She's Mine

She's Mine

By:  ~S.Y  Ongoing
Language: English
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His hands feel cold against my hot skin and it won’t be wrong to say that he is doing his best to trace my wrists sensually while he removes the handcuff from my right hand. I hold my breath back when his teasing fingers touch my palm in a slow motion. Heat shoots down to my core, making me press my thighs together as he closes the distance between us and whispers in my left ear. “ Why are you squirming, hot lips?” ******** When Valentina Morgan joined hands with the enemy to take down the Mafia of her own boyfriend, little did she know she will be facing the biggest manipulator in all history, Matteo Vitali. He is every bit of the type of controlling men she hates but the six feet four, sex on legs man, can attract even the dead. And soon she falls in line of the people wondering if they should let go of everything and enjoy the nights of passion in the arms of the biggest manipulator_____Matteo Vitali wanted Valentina Morgan, the moment he laid his eyes on her pouty pink lips and when she is in his hands, he will be damned to give up this chance to bend her at his will even if he has a secret which can break her beyong repair, because he admits. “ She's mine ”

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    24 chapters
    Chapter 01
    BEFORE YOU READ! It's a mature themed story so if you feel uncomfortable at any point, please leave peacefully. Follow me on īnstä for character aesthetics and book updates. My Id is authorsy56. Enjoy Reading! AUTHOR|~S.Y VALENTINA “ State your name. ” He asks me again. How many times has it been already? I stay unmoving, not really ready to answer any questions at all. My hands are cuffed to the table in front of me and the man sitting on the opposite side of this table is a good sight to behold, but he is not that great. This has been going on for almost one hour now. He has repeated the same question over and over again. State your name. Such a simple question. But, it's not so simple. My name is my identity, a confirmation of who I am. If I tell the
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    Chapter 02
    VALENTINA“ We should begin then. ” Saying this, he averts his eyes away.Getting hold of the briefcase, he gets up from the chair. I nibble on my lower lip, a nervous habit.I breath through my nose, thinking ways to avoid the upcoming torture.He opens the Attaché briefcase with his dull eyes inspecting it’s contents. I can’t see it because the open compartment of the Attaché Briefcase is efficiently blocking my view.My fingers curl up with curiosity and fear.Out of a sudden, he glances at me and then looks down at the contents of the Attaché Briefcase again.Is he deciding on the tool to use for torturing me? How considerate of him!“ Ms. Valentina. ” My name rolls off his tongue smoothly.I notice his accent then. It’s Italian. Explains his name too. He doesn’t look Italian though.He takes out a shiny little knife from the
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    Chapter 03
    VALENTINAI don’t want to hate Agent Vitali anymore. He let me pee.When I told him that I wanted to pee, he gazed at me strangely for a good long minute and then looked away.It was awkward and embarrassing.He unlocked my handcuffs and lead me to the washrooms down the white slick clean corridor without any nasty remarks or threats.While he made me walk in front of him, he walked behind me with steady steps. I could feel my back burning due to his piercing gaze being fixed at it.Now as I stand beside the door to the washroom knowing he is right outside, I am thinking about his options.They are going to torture me until I speak up. They won’t stop even if it takes a lifetime. They won’t let me die either.The torture will become worse with each day.I want to be practical here. This brave act won’t save me from all the pain which scares every human being out there.A kn
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    Chapter 04
    VALENTINAAfter I agreed upon helping them, Agent Vitali lead me to the room which is right beside that interrogation room.He asked me to rest and he went to talk to the seniors or whatever.Where he has locked me this time is a plain room.White room.A white bed. White sheets. White floor. White attached door.This is unbelievable. I am beginning to despise white color.I sigh out and jog toward the bed before laying down over it. I have been unconscious for a whole day and when I woke up, I was already in that interrogation room, handcuffed to the table.Before that…I was out on shopping. I was allowed to go shopping only once in three months and many guards followed me around.I don’t even know how they managed to kidnap me after dodging all those guards.I just remember going inside the lingerie store’s dressing room. Before I could undress completely, another man
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    Chapter 05
