Back Rejected Mate

Back Rejected Mate

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What you don't understand from my words, huh, I said you are mine He angrily hit the wall behind her while she felt him squeeze her between him and the wall behind her - It's none of your business She screamed at him, ignoring the hurricanes in her stomach It is my business, you are mine, mine only, your body, your soul, your heart, all of you are mine, mine only, that every small part of your body belongs to me, every beat of your heart is based on my love, every breath you breathe is mine, don't try to escape from this because it is your destiny He said softly, placing his forehead on hers You are dreaming, I haven't forgotten yet that you are my killer. She looked at the ground before looking at his face I... I will accept your rejection of me, Alpha The king Alpha , the most powerful alpha in the world of the paranormal and the king of werewolves, the moon goddess cursed him because he rejected his mate and killed her while she was pregnant with his son, so the gods Sirin cursed him and his pack forever, and they were imprisoned in the world of darkness, and after a very long time by magic and the help of demons.. There is hope for the rejected luna that she will be reborn and will return.. Will she be able to forgive her mate who insulted her, refused her love, betrayed her with her sister, and ultimately killed her and her child?

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94 Chapters
chapter one
On a pitch-dark night, a night whose moon had disappeared between the black curtains, and the heavy rain that fell, added a sad touch to the dark forest Where silence was the master of the place, broken only by quick steps, it seemed like the feet of someone running and panting strongly…A twenty one-year-old girl was running through the tall trees of the forest, turning around every second, so much that she didn't notice the cliff in front of her, and had she not turned at the last moment, she would have turned into minced meat.She held herself together at the last moment, looking at the cliff below her, turning quickly to escape away again, but she held her place and tears fell hard as she shook her head in denial and hysteria.“ No, no please no, I'm sorry, please" He slowly approached her, cultivating intense terror in her, she backed away but blushed when she found herself completely on the edge, she looked at him with tears, screaming again and begging him" Please have mercy
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Chapter II
" Yeah, I'm fine, you know, just that damn dream"" Seriously, you must find a solution to these dreams, which have increased recently. I advise you to see a psychiatrist or one of the magicians "She said at the end of her words with a wide smile, forcing the other to look at her with hatred, as the other raised her shoulders as she moved to her room to take her jacket and bag." Come on, we have to go. You don't want to lose your only source of livelihood"Astraea remembered that damn Rose, the owner of the café, that she really takes advantage of them, but no one can accept to hire an orphan girl without certificates to work with him." Yeah, let's go"The freezing cold was caressing their noses as they walked down the main street, switching words while Estera was still insisting on the witch's story.Finally, they arrived at the happiness café, where they work, what happiness is in this place, they are not even allowed to respond to the harassment they receive in this curse" it's
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Chapter |||
Much blood filled the place, he looked at his hands with great horror, before he started spinning around himself madly"Argos.. Damian.... Drug"He shouted at the top of his voice, but unfortunately no one responded to him, he tried to communicate with his hybrids again, and to no avail, he fell to the ground, before freezing in his place, seeing body parts, blood, and a corpse, slowly approaching it, but he froze in his place and retreated with great fear, it's herHe tried to get close to her to make sure, but a stern voice came from behind him " Don't move …" He froze in place and slowly turned towards her“ Don't get close to her, you are not entitled to " " She's my mate, Damn it "She raised her forehead sarcastically and looked at him angrily" Now you admit that she is your mate , Why wasn't it before? Ohhh, I forgot you were immersed in your first eternal love "Shut up, shut up, not my love , that bitch deceived me " He waited for her to answer him, but she disappeare
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the fourth chapter
"Why are you angry, Alpha? He's only telling the truth "Damian's voice came back, mocking inside him, sighing softly" I'm really not desiring your nonsense "And without being allowed to say another word, he would release a barrier between them to cut off any communicationHe ate breakfast with the pack members under complete silence as he used to during the past years, then he moved to the training ground to follow the training of his herd members with wandering eyeshe destroyed his life himself, everything that was in his hands was his and his property, but he destroyed everything with his stupidity, he is the alpha The ideal or the great hybrid as some used to call him before the curse came on them"You look sharp "A soft female voice pulled him out of his thoughts before his dark past swallowed him up" Just a little, what are you doing here?! "" Nothing specific, I'm just walking around and you "He smiled at her as he looked at the training ground before saying very painful
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Chapter V
