The alpha's broken slave

The alpha's broken slave

By:  Chimdi Jane Samuel  Updated just now
Language: English
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Slave. Broken. Wolfless. I've always been the perfect toy for pain and pleasure to the ruthless Alpha Jax who owned me. Twenty years, I've lived in abuse, toture and slavery so one night I decided to run away from it all to find freedom, only to discover I had stepped into the pack of our enemy. I'm taken to their cruel and merciless Alpha Ares who fails to recognize me as Jax's slave so I thought I was free, but the only way he lets me stay in his pack is to be a slave once more.His slave.

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    86 chapters
    Season One: Chapter One
    Alora. I was born on a moonless night, and that meant I had no wolf. According to the laws of my pack, anyone born on the moonless night was neither wolf nor human. And that child would be killed along with the parents. My parents being the selfish wolves made a pact with my Alpha that I would be given to him on my fifteenth birthday as a slave in exchange for their lives. The first ten years of my life weren't pleasant because I was a constant reminder of the mockery my parents faced every day and they never failed to show me how much they hated me. I was made to do hard labor and face abuse, and the pack didn't pity me either. I was an outcast, neither human nor wolf. So I was often treated as a nobody, insulted and looked down on and it didn't help that I was smaller than the average human form. I had no identity, no freedom and no peace. I worked hard daily from pleasing my parents and pleasing the pack. But I still found no favor in the sight of either of them. Often
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    Chapter Two
    Alora.  Thump. Thump. Thump.  The sound of heavy footsteps that sent vibrations on the floor I was currently kneeling on sent shivers down my spine. Each sound like the sound of beating war drums, it resonated in my ears as the hair on the back of my head stood erect.  The sound of the powerful being, the Alpha that owned me making his way down the hall just outside our room. Those footsteps that I had grown accustomed to sent goosebumps flying over my skin.  My heart thumped loudly in my chest, threatening to jump out any minute. It was dark outside and inside too, but I had grown accustomed to it.  I scrambled from the kneeling position near t
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    Chapter Three
    Alora. I struggled once more as soon as Jax took off his clothing and I saw his big member fully erect and pointed at me as if it was telling me to stay still.  Despite all Jax's disgusting features he was still handsome and his tan skin glittered under the moonlight, his wolf head tattoo was the only dark contrast to his skin and when he flexed his biceps it moved a little as if howling at me.  "You know what happens next, so stop moving around. I'm too hungry to care." Jax said, his voice losing its usual tone overshadowed by his wolf as his red eyes shimmered brightly before he climbed the bed.  He climbed above me, pinning me to the bed and I struggled to get away but he grabbed the chains on my neck and spun
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    Chapter Four
    Alora. I waited a few hours until I was certain Jax was fully asleep. On full moons like this while he was strongest, he was also weak. The power of the moon fueled and drained him completely and when he slept off like this it wasn't until afternoon before he woke up.  But the risky part of it was that Jax was a very light sleeper and he had extremely good hearing. If a pin would drop he would be fully awake, eyes blazing and ready for attack.  I glanced back at him, his eyes closed and his long lashes falling on his cheeks, there was no imperfection on Jax's face and I understood why she wolves wanted him but he had rejected everyone of them. I didn't know where Jax stood on having a mate but it was obvious he wasn't
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    Chapter Five
    Ares. "Is he ready to talk now?" I asked Victor, one of my most trusted warriors, as I looked around the basement boredly.  It was past midnight and I was getting tired from the days job but the little fucker we had captured snooping around my borders wasn't willing to talk. Victor turned to me, he was a tall man almost my height but I towered over him, over everyone. He had short blonde hair and a deep scar running down the side of his face narrowly missing his cold grey eyes.  He was my second right hand man after my Beta and after he had proven himself worthy to me, he had gained my trust and now I trusted him with my life.  "No Alpha, he still refuses
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    Chapter Six
    Alora. Run, keep running and don't look back. Those words kept resonating in my ears like the echo of a loud beating drum.  My heart thumped loudly in my chest as I placed one foot after the other and navigated my way through the dark thick woods.  Keep running, Alora! I told myself as I had started to pant heavily from the current stress my body was going through, I had never had to run before.  Five years locked up in Jax house and I've hardly ever stepped out of his home, I didn't even know what running felt like anymore.  But today I was running, running away from the dark nightmares I was born into and made to stay in forever.&nbs
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    Chapter Seven
    Alora. I couldn't stop myself from trembling with fear and anticipation. The man who drove the car was silent and he wasn't human either. He was a werewolf too, not an ordinary one, he bled of power and the aura surrounding him made me shiver in fear as I snuggled between the chairs to avoid being found. No doubt if I unmasked myself he would find me, or if I made the slightest noise he would know someone was there. Werewolves were known to have extremely good hearing and this man was powerful enough to hear me out.  But he seemed to be distracted by his thoughts as I noticed every now and then he sighed like something was troubling him, but I was too scared to peep and look at him.  I tried to avoid moving at all, eve
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    Chapter Eight
    Alora. My heart thumped loudly in my chest as I rested against the car and turned my gaze away from the men.  No!  Where the hell was I?!  I couldn't stumble into another pack,not especially if it was one of the packs Jax had control over. It would mean that I couldn't be free.  I gasped desperately for air as tears filled my eyes and I raised my hand to my chest to stop myself from hyperventilating. But it was hard and I looked around the mansion.  There was no one else in sight except the two guards at the gate, and I knew it was impossible to escape them. 
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    Chapter Nine
    Ares.I walked into my room, slamming the door behind me. The stress of today finally weighed down on my shoulders as I sighed and reached for the buttons on my shirt when my phone vibrated in my pocket.I snatched it, grumbling at the disturbance after finishing my rounds at the west borders in case we had more intruders after the man I had just killed.Jax was one sneaky bastard and I couldn't let my guard down, not even for a second. I picked the call on the second ring after seeing my Beta's name flash across my screen."What is it, Seth?" I growled into the speakers and I heard Seth take a deep breath as if fearing to tell me when he had called to say.Seth was my most trusted wolf, my right hand man and my childhood friend, he was the only I had ever called friend and I could trust him with my life, with every part of me.He had stood by me at every moment of my life, loyally serving me and I couldn't trust an
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    Chapter Ten
    Alora."Who the fuck are you?" His deep voice growled at me and I shivered as fear shot up my spine.The man standing before me was tall, he had a broad chest, and lean muscles. His biceps flexed as he raised his gun at me. He had deep blue cold eyes, not the usual blue of the ocean, nor the blue color of the sky. His eyes were a deeper shade, like a painter that stroked that spot repeatedly, highlighting the color.But instead of the warmth that the color blue brought, these man's were filled with cold and hate. There were no emotions in them, except from the reflection of anger in them.If I hadn't seen his reaction when he had first seen me I would have thought he could feel no other emotions except from anger and irritation.The way he had looked down on me was the exact opposite of the emotion on his face. He had looked at me with soft eyes, gasping silently at the color of my eyes.My violet eye color had been a mystery to my parents, I was different from the other wolves. It was
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