Be Back, My Human Mate

Be Back, My Human Mate

By:  Liz Gray  Ongoing
Language: English
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My cock hardened like a rock under my pantaloons and it felt uncomfortable. Fuck! What is it? My cock never as hard as this time before. I just stare at her and my cock this hard? How is it possible, I, an alpha of the strongest and largest pack, have a human as my mate? It's annoying, but only she can match my strength even with her weak body and fragile heart. However, she ran away and made all my problems even bigger. Damn! I will chase her down and make her know who she is dealing with!

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Shrawani Walupante
Amazing storyline!!!!! The ending was also pretty good ....
2024-05-31 18:34:05
110 Chapters
Chapter 1 The Cheaters
"D*mn IT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"Audery's screams echoed in the 3x4 meter bedroom, bouncing anger from wall to wall.A pair of n*ked people on a large bed in the middle of the room, the man on top of the woman, both sweating and breathing rapidly, turned their heads with incredible shock in their eyes and both stared blankly at Audrey who was standing in the doorway with eyes shining as sharp as samurai swords.Sandford Claine, the man--Audery's lover for the last three years, slowly got off Angelina Tevord's body, who, about two minutes before Audrey kicked in the bedroom door, was riding her pa*sionately.Angelina quickly grabbed a blanket and covered her body up to her neck, while Sandford covered his hips.Audrey approached them and glared at them without saying anything. What was displayed before her eyes now was enough to prove her suspicions about the relationship between Sandford and Angelina secretly behind her back.Audrey's blood rushed to her head, making her vision blurry a
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Chapter 2 Here Comes The Worse
"W-what? Fired?" Audrey's eyes widened. "B-but, professor Lyle, you can't do that to me!"Professor Lyle Foster snorted and narrowed his eyes fiercely. "Why can't I do it? You have clearly neglected your duties and you are still on probation? Do you know what would have happened to Mr. August Dane if Doctor Avril had not replaced you? He would have ended up ridiculously in the room as a dead body, his family will sue this hospital and revoke all its shares, then all the hospital staff including me and you will lose our jobs and get bad recommendations as doctors who neglect patients!" Professor Lyle shouted emotionally."But, professor, Mr. August operation list was two o'clock in the afternoon and I left a message with doctor Avril that I'll be out for a while at lunch and come back before surgery," Audrey said in an annoyed tone.Professor Lyle slammed a pile of documents on the table and looked at Audrey fiercely."What do you think of sick people like Mr. August be told to wait ac
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Chapter 3 Weak Human
Audrey blinked, adjusting to the bright light that suddenly hit her eyes after being covered by the black cloth for a while.She turned and saw the two men who kidnapped her from the garden at the Sunshine cancer rehabilitation clinic."Hey, why did you kidnap me and what is this place?" Audrey snapped shakily. She looked around and thought that she was in a quite luxurious hotel room.Suddenly a terrible thought flashed through Audrey's mind. She looked at the two men in front of her with fear and stepped back away from them.She didn't know them and there had been recent cases of kidnapping of women, who were then raped, murdered, and their bodies thrown into the sea or ravines."We brought you here because it's time for you to do your job," said one of the two men."Job? What job?" Audrey asked nervously.This sounds ridiculous. She had just caught her boyfriend sleeping with her best friend, been fired from her job, and was told that she had to provide a large amount of money for
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Chapter 4 Handle With Care
Is he a chameleon?That was the thought that flashed through Audrey's mind, when she saw how the man in front of her reacted.He acted like he was happy when he first saw Audrey sitting on the floor, but when their eyes met, his body language slowly changed.It was as if he saw Audrey like a piece of waste paper that had to be crumpled as hard as possible until it became a ball of paper and was ready to be thrown into the trash.Audrey felt the hairs on the back of her neck bristle. The cold aura from the man made her feel frozen. His green eyes look like a vicious jungle cat."You guys get out!" said the man in a sharp tone. His index finger pointed at the door.Audrey was sure that his words were not directed at her even though those sharp and deep eyes stared at her without blinking.The two men who kidnapped Audrey, with their fierce looks and large bodies, looked shrunken and they hurriedly left the room which was beautiful, but scary for Audrey.The second the door closed, Audre
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Chapter 5 The End, The Beginning
"It's still early," said Liam as he pulled Audrey's hand until she fell back into his arms.He was still not satisfied with hugging Audrey's warm and dense body, which made him go crazy all night.Surprisingly, his pen*s worked so perfectly that he was able to do it many times. It was like a comeback for Liam, after a hiatus for a long time.In fact, before being with Audrey, he had experienced s*xual frustration many times, because even the s*xiest girl couldn't make his junior harden.He often ends up arguing that he is not interested in the girls who offer themselves. Basically he is a hunter and prefers to enjoy the results of his hunt rather than prey that surrenders.The reason why Liam is often laughed at by Kinn is because only the two of them know the real situation.With Audrey none of that was necessary at all. Liam broke the girl's virginity on the bed after making long foreplay to her in the bathroom, then continued with one round on the sofa in the living room, another r