    VALENTINA I don’t know how much time has passed already, considered that there is no clock in this room. They haven’t given me any food either while hours must have passed since Agent Vitali left me here. I sigh to myself while I stay seated on the bed. Raising my hand, I rub my temples, tiredness overcoming my body and mind. I need to sleep, but I can't bring myself to sleep, because I am confined in a place where people only care about what they want or need. Even if I am helpless, I must stay wide awake so I know who tried to harm me and why in general. Suddenly, the door to the white dull room opens after hours and the Agent who-I-don’t-know the name of…steps inside leisurely. His eyes land on mine and he pauses beside the door. I feel a wave of fear passing through my body for a moment, but then the utter calmness claims my mind again. “ Having fun? ” He lifts his right eyebrow in amusement and utters. This one se
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    Chapter 06
    VALENTINA Just what is this Agent trying to prove by acting so unprofessional with me? He wants to get the truth out of me by using seduction? That’s the worst thing he can do…to me and to himself too. I can get angry at him for doing this repeatedly, but I can’t deny the fact that his seduction works on me a great deal.  “ You look hot like this. ” He whispers in the same deep voice to me and the fact that I can’t see how he is looking at me right now makes me want to hide somewhere. “ Do you seduce all female captives like this? Is this your speciality? ” I shoot back, goosebumps rising over my skin. Why do I bother to reply to him every single time in the first place? Perhaps, he is too good at his job and that’s why he is so famous among everyone. Some fear him, some like thorn clan and me. Some need him, like this agency and many more agencies do. “ It’s just you. ” He replie
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    Chapter 07
    VALENTINAThe ride to the so-called safe house is taking longer than I expected. To my relief, Agent Vitali is driving the car silently instead of getting on my nerves.I relax in the seat, pulling my legs up in a mannerless way. He doesn’t say anything and the blindfold around my eyes prevents me from seeing his reaction.I sigh, closing my eyes behind the blindfold and deciding to just go to sleep for a while. Not knowing where I am going or what is going to happen to me is nothing new to me so it’s not scaring me like it used to scare me before.“ We are almost there. Don’t sleep in the car as I will have to wake you up in half an hour. Sleep once we are there. ” He speaks after a long time in a casual tone and I only end up humming.My mind is too sleepy to think about what he is saying. I just want to rest before I am thrown into all difficult situations once more.Even if he knows I won&rs
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    Chapter 08
    VALENTINA“ This is harassment! ” I gasp, leaning away from him instantly.“ There is no law and order for you. ” He mimics my tone, the smirk still present on his lips.I squint my eyes, throwing him a glare. He is right about no law and order for me. He can do whatever he wants to me and no one will ever find out or care about it in the first place.“ Eat before you faint again. ” He whispers all of a sudden, pulling away from me.Going back to his chair, he slumps down on it and begins eating without sparing me another glance. I look down at the pasta in my plate and pick up the fork to eat. I need energy if I want to deal with this mouth-watering Agent.We both eat in silence. I keep my eyes fixed on him and he takes out his phone from his pocket while he eats. Phone…W
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    Chapter 09
    VALENTINAAgent Vitali briefly comes to inform me that he is leaving to see things through with this Red Daisy Club matter and as he warned me before, I shouldn’t even try anything stupid.I shake him off, not interested in anything he has to say to me. Not until he really comes back, raging or calm.Either way, I am doomed.He leaves my room and like a good prisoner, I come to see him off at the door which clicks shut with a beep when he steps outside. I wait and wait and wait. Doing nothing, taking deep breaths.What if he comes back calm and silent and tells me they have dealt with Red Daisy, ambushed, found drugs, destroyed the place - A stupid lie. What am I going to do then?Can I play this game for longer when I find out the Agency is just using me or should I find some way of my own?Just one shot at revenge…That’s all I have, I remind myself.If t
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    Chapter 10
    VALENTINA My blood chills in my veins but his reaction turns out to be different than what I expected. He lets out a low laugh, soft and deadly. His tongue darts out to wet his lips, tempting my eyes to follow his movement and I cave in. “ Interesting. ” He whispers under his breath, his breath fanning my face. “ Next time you try to test me, you must remember one thing…” He lets out, his voice an exotic caress. Unconsciously, I want to press my thighs together, but I can’t. He is keeping them parted, his body just inches away from pressing against mine - crushing and weighing me down. I take in a shaky breath, looking deep into his coal eyes. “ If I lose any more of my men to clear your stupid doubts…” A wry smile curls his lips. I can tell he is not going to say something good. He leans in, breaking all codes of professionalism like he always does. I squeeze my eyes shut, the sheer intensity of his ga
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