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In a sleepy town in the outskirts of Massachusetts, a young woman is suspected of murder. When handsome young men begin to disappear and their mutilated bodies discovered, they all had one thing in common: she was the last one who saw them alive. Could the seemingly innocent and beautiful woman be capable of murder? Or do her scarlet lips and seductive gaze know more than they let on?

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36 Chapters
"Hey, over here!" Ali shouted from across the street. I smiled and started to walk toward her. It has been almost a week since I moved into this neighborhood and Ali was my only friend so far. "What do you wanna do today?" she asked. "Let's go by the lake again," I said. "Are you sure? Those kids might be there," Ali asked. I grew quiet. Some kids from our school have been teasing me and making fun of me since I moved here. They usually hang out by the lake around this time. "Yes, I'm sure, but I can't let them get to me," I said confidently. "Okay, let's go," she said and we headed there. I saw some of the kids from our school swimming and fishing at the lake. I wanted to say hi but resisted the urge. There was no point in drawing attention to myself. "Hey there!" I turned around and saw Marcus DeMarco smiling at me. He was one of the cutest boys in my school who never paid any attention, so I was a little surp
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Chapter 1
MARINAI ducked as my mother threw her plastic bowl at me. It missed my head by a few inches. Milk and cheerios splattered all over the wall and the floor.Great…I was already running behind and now, I’ll definitely be late for my first day.I share a dingy little house with my mother Leslie, in this small town in Massachusetts. I’ve always dreamed of moving out and finding my own place, but I didn’t have the heart to leave my mother behind. At least, not yet.She was sick and I was to take care of her.No matter how she treated me and how cruel she was to me, I couldn’t abandon her because she was my mother, and I was all she had left.“I said I wanted frosted flakes, you useless cunt! And you got me this garbage?” she sneered at me.“The doctor said you ought to eat healthier,” I said meekly, knowing it’d anger her even more.“Screw what the d
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Chapter 2
MARINA The club was crowded with people my age and the music was loud. Eddie took my hand and pulled me inside. "Want something to drink?" he shouted through the music so I could hear him talk. "I can't! I'm not twenty-one yet," I said. God, I sound so lame. I wish I was twenty-one already. Eddie grinned, then leaned down. "Neither am I, but I've got a fake ID," he whispered in my ears so only I could hear him. I was surprised. Eddie didn't seem like the type, but I guess I was wrong. "They won't know if I go get you one. Are you sure you don't want any?" Eddie smirked. Maybe I shouldn't keep saying no, I thought. I didn't want to seem like a total loser. "Okay, maybe just one," I said. Eddie smiled. "I know just what to get you." He walked away, leaving me alone with the crowd. I stood there awkwardly as he disappeared. I looked around and observed the strange faces in the crowd
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Chapter 3
MARINAThree days passed by, but Eddie never showed up to class. I heard from a few of the other students that he hadn’t been attending his other classes either, which was strange, to say the least.“Have you heard?” one of my classmates, Annie, sat down next to me and asked. Her eyes were sparkling with excitement as if she was about to tell me a secret.“Heard what?” I asked.“Eddie Wilson went missing!” Annie declared.Missing? How would that happen? I wondered. I just saw him at the club three days ago.“That…that’s weird,” I managed to say.“I know, right? His parents filed a missing person report and the police had been going around asking people questions. Do you think he has been murdered?” Annie looked at me expectantly as if I would know the answer.“I don’t know anything about that,” I said.&ldquo
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Chapter 4
LOGANShoot…I didn’t mean for her to see me like this. I thought I could duck before she saw me pointing the camera at her, but she saw me before I could put it away. I was caught red-handed.Last night, I came home from college and tried to go to sleep but couldn’t. And then I saw movements in her bedroom, so I got curious.I’ve always been curious about Marina. We grew up together, but I always felt like I didn’t know her. Like, really know her. She had an aura of mystery as if she was always trying to hide something or herself. And it didn’t hurt that she was hauntingly beautiful.We were best friends growing up and did everything together. We played together but it was mostly at my house because her mother was always passed out in her room and didn’t like us to make too much noise. We had to tip-toe around her mom because she was always angry and abusive toward her.We stopped hanging
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Chapter 5
MARINAThe police were here and asking everyone questions again. I saw Det. Baker was looking at me and it made me nervous. But I shouldn’t feel nervous because I haven’t done anything wrong, right?But why were the police back here?“What happened? Did they find Eddie?” I asked one of the guys in my class. His name was Mike.“They found Eddie Wilson’s body at an abandoned shed in the woods,” Mike said.I gasped. Eddie is dead!“Are you serious? But how did you know that? Did the police make an announcement? I didn’t see anything on the news,” I said. Not that I watched the news regularly, but I felt like I still would’ve heard something if it was on TV.“Someone took a picture of his dead body and spread it all over social media. It was as if he was proudly showing off his handiwork to the world or something,” Mike said distractedly.