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Chapter 6 Big Surprise
Liam PoVI was standing on top of the tallest building overlooking all of New York. The afternoon wind that hit my face felt weak, at the end of this summer.I saw a sea of buildings and winding streets below, looking very small, like an urban-themed Lego toy.This Keagan World One building is mine, one of sixteen similar buildings that I own in the world.I have everything in the human world. For me, money is just sheets of paper with different pictures, writing and colors. Gold, diamonds and gems are just shiny decorative objects. Mansions, villas, farmlands, even hills, are just ordinary stopping places.Don't ask about the vehicle. Every time an automotive company releases a new model, car or motorbike, they are happy to send me one of their best products. I have all the nicest, the coolest, and the most expensive vehicles in the world. I even have a big building as my private parking lot.However, I always felt empty with all that abundance. All because of someone who has left t
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Chapter 7 The Twin Puppies
Liam was stunned.In front of him stood two children, very similar to each other and the most amazing thing was, they looked exactly like him when he was their age. Those two children were him when he was little.One of the most important things, he smelled his own scent on them and a faint scent that he would never forget, namely Audrey's scent.Are they really his puppies?[They are axactly look like you, Liam]-said Kinn. He looked at the children by Liam's eyes.[Yes, I know.][And they got your aroma, too. And faint of sweet milk.]Liam looked at the two children sitting side by side in front of him carefully. He didn't want to scare them and even though he believed that they were his children, he still had to be alert.He is the alpha of the strongest and largest pack in this country. Not a few want to overthrow him through various cunning tricks and evil attempts to overturn his power.He has everything and therefore there are more and more opportunities to take advantage of any
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Chapter 8 Complicated Things
Liam PoV"Audrey Ellenora Jace, investigated her properly. There is information that we have missed all this time," I said over the phone, to my confidant, Beta Marvin."Missed information? Is it related to... the twins who came to see you, Alpha?" Marvin asked.I could feel that he was being careful. He must have realized that children would be a sensitive issue for me.He's been with me since I was a teenager and he really knows what I've been through all this time and often helps me resolve any problems that arise because of my conflicts with my father or with the council, when they pressure me about finding a mate and having children."Yeah. I don't understand why we couldn't trace her when she left last year. She shouldn't have been able to go far with two twins with her," I said annoyed."I'll investigate immediately, Alpha," said Marvin."Is Alicia gone?" I asked again, sniffing the room."I told her to leave and left a message with the receptionist and security guard not to l
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Chapter 9 The Father
Audrey was stunned to see Tristan who had an angry face and Thiery who looked anxious.His two sons weren't emotional children and liked to do things violently. They tend to be calm and reserved. If one of them or even both of them fight or get angry, it means that what they are experiencing really makes them feel disturbed.Thiery saw Audrey coming and immediately ran to greet her. He held Audrey's hand anxiously."Baby one, what happened? Did your twin really fight? Who fought with him?" Audrey was confused."Mom, actually this is my problem. I was playing with blocks in the corner over there--," Thiery pointed to the corner of his cla*sroom, where many colorful toy wooden blocks were scattered around."--then Newwie came and grabbed the wooden blocks I was playing with. I let him pick them up once or twice, but then he kicked the building I had made and his foot also happened to hit my knee. It hurt so much. Look!"Thiery showed his knee and Audrey was shocked to see the blue bruis
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Chapter 10 The Warning
"Daddy!"Audrey was stunned to see Liam, as were Thiery and Tristan.However, hearing what Liam said, without much thought they ran towards Liam and hugged his right and left legs."Daddy, you are here!" said Tristan.Liam smiled and squatted down, then easily lifted Thiery and Tristan easily in both hands and walked over to Audrey who was still facing the Trevor family, with Ms. Ida next to her.Audrey looked at her two sons in Liam's arms who didn't seem to find it difficult at all to lift two children at once.Why do Thiery and Tristan call Liam Daddy and how did Liam get here? These questions raced through Audrey's mind.After many years, Audrey finally faced the only thing she really avoided, namely a man named Liam.The offer given to Audrey by a doctor who asked her to return to New York and work at the Light Wing hospital was also thought about and considered by her for quite a long time.When Audrey was quite sure that Liam might have forgotten about her because no one had l
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