Enlightened by the Eclipse

Enlightened by the Eclipse

By:  A.R. Broxham  Ongoing
Language: English
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It's hard being a half-blooded werewolf… especially when you have no idea that werewolves actually exist. Clementine – I did not know what to expect when I decided to move with my dad and brother to Blackfern Valley in backyard British Columbia. The first thing I noticed is how ridiculously fit and good looking everyone was. Then I started to notice the odd behaviour, comments and how everyone in the town just seemed to hate me. Well, everyone excluding Liam, he seemed like the only friendly person in the Valley… Liam – I was not expecting my world to be shaken so hard when two half-breeds moved into the pack. Half-breeds were extremely rare, and often hunted and terminated by pure-blood werewolves if they do not develop a wolf at sixteen. I thought that when his Uncle Jed's reign had ended, that the hatred would have died with him… I was wrong. They were after Clementine and something inside of me could not let that happen…

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75 chapters
Chapter 1
Clementine I was in a very wet forest. I could smell the moss and lichen that was growing on the trees and I could hear the creek at the bottom of the leaf littered slope. My body was itching and burning as I jogged. I heard a growl; a guttural growl that shook every cell in my body. My running shoes pivoted as I looked back to where the sound was coming from. What the hell was that? The crunching sound of my shoe pivoting appeared to result in the forest turning deathly quiet. Dad promised me that this track was safe to run, but as the light that was glittering through the trees became dark, I began to think that maybe Dad was wrong. I heard the growl again. I picked up my pace as I ran. The loop I was on went up towards the river, turned and looped past some old hunter’s cabin and then back towards home. As I passed a tree with an old broken ladder that went up to an old tree-stand, I heard it again. The growl. Then out of nowhere an ethereal howl echoed and bounced off all the tre
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Chapter 2
Liam I awoke to an annoying buzzing noise. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. I opened my eyes and looked around the room. Where the hell was I? I tried to move and found a very naked female body partially draped over me. I tried to turn to the other side and found another exquisitely naked female next to me. I gently climbed over the one on the left and looked back, grinning to myself. The brunette with milky white skin stirred and shifted onto her stomach before letting out a little sigh and going back to sleep. The bottle-blonde had her hands tucked up under her cheek and was drooling slightly from her plump pink lips. I wracked my mind trying to remember their names. Pfft what did it matter? They only slept with me for one reason, and I wasn’t going to complain when I got the two of them at once… more than once. I grinned to myself again. Perks of being the Alpha’s son I guess.Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! It started up again. Oh right! I looked around the room and found my black t-shirt and jeans. No unde
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Chapter 3
Clementine “Dad, I am not a teenager anymore,” I grumbled, looking away from the pity that was bound to be displaying in his eyes.“I know Clem. It’s just people in this town can be cruel.”“I thought the reason we moved here was because this town would be good for Vinny?” I raised an eyebrow.“It will be.”“But you just said it can be cruel.”“Yeah to outsiders it can be.”“And I am an outsider?” I watched as the tops of my father’s ears turned pink. He was getting stressed.“No that’s not what I am saying.”“What are you saying Dad?”“I was just trying to be supportive,” he rushed out. “Your mom just died, you dropped out of med school, you moved to a new town where you don’t know anyone. I just want you to know I am here.”“If people are cruel?”“Something like that.” God my dad could be weird at times. He was avoiding eye contact and his ears were red now. He closed his eyes and appeared to be trying to calm himself down. He opened them again and looked at me. “There is a small
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Chapter 4
Liam “Shit are you okay?” I asked the short little she-wolf that smacked into me, her gentle honeysuckle and pear scent invading my nose. She looked up at me, with her hand covering her pink nose. She was shorter and curvier than the other she-wolves around the place. This made her stand out. I was surprised to see she was wearing glasses, this also made her stand out. Her eyes were obscured by photochromic lenses, but they seemed to be the most interesting shade of bluey-green. Why the fuck would a she-wolf be wearing glasses anyway? The glasses didn’t appear to be a prop, or some fashion statement. They appeared to be corrective lenses. What the actual fuck? Wolves definitely didn’t have poor vision. I took a breath in to take in her scent again. As the intoxicating honeysuckle and pear scent swirled around, I managed to take in the tones of her canine heritage. Definitely a wolf – wait what is that smell? I sniffed again; her smell was tainted. It was mixed with something else.
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Chapter 5