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Chapter 6
M.D. I stood by silently and watched the faces in the crowd. Look at them, pretending to be disturbed, pretending that they care about Eddie. Bunch of fakes and assholes. No one cared about Eddie. Not like I did anyway. Gosh, he was such a joke. He thought he could get handsy with a girl and get away with it. Dumbass. He wasn't so cocky when I took him to the little shed and pulled out the knife. I always carry the knife with me when I go out at night. Because you never know when you might need it. The world is a dangerous place! It wasn't easy for me to get him to the woods. I had to wait patiently until he was ready to leave the club. But before that, I managed to slip something in his drink while he was too busy gawking at some slut. He came out of the club all drunk and disoriented. I didn't waste any time and quickly met him at the parking lot before he left. He was surprised to see me at first, shocked ev
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Chapter 7
MARINAI knew it was Logan who told the police about my fight with Eddie. It had to be him because he was the only one who saw us. So I needed to confront him. What was he doing snitching on me? It was none of his business. Although I wasn't too surprised since I caught him spying on me and taking a picture of me when I wasn't looking.Luckily, I found him walking around taking pictures of random students on campus. Is that all he does with his time? I knew photography was his passion, but he didn't have to always walk around with that camera attached to his hips. He would get in trouble for that one day."Logan! Over here!" I called him over before he was out of my sight again.He smiled when he saw me. Although I had to admit, even though he was kind of a creep, he wasn't so rough on the eyes. When he smiled, dimples appeared on both his cheeks. His hair looked soft and tousled, but his best feature was his eyes. He was attractive, that's for sure.
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Chapter 8
MARINAI did something terrible. I put some sleeping pills in my mom's soup and fed it to her so she would fall asleep. Then I would be able to sneak out and go to the party. I only wanted her to sleep and not realize I was gone for the whole night.She kept her prescription pills next to her nightstand, but I managed to take one or two out each day and hide them in my room just in case I ever needed them. I've been doing that for months now, so I have at least twenty of those pills in my possession. I put them inside a Ziploc bag and hid them under my mattress.I crushed them up and mixed them into the soup. I put a lot of seasonings in her food so she would never taste the bitterness of the pills. She drank it all without missing a beat. She complained about me being useless all day long, but she always ate everything I cooked for her.It was going to be chilly outside, so I put on a leather jacket over a red tank top. One of my old friends from high sc
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Chapter 9
DAWN I have always been drawn to guys who were jerks. Kind of like the one I met just now. What did he say his name was? Oh, right…Mike. What an ordinary name? Boring. Just like his personality and looks. Sure, he wasn’t ugly or average looking and had a nice body, but I’ve had better. He wasn’t someone I would want to fuck more than once. “Oh god, Dawn, that feels good,” he groaned as I leaned down and teased his nipple with my tongue. “You are a bad boy, Mike. How could you abandon that poor innocent girl to be with me? She would be angry and might not ever talk to you again, you know,” I said and giggled incessantly. I could care less about the girl, but I wanted to pretend like I was disappointed in him. “Don’t worry about her and focus on me, baby,” he said, breathing heavily. Oh, Mikey. You will pay for being an ass one day. “Well, that’s alright with me, Mikey. Because I think you are hot, and I’m going to fuck y
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