closer to whisper in my ear. “What we just did, felt so natural to me and it was the most amazing experience of my life. I just wish we
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Chapter Two - I love Tristan
Freya Rose A white Hummer with blacked out windows pulled up behind the bus. It was blaring out music, and it was glitter and gold by Barns Courtney, the same song I had as my ring tone. I think I like this guy already, I thought to myself. “Come on, that's our ride, Fi,” Mason said to me as he stood up, while still managing to carry me somehow.“I can walk Mason,” I said with a giggle.“I don't want you to,” He replied firmly.He was more dominant in his tone this time and it was so hot. He carried me over to the Hummer, and a guy got out of the driver's side. I assumed it was Evan. He was similar to Mason, he had light brown hair, with green eyes and he was very handsome too. I'd say around the same sort of age as Mason, or maybe a little older. “Evan, Freya. Freya, Evan,” Mason introduced us. “Nice to meet you
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Chapter Three - Did they hurt you?
Freya Rose Mason quickly removed his hand from my jeans, and I scrambled to do them back up. I was pushing my back against the door, trying my best to keep Damien out. “Shit, shit, shit!” Mason whispered in a panic. “Quick, go out the window,” I said quietly while pointing to the open bathroom window. “You can't be serious?” He looked at me like I was crazy, as we both pushed harder against the door trying to keep Damien out. “You got any better ideas?” I asked him with one eyebrow raised. He shook his head while mouthing the words, one... two... three, then sprinted as fast as he could towards the window, before diving head-first out of it. I giggled and lost my grip on the door. Damien pushed against it again sending me flying across the bathroom floor and smashing into the bath panel. “Freya are you okay?
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Chapter Four - It's killing him
Freya Rose After sending Mason hurtling through the wall, it was no surprise to me that he had left all of a sudden and was completely avoiding me. I guess I'd hurt his macho pride or some shit, but I really didn't care by this point. I'd had quite enough of supernatural men suddenly deciding that I belonged to them. Like, I was some sort of damn object, or prize to be won. First Balan, the vampire who played games with my head, hurt the people I loved, and didn't even have the balls to face me himself. Then Mason telling me that I couldn't go home, and that was his, just because of some damn mystical angel connection. That I only found out about five freaking minutes ago, I might add. “I've had enough, I want to leave,” I shouted at Damien.He was standing right next to me just gawping at the giant hole that Mason's body had left in his wall. You could see right through into the living room,
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Chapter Five - You know what I am?
Freya Rose “Freya?” I heard my mom calling me as she came into my room. She quickly closed the door behind her and whispered, “Shhh, honey it's okay. You need to calm down, nana and granddad can't see you like this, it will freak them out.” I brought my head down to look at her. She was acting so calm, why was she not screaming or telling me I'm a freak or something, anything?“You know what I am?” I asked her in confusion.She sat down silently on the bed next to me. I was finding it hard to accept that she wasn't afraid of me, looking like this. She began to speak calmly,“Yes, honey. See, when you were really little you used to have these rage fits. I tried everything to calm you down, but they escalated. Then one day your eyes changed, and a light shot out of them, and your mouth,” she said with a sigh. I couldn't believe what
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Chapter Six - Our little pups
Freya Rose It had been nearly a week since Tristan woke up, and he was almost fully healed. The pack was still grieving the loss of Jessie, but life was gradually returning to some sort of normality. Landon, of course, wasn't doing too well at all. He had decided to take it upon himself to torture, I mean “question” the vampire that the pack had taken prisoner. I felt a bit sorry for the guy to be perfectly honest, I mean I hated vampires as much as the next supernatural being. They were parasites after all, but the guy seemed okay to me. I'd been into the basement a few times to ask him a few questions of my own. Mine were actually questions and not torture, and he'd always been more than happy to answer me. I guess he'd heard stories about what I was, and it scared the crap out of him. He told me anything and everything I needed to know. We had built up a weird sort of relationship. I wouldn't exac
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Chapter Seven - He is so sexy
Tristan Cole I'd gone over to Eleanor's to help her organize Freya's party. It took ages but we'd finally finished the party preparations, and it was clear that we both wanted Freya to have a great night. God knows she deserves it but, urgh, that was so damn tedious, I would have much preferred to pull out my own teeth. I said my goodbyes to Eleanor and headed home. I pulled up at my parent's house and got out of the car, then walked into the main house. As I walked through the living room my father called out to me from his office,“Tristan, can you come in here for a minute please?”Urgh, I’m not in the mood for him right now. I was still recovering, and spending the last few hours watching my brother break down into tears, then being bored to death with party preparations, had totally wiped it out of me. All I was in the mood for, was cuddling up to my beautiful girlfriend and having a nap.
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Chapter Eight - Freya, not again
Freya Rose Mason had carried me back to bed, then to my surprise, he stripped down and got into the bed with me. I didn't know what to expect, but he was a gentleman and just held me for the rest of the night. I hated to admit it, but it was exactly what I'd needed. I cried for a lot of the night, while talking over and over about what had happened with Tristan over the past few weeks.Mason just laid there listening to me talk, and he let me get it all off of my chest. I was expecting him to bitch about Tristan and tell me I'd be better off with him, but he didn't. He just comforted me, and it felt so comfortable opening up to him. Although, I had left out the part about Tristan forcing himself on me. I knew that Mason wouldn't have even tried to understand that part. So, it wasn't even worth it, and I was too exhausted to argue about it. I finally fell asleep in his arms with him gently stroking my hair. I had a goo
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Chapter Nine - Kill my Tristan
Tristan Cole I drove back home after dropping off Freya's stuff at Eleanor's, I just couldn't keep it in the pool house anymore. Every time I saw something of hers the pain of her betrayal hit me all over again. My head was all over the place. I loved her so much, and I never thought that she could do something like that to me. I just couldn't understand it, I needed answers. I pulled up at my parent's house and decided to confront my father, I was sure that he knew way more than what he was telling me. I walked into the house and saw that he was watching a film in the living room.“Dad I need to talk to you in private, I'll be in your office,” I stated, not even bothering to wait for a reply.I walked straight into his office and sat down on the couch. “Have you changed your mind, about organizing a meeting with the other packs, so that we can find your mate?” My dad asked
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Chapter Ten - She's mine
Freya Rose I tried to call Tristan to warn him that Mason, Evan, and my dad were on their way to kill him.“Hey, it's Tristan, I can't answer the phone right now, leave a message after the beep and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.” For Christ's sake Tristan, I shouted in my head, while slamming the phone back down. Ring, ring, ring...“Tristan?” I called out over the phone. “No, Freya it's me” replied my mom. “Oh hey, mom I can't really talk right now, I...” I was going to say about Mason and the others, but she cut me off.“I'll be quick, Tyler rang. Him, his father and another wolf are heading to Banff to stop Tristan. Tyler needs you to call him and give him Damien's address,” she said in a surprisingly controlled and calm manner. 
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