Chapter 6

" what are you trying to say ,? That I have no work ? Ohh,so it is a crime to come visit you ? Huh ? It is a crime to miss you every day ? I am a lazy person ? Huh ?"

" Betty, come on ,do not get me wrong,okay ? I did not mean it that way okay ? I am ..."

" Non sense,do you think when we get married,I would be a burden to you ? I have investments already, do not tell me shit!"

 Jack scoffed if you are even a wife material,he thought ,

" Fine,it is okay "

" It is not okay !"

" You know what ? Just forget what I said ,okay ? I did not mean it !"

He said and opened his laptop pretending to be busy with work.

" So you want to work ?" 

" What else ? Should I keep staring at you ? Why am I now in the office? Is it not to work? Betty,do not annoy me ,you have done enough "

,' it is really unfair,your babe is right in front of you,you want to work "

," You are really really sick upstairs, if

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