Seducing The Gay CEO (English Version)

Seducing The Gay CEO (English Version)

By:  cas_airen  Ongoing
Language: English
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“As a breadwinner of the family, I will do everything.” —Gillian Guzman As a poor woman, money is always the key. Gillian Guzman, the woman who was paid to seduce and turn the well -known Gay CEO of a large company into a real man. What could Gillian be able to do for money? Zachary Villanueva, the firstborn of the Villanueva family and the Gay CEO of Villa Company. He has a secret, and Gillian will discover it while seducing him. What will Gillian do after knowing the secret of the Gay CEO?

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    7 chapters
    I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the person in front of me now. Cardo had been my secretary for 4 years, but because of a call from my mother, I had to fire him.       Mama called to let me know that she wanted a woman to be my secretary. I knew, and it was more clear than the water, what she wanted to convey.       “I'm sorry, Cardo. I'll just call other people I know and ask if they need a secretary. Here's your bonus.”       He stared there and looked back at me again. He is not just my secretary, he is the one who knows my secret.       “It's okay, Sir. Ms. Jesa co
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    Chapter 1
    "2 Gordon Ramsay steaks and a glass of red wine."       I took notes on what the customer said. Gordon Ramsay's Steak It's easy to spend a lot of money on them. They aren't concerned with the cost as long as they get what they want.   When am I going to be the one sitting in that expensive chair, just waiting for the food?   To process their order, I repeated their order first before saying goodbye.   I work as a waitress in a fine dining establishment. Despite the fact that I did not graduate, I was able to gain a work here thanks to the help of a friend. I am truly grateful to that person; because of him, we will have money to cover our daily expenses.   "Another wealthy person who will spend a lot
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    Chapter 2
    "Nica, dad." I called them. When I heard that, I quickly went to the hospital, even though I can't move my knee, I was still rushing. Yunard really wanted to come, but I didn't agree, there was no one to look after the meat. Dad bent down while holding the crutch while Nica was crying next to him. They looked at me at the same time. Nica quickly stood up to hug me. She was still in uniform and could no longer get change. It's also close to 11 o'clock. “What happened, Dad?” I asked and slowly sat down. Dad looked sad and cried. “I don't know. Suddenly, he couldn't breathe while run
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    Chapter 3
    "What?" That's all I said when I heard that. What's going on? Seduce his son? What sensible mother would pay a million to seduce her son? I looked at the paper I was holding. Gillian, you are now holding the money you need for the surgery. "Why? You don't want to? It's okay, please give it back to me." She said while looking at the check she gave me. I am thinking about why I was there. It's for Zaji, Gillian. If you agree, your brother can have surgery right now. You won't have to worry about money. You can save him. "But why?" I ask. She just looked at me seriously. "My Son is the first born of Villanueva and he is the only man in our clan." She saidRead more
    Chapter 3.1
    "Buy new clothes. Don't wear those kinds of clothes, that's for teens." She was specific to my dress. "Buy revealing clothes." She said and looked again at the paper in front of me. No turning back.  I signed it and gave it to her again, she released another so I signed it too. Then she stood up and told me what to do.  "That's your copy. Start on Monday." She said and left. It is also stated in the contract that no one should know about it.  I did what she advised, I bought what I knew men would like. I don't wear it but I know I need to wear it.  I will do everything to make him a man.   I go to the Market next day. I will also tell Yunard that I will stop working there and I will tell him that I found a better job and a bigger income. I know Yunard will understand.  "Why wer
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    Chapter 4
    To my surprise, he suddenly stood up and looked at me badly. I thought he was going to scold me, but I couldn't believe it because he said something different than I thought.           I thought he was going to scold me!           "Oh, I like your confidence, but, dear, you should know that in this whole building, I am the most beautiful and hot. Understand, secretary Gillian." He said that with a gay voice. I almost coughed when I heard what he said.           I know he’s gay, but is this serious? He was very gay when he said that.
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    Chapter 4.1
    He glanced over my lips because I bit my lip inadvertently.He stared at me for a few seconds. When he registered in his mind what had happened and our awkward position, he put his hand on the floor to keep his face away from me.                       At that time, my work with Madam Anastasia was on my mind. I need to seduce him. And I promised myself that I would do everything. Even if I give myself to him.I need to seduce him. Gillian, You need to seduce him.                <
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