Mated To A God

Mated To A God

By:  Angel Writes  Completed
Language: English
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Isabella is an example of the word special. In a whole generation of wolves behind her, no one has ever seen, heard or recorded of a wolf becoming the mate of a god. No in the wolf kingdom, no kingdom at all. The thing is that gods don't have mates but Isabella is made for him. He is bonded to her and she to him. This is the story of a princess and a god.

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Angel Mary Anish
don't think it have flaws . I literally love the every character in it . I love it . and everything written in it makes the novel beautiful .... thank u so much for this novel ...
2022-06-18 13:53:02
43 Chapters
"So you are trying to tell me that someone actually created us- the gods?" Fate scoffs. "Where exactly did you get this lie from."“Minerva is the queen of my children- the werewolves, she doesn’t tell lies, she’s a fey too remember.” The Moon Goddess’s eyes narrows immediately at the other gods in the room but particularly on Fate. “You know that so why deny what I am telling you.”The person she refers to scoffs at her.“Because of the exact words she said. That we are in a book and we are like puppets, being controlled by someone? It sounds even more humorous as I say it. Are you sure you aren’t doing this to get back at me for your daughter’s situation?”The Moon Goddess can’t believe her ears. Her rage rises up immediately and her hands tighten on her chair, breaking a piece of it in the process.The Moon Goddess's daughter has been put in a delicate condition and the moon
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1. Her Situation
*20 years later*"Is that a yes or a no?"I can hear his scruffy voice crying out of his throat as I continue to write down on the once blank paper."Why do you need the funds?" I look up, into the young males eyes and he immediately looks away, his dark lusty eyes out of my view.He coughs out, adjusting in his chair as his ears gets red in embarrassment. I patiently wait for his answer and when he doesn't respond, I say."So you don't need the funds."He finally summons courage to look back at me and his eyes widens with something other than lust. "I-I do. I really do.""Why do you need the funds?""To pay for my house bills."I tilt my head and narrow my eyes at the same time. "Why do you need the funds?"He looks up at me in shock, blinking a couple of times. Intertwining his fingers together, he answe
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2. Tell A Lie
"I knew that he had nothing on him." I march out angrily, my hands almost breaking the door as I walk through. "His only help was to stare at me.""At least he didn't ask you on a date." When she says this, I stop and turn to her."I wanted him to ask me on a date. I would have accepted so that I could stare at him with wide eyes and an open mouth all through." I begin to walk away after my remark, following the path that led us here."Or you just wanted to have a brand new boy toy.""I don't have boy toys, Trixie." I breathe out and stop when I accept the fact that I can't go home easily without a portal.She is the one who made a portal for me in the first place. As my other cousin she would want to tease me but I don't have the strength for it. I'm pretty much in here territory and here, she is the princess. My aunt's sister- the queen- is Trixie's mother.What a big family we have, sometimes people mix us up and get confused."Sur
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3. Mate
"You allowed Summer into the training grounds when she shouldn't even be close to that place and you tried to murder a human."I shake my head at these accusations. "No, I suffocated him. There's a difference."I consciously avoid Summer's part in this and I am sure that she is silently thanking me. I can almost feel it.Uncle Sebastian's eyes doesn't leave me. He continues to keep his glare and I continue to look everywhere but him. The chances of me getting my head cut off are bigger now."Yes, apparently, to you, there's a difference." He nods with sarcasm all over his words."Don't I just remind you of my mother, your sister?" His mood takes a sudden change when I say this and I take a step back, planning my escape.Bringing out this topic hurts him badly but I don't mind... of course I do mind. I just tell myself that I don't mind everyday."Your tricks aren't going to work on me that easily, Isabella." His expression changes to
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4. Buttons
‘You know when the world is against you and you don-’The voice of my wolf is cut off immediately and I look down at Summer’s inquisitive eyes as she does her thing.“Is it gone now?” I nod slowly with a little expectation of my wolf saying something odd but I am faced with silence.“I believe so. I have a feeling that she will be back soon though.”“Yes, I have also have that feeling too.” She says and her eyes moves to the door beside us. “What do you think they are talking about in there?”I turn back to stare at the door restricting me from seeing the stranger or the royals which are my uncle and aunt.“Probably my wedding. I don’t want to think about that and you shouldn’t too. You should be in bed right now, you have training tomorrow.”Her eyes immediately sparks up at my statement. She lightens up in excitement as her mouth forms out word
