Alpha's Last Minute Bride

Alpha's Last Minute Bride

By:  sprachi12  Completed
Language: English
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Evangeline was blackmailed to marry a ruthless Alpha in replacement of her sister. Anything she hated in her life was the werewolves. She had seen her father leaving her mother for another she-wolf. Why? Because her mother was a human and so is she!! Well, this was what everyone thought, including her. Though her father loved her a lot despite her being a human, she never forgave him for the things which he did to her mother and stayed away from pack and werewolves community. Little did she know that she had to marry an Alpha just because her sister ran away from her wedding at the last moment. Daniel Grint was the ruthless, heartless and fearless Alpha. He never believed in mate or mate bond because of the circumstances he faced in his life. But he had to marry a stupid alpha daughter to strengthen his pack. He hated that idea from the beginning but he agreed for the sake of his pack. He was finding himself hard to control his anger and frustration when he came to know that his stupid bride flew away before the wedding and he was offered a human as his last minute bride, who also happened to be an Alpha’s daughter and…..his mate.

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138 Chapters
Chapter 1
Dear Readers, Since English is not my first language, there will be tons of grammatical mistakes. Please continue reading this book only if you don't have any issues with that. Rest I can guarantee you that you won't get bored with the storyline. The following are my books; if interested, do give a look over them: Can't help falling in love (Book 1)-Completed Purchased by the Mafia (Book 2)-Completed Her Mysterious Lover (Book 3)-Completed My Girlfriend is Mafia Queen (Book 4)-Completed Loving you is a Losing game: Upcoming ***** Her Unloved Mate (Book 1)- Completed My Bride is not a human (Book 2)-Completed Her Chosen Mate (Book 3)- Completed ***** 1) Chosen By An Alpha: Completed 2) Purchased A Werewolf: On Hold 3) The Luna's Pretended Love Interest: Completed 4) Alpha's Last Minute Bride: Completed 5) Deceiving the Beta: Ongoing (On regular update) *All the characters and the incidences in the story are created by me. In case it matched even a little with someone e
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Chapter 2
Daniel’s POV . I never believed in mates and mate bonds, nor had I thought that it would have such a great impact on me just after the first meeting. I was so mad and angry for everything that this family did to me, and after all this, they had the guts to offer me to marry a human? Seriously? I was taking out my anger on them. That's when I smelt a scent that made me weak for a while. I wanted to stop shouting at them and start looking for that scent, but then my ego went against that decision of mine. I mind-linked my guards to make sure to bring everyone near to living instantly because my wolf and I were feeling restless. He was pacing in me and desperately wanted to get free. He had sensed someone, and it was the first time he was acting this way. Soon, the scent was getting stronger, and it took me a second to control my urges. I was feeling desperate. I wanted something or someone. All I knew was that I wanted to see the person behind this smell. And that’s when my eyes
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Chapter 3
Evangeline’s POV . He came in and sat across me and then he did something unthinkable. “I am sorry.”, He said in a low tone. Barely audible. “Pardon, please! I can’t hear you properly.” “I am very well aware that you heard me.”, He said in his old arrogant tone. “And I am not going to repeat myself.”, He added. “Whatever”, I muttered and was about to walk out but stopped by him, blocking my way. “What now?”, I asked, getting slightly irritated. “Don’t you dare to run from this wedding just like your sister.”, He ordered. Who is he to order me? “Listen Mr. Arrogant, I am not your slave who will follow your order meekly.”, I spat. “I know you’re not. But you will have to follow my orders.”, He growled and took a step forward while I moved backward. This continued until my back hit the wall. He placed both of his hands on either side of the wall so that I couldn’t move. I could feel his hot and minty breath and tried to act as bold as I could. “You are going to my wife. So, be
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Chapter 4