" Hey, you idiots, get me out of here? "Estera was screaming with fury and madness, as she moved on the chair she was sitting on in the middle of the dark hall, her eyes covered and her hands tied at the same time.She was silent for a while and when she despaired of being answered, she started screaming again" Hey you, if you kidnapped me for money, I'm telling you I'm just an orphan girl and above that I'm destitute "A sad smile formed on her face, and she felt a bitter lump filling her throat." For God's sake, there are thousands of important people, why you kidnapped me among everyone? "And again she did not receive any response, so she was silent for a while before returning to screaming saying"Can't you kidnap someone apart from me... You have for example that bitch Rose has money and besides, she's a first-class bitch. "She said furiously, clenching her teeth, that damned trifle is the reason for her being in this place, if she had not been kicked out of the café early,
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Chapter six
Fear was possessing her entire body, she was still looking at the terrifying and dark forest in front of her with lost eyes, she didn't understand why, but she was afraid of entering her" Move "One of Robert's men pushed her" You will regret it, I promise "She said furiously before moving into the forest, closing her eyes as she took her first steps there" What is this feeling? "She said as she wrapped her hands around herself, and looked in front of her with great tension and her heart was beating fast, a great energy that she felt inside her and a distinctive and strong aromatic scent caressing her breath." Move fast, this forest is not normal "Robert said, holding his hand angrily, looking around as if waiting for a monster to come out of the place"This place is weird"Astraea said while holding her body, and looking around in fear, she stopped in her place, swearing that she felt the sound of breath in her ear."I miss you "She turned quickly and she was very terrified"
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chapitre seventh
Severe pain was devastating all over his body, forcing him to open his eyes with great difficulty" You finally woke up, it's the first time you've been unconscious for a long time "Alpheus said as he approached Xavier who was sitting on the bed with one hand on his face while the other was beside himHe did not say a single word and looked at his hands, which were bandaged with a piece of cloth" You know that regret won't change anything, why do you go there every time? "said Alpheus, offering him a cup of herbal tea" Because it's the only place that makes me feel them "Alpheus looked at him for a long time before he smiled very sadly and put tea on the table next to him saying:" If you loved her so much, why did you kill her? "" You also love my sister and yet you cheated on her "Xavier said, looking at him very angrily, the other hand stopped in the way for a long time before he smiled sadly and gathered his hands tightly before he smiled a sad smile and came back to sit in
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Chapter 8
Emala was returning from her visit to the pack school, this task belongs to luna, ​​but since she is not there, she is the one who has been doing these errands for the past years" Cesar, are you here? "Emala said with astonishment that he rarely comes here, but she quickly understood the situation when she found a teacher who had not yet found her mate to adjust her clothes" You are merciless to anyone, fortunately I am the alpha sister "He looked at her with a fiery look, it was impossible for him to think of her that way" I'm kidding man, what's wrong with you? "She said shaking her hand in front of his face to move each towards the pack house again" Alpha is getting worse every day, and this situation really worries me "Emala said sadly as she looked in front of her, Cesar looked at her coldly before smiling sarcastically" I won't hide my faith from you. He is my brother, my friend, and most importantly my alpha. But he deserves more than this. What he is experiencing now
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chapitre 9
" Have you heard what is said among the pack ? "" Do you mean the rumor that the curse barrier has disappeared? "" It's not a rumor, I was in the woods at that time "" This has only one explanation, is it possible that Luna came back? "Emala and nanny Lily were standing far away, looking at the rumors that had begun to spread among the pack " Do you think it's real? "Lily said while looking at Emala, who sighed tiredly" I don't know, but the disappeared of the barrier in this way has one meaning, which is the Luna has returned "Lily sighed and went back to work" I don't know and I don't want to know anything because even after Luna comes back I don't think she will forgive us "She looked at her sadly" Don't say that Lily, she's kind, she'll forgive us" Lily looked at her angrily" Then why don't you forgive Alpheus "Her eyes widened a little. Her story with Alpheus is different. Well, that's what she convinces herself of. She just looked at Lily, who was waiting for her a
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chapitre 10
" Do you think Luna will forgive the alpha? "Lily said as she put the food to Caesar and Kaya who was eating her food silently" I don't know, but she'll cause she has a good heart "Cesar said as he moved his hands carelessly around the place" It's true that Luna is good, but don't expect her to forgive you for what you did to her "Everyone looked at their plate with great shame, and the memories of the past came back around themAs Xavier grabbed her for the first time by the hand and threw her into the Pack's yard, while behind him Perla stands smiling with victory and malice." It's the luna of the blood moon pack and I reject her , You can do with her whatever you want "Emala closed her eyes as if she was trying to avoid those memories with her mindShe opened her eyes shivering, but froze when she found Alpheus standing in front of the door" I have to go see Xavier "She said nervously, as she moved away from there, everyone looked at her in astonishment, but their astonis
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