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Getting To Know Him
“So let me get this straight, you aren’t really british, you only like the accent. You’re not exactly from the human world, you stay aside from there and you are also not sure about this mate bond thing too?” My brows furrows as I repeat all his cryptic answers and he nods at me.“You didn’t miss a thing.”We have been walking aimlessly for a while and my attempt to know him ends up confusing me in the process. Let’s not talk about how everything he says doesn’t make sense at all. I barely have the time to question him more, my wolf is getting antsy with the way unmated females stare at him. I shake my head, trying to get rid of my overwhelming thoughts.“You know that I don’t believe you right?”“That’s true but I don’t lie, princess. It’s uncalled for and it destroys people’s relationship.” He says and he stuffs his hands into his pocket, turning
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I don’t know how much time we spend in shock. But our eyes widen and our lips are connected but not moving. We just freeze.It takes some seconds before Nathan begins to move his lips on mine and when he starts, his eyes closes slowly. I am still frozen, my eyes are still open, looking at his closed ones. Just as if he senses this, he bites on my lower lip, tucking it forward and I groan at the sensation it brings and my lips starts moving on his…slowly.Closing my eyes, the sound of the human gasping for air harshly on the ground, seizes and I can hear my own blood rushing through my ears. Raw power, I feel it. I also feel the bond come alive, twirling itself like strings and bringing us indescribable desire.It’s nagging me, wrapping itself like a warm blanket around me and I like it. I don’t realize that we have moved until my back is against something hard. A wall. My hand finds his hair and I tug it back, making him hiss with how ha
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Sly Plan
I stand still, awestruck with what I am seeing. The room is spacious. Correction, the house is so big that an elephant could leave here and still have enough space to move. The furniture is screams class and elegance. To top it all of, the house doesn’t look like it lacks anything. It’s not like the castle, this one is modern, not castle like but huge and has a pool…Okay, my explanation sucks but thankfully, my wolf hasn’t spoken a word since. That’s a good thing. I think I like acting all cherry and talking to myself in my head. It really does a lot to my wolf, especially stopping her from talking.When I uttered the words that I would like to live with him, I didn’t mean it and he knows it. I feel like his eyes were just compelling me to say things…“Are you a vampire? Like the god of vampires, if there is any?”His back is to me as he focuses his attention on my bags and drops them on the ground.
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Going Shopping
"Good morning." I walk into living room and watch Nathan make an attempt of cleaning but his eyes follows my long legs for a while.I have the urge to cover myself up but if I want this to work, that will be a no."Are you ready to tell me what kind of god you are?"His eyes moves to my face as I stand still by the entrance of the living room."Not today." He goes back to cleaning. It seems like he is trying to concentrate on what he is doing."Are gods supposed to clean?""We do everything that humans do, Isabella. The only difference is our powers and status." He answers."So you're a human but a god."He stares up at me blankly and his movements stops. "Not today, Isabella.""How am I your mate then. I know that gods don't have mates." I continue to push."Not today, Isabella.""N
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Looking Lost
We get back to the house much more quicker than I expect. I am annoyed at myself because I barely focused on the road, I didn't mark the path he followed. It was very irresponsible of me.My mind is stuck. It has been so for a while. A while that means a few minutes.As he kills the engine, I pull out the bags and get out of the car. He is surprised at the speed I use."Thank you, for the clothes." I say and he nods, his eyes holding confusion at my sudden change of mood."My pleasure."I don't wait for him to say anything else. I walk to my new room and arrange the clothes the way I can.When I am done, I retort to taking a nap. It does a lot of good to me because when I wake up, I am much more stronger.Truth is that I just don't want to face Nathan, and if I want anything that I have planned to work, I have to gather my thoughts together.With a yawn, I walk to the living room with my fingers crossed."Erm, Jasmine?"
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