Daniel’s POV . I couldn’t express my happiness when I lifted my gaze from the floor and felt a rush of emotion swirl straight to my heart as my mate made her way down the aisle all dressed up in a pretty white wedding gown. The wedding gown they had chosen for her was perfect for her figure, it left me wondering whether they had already planned this all incident or they had planned her marriage to someone else who was not me. I felt instant rage at that thought. ‘Okay, fine! Don’t spoil our mood by thinking all those stupid thoughts.’, My wolf suggested. “Our mate looks so beautiful in her wedding gown.’, He added and I couldn’t help myself from agreeing with him. I tried to hide any more emotions from my face as Evangeline reached near me.Read more
Evangeline’s POV.I couldn’t cry on my fate anymore after all I got married to an arrogant and heartless Alpha. I wonder what his problem was. One moment, I could find him looking at me with an unknown expression which I couldn’t name yet but at the same time, he looked like he didn’t give a damn about this marriage and had nothing to do with meWell, why would he?He wanted to marry my sister and got married to me instead.He ordered me to look at him and without warning, he gripped my waist and crushed his lips to mine. I was not prepared for the rush of emotions that jammed my heart. I couldn’t understand the reason for my sudden emotions for him. I gripped
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Evangeline’s POV.“Where were you?”, And there came his first question.“In the forest.”, I replied the truth as he was already in my room and had seen me entering my room through the window. So, there was no use in lying to him.“That I already know, Evangeline. You know what am I ask, so, don’t try to be over smart.”, He said, coming close to me. I tried to move backward but my back hit the window, making me realize that I didn’t have any space to move away.“I have no idea what you are trying to ask. Why don’t you ask me directly? Maybe, in that case, you will get your answer?”, I questioned back innocently.Read more
Chapter 7
Evangeline’s POV.Daniel  started walking toward the two women standing in front of the main gate. Daniel was the exact carbon-copy one of those women and another one looked like some relative. So, I guessed the first lady to be his mother.“Daniel”, Called the woman, who looked like his relative, and immediately he left my side to walk toward her. He held her hand in respect and turned toward me.“Evangeline, she is my…”Too late!By that time, I was already near his mother. I had no idea why? All I could think about was my mother when I saw her. She held the same warmth and love in her deep eyes. Also, it looked like I had seen her somewhere. I had no idea ‘where?’“You’re Daniel’s mother, right?”, I asked the most stupid question ever, even though I already knew the answer.She smiled widely and hugged me dearly. I felt loved after a long time.Read more
Chapter 8
Evangeline’s POV . It was still 4 in the morning so I was thinking about taking a small nap. After all, I had a very long day. But I couldn’t sleep in my wedding gown for sure and I clearly remembered that I didn’t take anything with me after our wedding because Mr. Arrogant dragged me from there. “Are you planning to stay in the washroom all your life?”, I heard his voice from the other side of the door. “Yes, It’s better than staying with you.”, I replied in the same sarcastic tone and after that I didn't hear anything from him again. After staying for one more minute, I stepped out of the washroom, only to find him half naked. My eyes widened, seeing his body revealing the sexiest manly chest I’d ever seen on any man before. I hated to adm
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Chapter 9
Daniel’s POV . “No, I will sleep on the couch. You should use the bed as it’s your room.”, She argued back. Not again. Why should she have to argue with me all the time? Why couldn’t she listen to me? But then again, I hate to admit it, her nature for some reason turned me on. I never liked weak and submissive people. The beast inside me, loved her feisty side and wanted her just as much as I did. “I mean OUR room.”, She corrected herself after a while. After hearing OUR from her, I relaxed a little, thinking at least she considered my room as her as well. “No. You should use the bed after all you are ti
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Chapter 10
Daniel’s POV . “Angel, wake up.”, I gently shook her up. “Two minutes, babe.”, She mumbled. Babe? ‘Who is he?’, I thought and started getting angry. She was here near me, in my room, on my bed and was thinking about someone else. I couldn’t help but growl at her sleeping figure. In no time, she woke up and looked at her surroundings. *** Evangeline’s POV . I quickly took in my surroundings. The wall facing the bed was rounded and wasn’t the wall at all, but glass from floor to ceiling. Dark
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