Chapter 4

" This stupid man ! Is he just too blind that he can not notice me at all ? " Nina grumbled as she reached for the door . I spend hours making up my face every single day just to get his attention . Gosh ! I have heard of bosses falling in love with their secretary but why is mine an exemption ? Why is this man just too stupid ? No matter what , Jack Matts , you are mine and no one , I repeat no one cares to take you away from me , I wonder what he sees in that Betty of a thing , she does not deserve him for God damn sake , I deserve him ! Just that he is too blind not to know what is wrong and good , do not worry , I will not stop until I get what is mine which is you ! " Nina concluded in her mind and walked away ..

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( California )

    " Doctor Martins , please save my son ! Help me in whatever way you can ! " Naomi said as she cried bitterly .

    " Naomi , I would never lie to you , and that is because you are like a daughter to me , your son's condition needs medical attention and if care is not properly taken , he might kick the bucket "

" Kick the what ? I thought you once told me it is not that critical , what is this you are telling me ? Doctor Martins , please help us in whatever way you can , I have sold all I have left and I have just my own left " She asked breaking down again .

" Naomi , you know if it were in my capacity to help you , you know I will gladly do that , huh ? But look for money , his condition requires money , well , unless you believe in miracle " 

" Doctor ..."

" I mean it my dear , unless you really believe in it , then pray or else Fred can give up even right at this moment , I really do not know why you have kept mute since all these while that you let the disease worsened even to all the other parts of his body because from my observation , it must have appeared in his body for the very first time when he was young ! , Probably you were not just observant to notice anything at all "

" I must have actually thought it was Malaria or something , it just did not cross my mind to bring him to the hospital when it happened back then " 

" Doctor Martins ? "

" Yes my dear ? "

" How much are we talking about here ? "

" About a million dollars "

" What ? Just for treatment ? "

" Hmph , you do not know anything , my dear , there is fire on the mountain, he needs an urgent surgery in which you know that and you are saying this ? Do you think surgery is that easy ? Let me tell you something, if he does not have the surgery , be prepared to bury your son "

" Do not talk like that doctor , Fred will be fine , I am so sure of that ! I am so positive , nothing will happen to my son and I will not bury him , okay , is there anything that can be done by the medical personnel at least before the money is ready ? " She asked again in tears .

' not at all my dear , go , you have the time now to look for the money , he needs an urgent surgery , do not be a lazy mother , go look for money "

" Okay doctor " she said in tears , stood up and left the doctor's office .

" Naomi ! " She heard someone call ..oh aunt Vivian , her instincts said .

 Vivian was her aunty . The woman who took her in when she discovered she was pregnant back then in high school , she had assisted her in so many ways , Naomi knows that if the woman had the money , she would have gladly assisted her , at least for the surgery but here they were , no money , no helper , she was as poor as church rat , at least for now .

" Aunty " she said crying hard on her shoulders .

" It is okay , my dear , just let it out and when you are done , we can talk about it , okay ? " She said sadly patting her back ...

  Her aunt sighten and continued , " my dear , what should we do ? We can not just fold our hands and pretend nothing is wrong when in actual fact , Fred is there lying on that bed dying "

" Aunty , I do not know also , I do not know what to do , I am confused , no one to help me , my son is dying and I am here hopeless , no money to help him , I am just too useless , I knew what it took me to have that child , Fred must not die or else I do not know what will happen to me " she said crying more harder .

" Stop thinking about death , okay , no one is dying , just put your mind at rest , how much did the doctor call the amount ? "

" A million dollars was what he said "

" Oops ..I need to ask you something and I need answers " her aunt said looking so serious and it got Naomi wondering what she wanted to say ..

" Aunty , what exactly is it that you want to say ? " She asked getting so scared and confused at the same time .she had never seen her aunt get so serious as this .

" Promise me you will say nothing but the truth "

Her aunt asked even sounding more and more serious again .

" Aunty , just ask and I promise to tell you nothing but the truth but what has it got to do with the issue on ground ? "

" Will you give me the chance to talk or you want to keep taking ?"

" Aunty go on , as long as it will be of benefit to Fred and I " 

" Okay , I do not mean to pry , okay ? But now that Fred is here lying in the hospital , why do you not try to reach his father , we do not have the money , maybe help can come from there  "

She stared at her aunt in a deadly manner .

What do you think her reply would  be ?

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