Chapter 15

"After all the promises, she can do this? After all the love and care I showered her with, she can even go to this extent? On my birthday? Like seriously? I really can not believe I have been a fool all along, tell me, am I not good enough? Am I that bad that she had to derive pleasure from someone else? " Jack asked his two friends again.

  Chris was so happy everything was moving as the way they planned it. Now, it is evident that they are going to break up, so I can have my Naomi to myself, it is for my good and once they have broken up, I will come into the picture as the healer of her broken heart, I will be the one to console her and gradually, I will win her heart and boom, she will finally be mine. Wow, I can not wait any longer.

"Chris!!" Tom shouted jolting him out of his thoughts.

" Oh yes?"

" I asked a question earlier, what do you think I should do to the situation on the ground, ?" Jack asked sadly.

"Forget her," He said absentmi

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