Clementine Okay, maybe Blackfern Valley was a lot bigger than I thought it was. I swear I was lost. I really had no sense of direction. Where the hell was I? I kept walking aimlessly for another twenty minutes. Houses had started to thin out (not that they were very close and abundant to begin with). I could feel the sweat start to pool around the base of my neck and in the canyon of my breasts. God this humidity was going to kill me. I kept walking. The black tar-seal had ended and now it was mostly dirt and gravel. Okay, I was certain I had gone in the wrong direction. I turned around and smacked into something. Ouch my poor nose! It was getting a hell of a beating today.I looked up and saw another large body obstructing my view of anything else. I took a step back.“Sorry about that,” I murmured rubbing my nose.“You know, glasses are supposed to help you see. Yet you are walking into me.” His voice was smooth, but there was something cold about it. My defensive walls instinctu
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Chapter 6
Liam The mud under my paws felt amazing as I whipped past the trees. The forest smelled fresh and wet with the slight hints of honeysuckle. I splashed into a stream playfully and bounded up against the gentle current, spooking the tiny little fish back under the rocks. I lapped up some water as I trotted through the stream. It was icy cold and refreshing as it zinged around my tongue. A gentle breeze swirled past making some of the leaves fall into the stream from the trees encroaching it.“Wait,” Lucian said softly.“What is it?”“I smell something” Suddenly Lucian fought me for control. His ears started to twitch and he sniffed at the air. He growled lowly. I gave up on fighting Lucian for control and let him follow his instincts. He started cantering north with impressive speed. He must have gone at least five kilometres before slowing down and lowering his underbelly to the dirty forest floor. He started to shuffle and creep forward in an army-like crawl, hiding under a bush t
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Chapter 7
Clementine When I entered the house, I went straight down the hallway and into the tiny bathroom for a shower. I needed to wash the sweat off me, and the disgusting, skin-crawling sensation of what almost happened.What kind of person threatens sexual violence against another person? And what kind of person just stands by and watches? No not only watches but eggs it on. What the hell was wrong with those people? Then there was the wolf. I had never seen a wolf before. I grew up in central Vancouver, and wolves didn’t tend to come into the city. In fact, I was probably one of the only Canadians who could say that the largest and scariest animal they had ever seen was a deer. The only other animals I had interacted with had been squirrels and chipmunks. I even avoided my friend’s cats and dogs thanks to allergies. And one time when there was a bear on campus, I walked the opposite way to the crowd. I had an adverse fear reaction to anything that could eat me. Seeing a real-life wolf h
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Chapter 8
Liam I could hear her heart pounding in her chest as she opened and closed those soft-looking plump lips trying to figure out something to say.“Come on,” I said with a flick of my head. I led her towards a booth and threw two fingers up to Ryan, my best friend and the bartender on duty. He nodded his head at me and started to pull beer from the tap. Clementine shuffled her feet as she sat down.“Nervous?” I asked her. Her shuffling instantly stopped, and she glared at me.“No,” she lied flawlessly. Or it would have been flawless if I couldn’t hear her heart beating and giving her away. Ryan came over with the drinks himself, “I wasn’t going to trust April not to spit in it.” he mind-linked me. I nodded at him my gratitude and slid a beer across to Clementine. She stared at it like it was an alien entity“Not a beer drinker?” I asked. She picked up the glass and took a sip. A small amount of head lingered on her lip.“I was just curious as to what the catch was,” she said as she li
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Chapter 9
Clementine I raced out of that bar as fast as I could. My hand was still tickling with a strange sensation, like hundreds of little water droplets running over the surface. Liam must have some weird static electricity thing going on. It was the only thing that made sense.I had lost myself in the warm brown hue of his eyes, and the gentle caress of his voice. I had lost myself in his kindness most of all. Guys who had god-like features like Liam, were rarely nice. I was beginning to find myself laughing at his dry humour and wit, I was beginning to feel comfortable. And then I looked around the bar and noticed three things. The first thing I noticed was that there was not one ounce of fat on any of the people in the bar. Every single person was slim and gorgeous. The women all looked athletically fit and like they should be on the runway for Victoria Secrets. The men all were bulging in muscles, their arms corded and their abs hard. There must have been a gym around here that every
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Chapter 10
Liam I woke in my own bed. The sun was glittering through the crack in the curtains and streaming right onto my pillow. I groaned and tried to cover my face with my pillow.“Good morning.” The voice startled me out of my sleep delirium. I sat up and saw a mane of red hair, long bronzed legs and a black t-shirt barely covering her ass. My black t-shirt.“Morning Cassie,” I murmured. She bounced back over from the ensuite doorway and rejoined me on the bed. She leaned in slowly and brushed her lips against mine. Her cinnamon and vanilla scent wafted around me, and I felt Lucian rumble happily. I smiled at her as she pulled away from the kiss. After Clementine left the bar and grill last night, Cassie had managed to be a beautiful distraction, and I soon was laughing and partying with her. After a few rounds of pool, and plenty of alcohol we had managed to tumble back into my bed in the early hours of the morning. “What are your plans today Alpha?” she asked. Lucian puffed himself up
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