Chapter 14

( still at the hotel, 8:00 am)

   Naomi suddenly woke up startled. She looked around and wondered where she was... My bed is not as soft as this, I do not have a white sheet, where am I? What am I doing here? What exactly is going on? How did I get here? She muttered looking as confused as ever.

  She looked around again and looked at her body, then gasped ... Oh no! I am naked, what exactly is going on? Why am I naked? Is this the party Jack is talking about? How did this happen? Why am I here alone? Could it be Jack planned this with his friends? No, could it be ....Damn it...Those fools! They tricked me! They told me Jack told them to bring me, what exactly could they have planned this time around? 

  She glared at the mirror in front of her, her face and hair were messy, the lipstick she applied the day before messed up her face, it was then she confirmed it herself that she had been set up but what exactly did they plan was what she

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