Chapter Sixteen

Waking up in the night, I started feeling around in the bed and it was empty. Where did Luke go? Getting out of bed filled with worry, I rush to grab my robe and head for the kitchen. Walking in I notice him sitting at the island staring out the window in the kitchen. Feeling relieved, I walking over and I place my arms around his neck, lay my head on his shoulders. "What's wrong?" Whispering as I place a gentle kiss along his cheek. Turning his face looking me in the eyes, a small smile went across his face. This is one look Luke has never had and it's the look of worry.  

"Nothing, I smelled other wolfs in the area so I came out to check the yard. They have passed but now I can't sleep." Turning his head and gazes back out the window. When will this hell be over? I have fully accepted Luke being a wolf. Maybe if we talk with the others and see if they want to be like Luke. Surely, they don't want to kill people forever and when there is nothing left? What will the

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