Slave To The Alpha

Slave To The Alpha

By:  ~S.Y  Completed
Language: English
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“ Fuck her and let me watch, Wolf. ” She laughs and sits down on the edge of the bed. My eyes land on Wolf who is watching me and I realise in this moment, that he is going to do everything she asks of him. Even if it involves fucking me in front of her. ***** Forget what was told to you about the werewolves in fairytales. They are not what everyone imagined them to be. They are cruel and wild. Complete animals — The monsters. And now I am slaved by one of the most feared monster in the world. Wolf. Fire dances in his eyes and secrets lie in every truth around him. I know I am doomed when I choose him to be my master, still I can’t help but feel that I have a connection with him that cannot be denied or accepted either.

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    138 chapters
    BEFORE YOU READ!It's a mature themed book so if you feel uncomfortable at any point in the book, please consider leaving peacefully!For character aesthetics and updates about the book, follow me on Ïñstå. My Id is authorsy56.Enjoy Reading!Author|~S.Y VIOLETWhen I was a little girl, my mother used to tell me stories about monsters. She used to say ‘ Sleep or a monster will come to take you. ’I never slept after hearing that though. The mention of a monster coming to get me and the thought of being asleep when he might come, made me jump out of bed and be on my guard.‘ Where do the monsters live? ’ I often asked her, the fear never leaving my heart. She said they live in only dark places so I avoided darkness.I always stayed
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    Chapter 01
    VIOLETEverything hurts. So, it means I am still unfortunately alive.Pain is the indication of the unwanted life. Always.I force myself to blink my eyes open. The pain becomes intense. It’s like a chunk of flesh was ripped off my shoulder when that werewolf lunged at me and I was thrown on the hard ground, my head hitting the stones with full force.Brutal. It’s the usual brutal treatment werewolves are used to giving humans.It will be an absolute lie if I do say that I am used to pain now. Pain is the only thing you can never get used to. If affects you the same even after years.My nose flares when I pick up the heavy smell of blood, sweat and urine in the air. My eyes blink rapidly, trying to adjust in the little to no light in the dark dungeon.There is blood everywhere. And there are bodies piled upon bodies, beside me. Some alive. Most dead. And a few dying.The word personal space or respe
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    Chapter 02
    VIOLET They all have enhanced hearing, so I don’t have to worry about them hearing my whisper or not.They all definitely heard me, but no one made a move to bring me out of here. They all seem surprised for some reason as I look at each one of them.Then, my eyes land on Kane who is giving me a murderous look.‘ All humans know better than to choose him as their master. ’ I hear a weak whisper from somewhere around me. I know it’s a human girl, but I don’t know what she means by it.‘ She must not know. ’ Another male murmur hits my ears and a shiver runs down my spine.What are they all talking about?“ You don’t ta
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    Chapter 03
    VIOLET  Cassius takes a step back from me and a werewolf comes to my side. Grabbing my arm, he begins dragging me away from the main hall. Instinctively, I look back at Cassius who is staring at me. As I look at him, I notice Kane and the black eyed man coming to stand beside Cassius. All three gaze at me as their eyes flash different colours for a second. For a moment, I think that I am seeing things. Possible because I hit my head too hard. But, then I end up rejecting my own idea of hallucinating such things. Their eyes did change colours like Kane’s and Wolf’s did. Strange. I never noticed such things before. Turning my head back, I let the werewolf man lead me down the hallways to God knows where. Terror gnaws at my guts. What’s going to happen now? That’s the main question and what happened to Elias and Sylvan? That’s another question for me. There i
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    Chapter 04
    VIOLET “ My brother - My brother asked me to choose you. ”  No response. Just the blank - predatory stare which penetrates my body and I feel needles pricking my skin as a result of this. I swallow the lump forming in my throat, but another one just appears back in its place. “ His name is Elias Bane. He said I should choose the one named Wolf in the Silver Moon Pack. Is this - is this…Silver Moon Pack? ” I ask him, hoping to stir his silence. Still no response. …But I do sense the Golden colour of his eyes almost fading to some other colour - like black or maybe, alluring darkness…That’s more like it. The longer he looks at me in silence, the more I feel like I am getting tortured. I want answers - At this point, I think I will do absolutely every possible and impossible thing to get those answers.  Unable t
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    Chapter 05
    VIOLET  I have never felt so confused in my whole life. Am I supposed to wait for what’s coming or should I try to run like I was trained to do? I can’t decide, but I admit there is something urging me to stay back, give it some time and trust that I chose the right one. Lilith takes me down the same way and back to the same bathroom which seems to be allotted to humans in a way. I remember how werewolves used to keep all the human slaves in the same room after they were done torturing us. It was a way to keep humans out of their business and it always protected their strengths and weaknesses from us. When we reach the bathroom, she sits me down at the edge of a rusty bathtub and goes out of there.  My hate for the monsters increases some more as I stare at the dirty tiled floor of the bathroom, waiting for Lilith to come back.Read more
    Chapter 06
    VIOLET“ That’s why no one ever chooses him. All humans know that they should never say his name. ” She says.I don’t move from my spot and just watch her pulling back and sitting in front of me again. She shakes her head in pity this time and her sticky hair sway left and right with the movement of her head.I think I want to find all interesting things in the world so I don’t have to focus on what she just told me.Surely if this was true, Elias would have never asked me to choose Wolf specifically and he would have never said that Wolf was going to keep me safe.Nothing makes sense to me anymore.“ But it’s clear that you didn’t know. You just chose randomly and ended up being his slave. I can only imagine how brutal he must be, considering that he was involved in human massacres all around the world. ” The girl just keeps talking and doesn’t allow me to divert m
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    Chapter 07
    VIOLET Lilith takes me back to the same room and stops outside the door. Her back is facing me. She raises her fist and knocks on the door as I feel my heartbeat speeding up.He is the King’s son. I was not wrong when I assumed that he is the man of power around here like Kane and Cassius and the third man with them. What I don’t understand is why did Elias made me choose Wolf? What was the reason? This question is going to continue choking me until I get an answer from someone.I gulp when Lilith opens the door and pushes me inside. I keep my head down as I stumble inside the room and she closes the door behind me.“ Better than before. ” I hear him saying plainly.Lifting my gaze, I steal a glance at him. Like before, he is covered in blood and he is still shirtless.This time, the blood is not p
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    Chapter 08
    VIOLET  ‘ Free for claims. ’ This is a term every slave human fears significantly. It’s a term which means that the master werewolf doesn’t want their slave and anyone who wants or wins the fight can have that human - if that human survives the ferocious contest of pushing and pulling from all sides of course. It’s not like werewolves are dying to have that human as their slave who is already rejected by a master - it’s more like they enjoy the torment the human goes through. I have watched something like this before. Izel - I remember the girl as if I saw her just an hour ago.  She was up for the claims and she fought with all her might, but in the end, she didn’t survive. They grabbed her arms from both sides, pulling her body apart, claiming her ripped limbs and her dead head as well. Bile rises in my throat as I recall the memor
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    Chapter 09
    VIOLET From my sitting position, he seems so tall, lean and frightening. I gulp, staring at his bare torso, the sprinkles of blood on his body looking far more interesting to me than anything else in the room or on me or on him.For a while, Wolf doesn’t make any move. This confuses me further. From the time I have met him, it feels like he is always observing me or contemplating what he should do with me.All of a sudden, he crouches down in front of me, his face appearing in my view.I gasp, pushing myself back instinctively. His face appears so close. If I reach a little forward, I might even be touching him accidentally and I don’t want to do that - no way in hell. But, the sparks travelling down my spine force me to think otherwise.Wolf looks up, his eyes
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