The One He Never Claimed.

The One He Never Claimed.

By:  DineoNeonkie  Ongoing
Language: English
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When Alex loves, she loves hard. So much so that she loses and depletes herself. She's madly in love with newly drafted football star Ezra, who loves her but won't tell that to the world. So she stays through the chaos because of "love", but soon the chaos becomes too much to bear and that has her going downhill. ------- NB: This book will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, maybe even have you really upset with the protagonist. But please be patient with her. She'll get it soon enough.

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39 Chapters
It's hot today. He said he was on his way, that was three hours ago. He doesn't live that far but even if he did, couldn't he just text to say he's running late? Or that something came up and he can't make it anymore. Anything would've been better than silence. It takes me a while but I finally decide not to wait anymore and then get ready to meet the girls like I'd originally planned, before he made me cancel. There's a party tonight that I honestly would've much rather missed. But now that he stood me up, I don't want to spend the rest of my evening overthinking about it. That's certainly happened before. I know he's not going to be happy but I'm also not happy that once again, he failed to show up for me. I shuffle through my closet for a short tight dress that's also not too revealing but I end up settling for a pair of high-waisted bum shorts with a tight blacktop.Read more
After my countless tosses and turns, I finally decide to make my way downstairs to see who's disturbing my peaceful sleep. The whole point of summer is that I don't have to worry about waking up early. "Dad!" I shout when the excruciatingly loud noise gets louder as I get closer. What is he doing? "In here Hunny," he shouts back and I finally reach the garage where my darling father and my dear friend and neighbor, Cody seem to be welding onto a metal case, seemingly trying to open it. Could this seriously not have waited until everyone's stopped dreaming? "What are you guys doing?" I ask rhetorically as I put the palm of my hands against my ears to block out the noise. "This was Cody's dad's sweetheart. He found it in the basement and we just want to see what's inside," he answers clearly not getting the question behind the question I was asking, or rather the meaning behind it.
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It's intense. Everyone in the VIP room and everyone down on the field and the bleachers is beyond stressed. The players are all dirty from throwing themselves on the dirty grass and sweaty from all the running around they'd been doing. Michaela is holding on to my hand so tight it feels numb. It's so quiet.The camera points at Ezra and the commentator says something about how even he is stressed. He's sweating and rocking his body side to side slightly. I know he's got his thinking cap on when he does that. I smile gently because they have no idea what's coming. He's about to blow their minds. Two minutes on the clock and the score is a tie. The players line up facing each other then bend down so that their chests are facing the ground. The opposing team has the ball. Soon the players start tackling each other roughly fighting for the ball that's now passed in the air to be caught by their te
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It's been two days, he hasn't called. The picture was pretty clear but I'm needing him to tell me there was some sort of a misunderstanding. I need him to tell me it was all a prank and that it meant nothing. Whatever lie he can come up with, I'll believe it. What I refuse to believe is that the love of my life cheated on me. My Ezra would never. I wipe the tears off my cheeks for the umpteenth time this afternoon. I'm meeting up with the girls in a bit and I can't be a mess around them. I'd been avoiding them for the two days and I haven't seen them since Bruno Steiner's party. I know they're already suspecting something is wrong and I can't afford to have them asking me questions so I need to get myself together. I'm also in no mood to think of lies so I'm really hoping I'm not left in a situation where I have no choice but to. Today I decided I need to go out, I need a distraction. I've been stuck in my room and I'm h
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"Hey man what's up?" Bruno greets him after a while. Ezra greets him back with a hug but his eyes stay on mine. Bruno notices but doesn't say anything. We've all been in one place at a time multiple times before but we've never said anything to each other. Ezra and I always act like we don't know each other around people so I know Bruno finds it weird how he's looking at me. Like I carry the key to his heart. I don't look back at him because I didn't realize how mad I was until now. I'm afraid of what I'll do if I look into his eyes. I can feel the anger radiating from within at the sight of him. I was sad before but now I feel aggravated. He cheated on me, how could he?  "Hey I'm gonna go look for Liz." I say to Bruno already standing up to leave. I pray my voice came out calm and not shaky like the rest of me. I don't even bother to wait for him to respond before I speed
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"Babe..." "Baby." "Babe!!" "What?!!" I practically shout at him. He knows I hate mornings. Don't wake me up if I don't need to be up. I'll wake up when my body is ready to. "The boys are coming now. You gotta hide." "What?" My ears must be really playing tricks on me because I thought I heard him say I have to hide. I turn my body to the other side then go back to sleep before, "Oh shxxt, they're here. Babe, go into the bathroom!" He shouts already making his way out of the bedroom. My sleep goes away immediately as I sit upright on his bed. I don't even know how to express the pain that's in my chest right now. Before getting this house, Ezra lived in a small apartment. It wasn't fancy but it was perfect. We'd used to spend the whole day and sometimes weekends just lazying around and watching movies. Never have I ever worried about peopl
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"Hey baby, I've been worried sick. Are you ok?" is the first thing he asks as soon as I answer the phone. About 60 missed calls later. He actually does sound so worried that I feel a bit bad for ignoring him the rest of yesterday. Only just a bit. "Yeah I'm ok babe." I say to him honestly. I feel a lot better today. My chilled evening with Cody helped me out, it always does.  But also, hearing his voice oddly calms me, despite him being responsible for the bad mood to start with. He doesn't ask why I disappeared like I did yesterday, I know it's because he knows why. This is one of the many conversations we don't have.  It goes alongside the negative effects caused by the privacy of our relationship. We know what it's doing to us but we also know we can't do anything about it. So we ignore it. "Will I be s
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He is livid. He's gone out for a smoke about six times already in the last hour, he only smokes when he's stressed. And that's usually only two times in one night. I'm sitting next to Bruno and another guy named Sam and we're conversing about nothing important. I see him looking at me, but not so long that people start to notice.  Bruno is not even flirting with me. He's a good looking guy but I'll never see him like that. There's only one guy in this world for me. Bruno and I just have a friendship forming, he honestly has nothing to worry about. 'Are you ok? I'm sorry I can't stop it.' I'd texted him and of course he didn't reply. It's upsetting to me that he's always having conversations with random girls, most of which flirt with him - but I never get mad, because I know I'm the only one who owns his heart. But as soon as some guy comes and looks at
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I wake up to my stomach crying in hunger at the appetizing smell that makes its way into my nostrils.I open my eyes to see a plate of badly cooked eggs and not so bad looking bacon and toast. Normally I would smile because even though he's not much of a cooker, he'll go out of his way just to make sure I'm fed. But this morning, the first words that come out of my mouth are, "Did you not see me struggling?" I know he was looking at me as I danced with him. My mind can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that he might have seen but did nothing. It's all I could think about last night, and well - now. "Bruno jokes around babe. Everyone knows that." I chuckle because I did imagine him using that excuse. But it was in the furthest most impossible excuses I'd thought he'd use. I'd thought it was ridiculous even thinking of it. So I stare at the love of my life with so much pain in my heart to ask him,Read more
We're still very much together. But I told him I needed a break.  Just to calm my head and my heart from everything. It took him a while but he finally accepted it. He said as long as I come back to him. Of course I will, I always will. I realize I'm a slave to his love. It's not even just because he threatened to kill himself, but also because a life without him is a life I don't want to live. I can't even grasp the thought of him not being here anymore. I've had him in my life for so long that I don't want to picture a life where he's not there. Him wanting to kill himself served as a reminder of how much I need him. I do however hate what he did to make me stay but the thought of him not being alive any more is scary enough for me to. The couple of days that we've been apart had me thinking too much of course. Like about the fact
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