I Dated A Fake Nerd

I Dated A Fake Nerd

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Desperate to lose her virginity, Gracie, asks the new transferred boy out, the school nerd; Jason Drew. Well that's what she presumed, seeing the thick frame covering those eyes, that never left the books and the hand that never left the pens. He seemed like a perfect guy whom she could easily manipulate. Innocent and dumb. Seeing him so antisocial can mean only one thing right? That he has no experience in the field of sexual activity. Well at least that's what Gracie thought. But little did she know, innocence is far fetched from his dictionary. Nerd and innocent was never his thing. Never! The guy she just asked was a complete dominant and ruthless in bed, that can actually result in getting her on a wheelchair in a single night. "Sure, Gracie!" he said, "Meet you after the school." And the countdown begins...

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Mamta Verma
Loving it so far!...️
2022-11-16 12:22:53
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Teen romance with a hint of friendship, betrayal and lots of drama. Considering drama, how can you forget the triangle of love? And it's not always the one you love is the one you end up with! Stay tuned, my fellas <3
2022-10-27 23:59:19
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Frances Smith
Really like the story so far. Love the playful banter between the two. Not happy how 5 or so of the chapters were the same and I had to pay for each one. I should get my points back. Hope this story continues soon.
2023-02-14 13:46:10
76 Chapters
Year 2022. Month Of August. And the beginning of the senior year of high school for the batch 2022-23. In Blue Lake High school of California. Month of August in California is all about hotter-than-hot waves of summer gushing through the state. Factually speaking, it is the busiest month of the year, that wraps up the summer vacations and alert the natives to get back on the daily-life pedal. Even in the not-so popular cities of California, like its very own capital, Sacramento. Reaching on time, a perfect refreshing milkshake and a good amount of seretonin rushing through her blood; Gracie entered the last year of her high school with that same cheery smile on her glowing face, that has been their since she celebrated her 19th birthday last month. Greeting some of the familiar faces, she reached her locker. And on the way to her first class, threw the container she just had her milkshake from. Seated and all set for another exciting yet exhausting year of high school to begin. E
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Jason's Countdown
"Meet me at the parking lot, four pm sharp. Don't be late." That's all she remembers from her absurd and the most awkward confession of hers to the guy, she's never really spoken before. Gracie was tangled in the strings of her own thoughts as she walked towards the sports room, where she will definitely find Niall. Regret slowly makes its own way towards Gracie as she lets the abrupt decision of hers lead her mind. She really should have thought it through. Before stepping forward. But now, it's too late. However, she kind of liked the thrill. She had never realized or even given a thought to how powerful Jason's aura was. Maybe she was overthinking, or maybe she really enjoyed being overpowered by his sudden surprising and composed phase. Although, he was just a virgin himself, and wouldn't judge her. She certainly found it surprising or rather shocking how Jason did not reject the idea of sleeping with her. "I knew it, he is just as desperate to lose his virginity as I am." Grac
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Day 2: Jason vs Joe
"Why on earth did you not tell me JASON IS YOUR COUSIN!!?" Gracie roared with all her strength at the girl who was half awake and half asleep. She was pretty sure Sira had almost lost her hearing, not that she cared of course. Gracie banged the door of Sira's apartment first thing first after she left Jason's Aunt's house. It was currently 9 p. m. and Sira had already gone to bed but there came the fruit of all her sins, her best friend Gracie. Sira had her own apartment, provided to her by her rich parents, since she came to reside in Sacramento, two years ago. Gracie knew perfectly, how her warden would scold her and in all likelihood, not allow her to get in her dorm without informing about her waywardness to her parents. As the gates for the dormitory used to get closed at 8 and only opened at 6 in the morning. She had no where to go except her best friend's. Also she had to take a good class of her! As soon as Jason told her, his relationship with Sira, she mentally zoned out
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Day 2: Clubs And Cousins
How would you feel, when a person from a similar background like you, is allowed to do things that are prohibited for you? Getting special treatment? Is free from all the responsibilities that are somehow loaded on your shoulders? Jealousy. The only feeling that could be running through your consciousness. Gracie's mind was experiencing the same. She knew that her cousin Ellen who was at the same age as her, was allowed to do more fun things than she could have ever done but this was too much. Having a sex coach?Yes! The incident that occured this morning was all about Ellen revealing how she felt curious about what she actually enjoys being in the bed. After all these casual hook ups she had figured out one thing, that she didn't really know what her type was. Bondage? Domination? Submission? Until she found this website, where she could find coaches of her desired age, who could help her find her kink. And that's how she met Jason. Even, became friends since they attended the sa
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Day 3: A Thief In My Dorm
"Hello, Mum!" Gracie smiles at her mother before awkwardly shifting herself inside the room. Weekends with her family have always been the worst. She wouldn't have realized how much liberal and freedom people need until she moved out. Her family environment, constant discipline and gatherings are too suffocating for her. Every weekend, when she comes to visit her family to attend dinner, she feels like throwing up under the tensed and compressed environment. Her so-called mother silently approves of her arrival as Gracie quietly sits at the dinner table, already counting seconds. This can't get any more boring than it already is! The usually bubbly girl, yawns secretly at the business talks that have been happening for two hours. And suddenly she realized her cousin Ellen wasn't here today. How luckier can Ellen be than this! "So, Gracie, how's your studies going?" The oldest uncle of hers spoke with a low grunt, clearly not interested to know the answer but asked out of formality.
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Day 3: Straight Out Of A Dream
"Come on, I will help you." Jason spoke softly. Gracie smiled in return as he easily slid his palm against her waist. "Now put your foot here." He instructs. The moment Gracie does what he says, she feels him forcing his hands upwards to pick her up and place against the seat, "Woah!" she exclaims. He laughs and sits as well. "Are you ready? Hold me tight!" He utters before handing a helmet to Gracie and fixing one on his head too. Safety comes first, darling! "Jason! It's no time to joke around." Gracie says, her cheeks turning salmon. "Oh no, Gracie! I ain't joking. Hold me tight because this is gonna be very fast." Gracie rolls her eyes but obliges as usual. "Ready, set, HERE WE GO!" Jason cheers with full force and accelerates his motorbike. The speed caused her entire body to be alert and jerk forward with a whimper. And in a matter of seconds, she felt her entire body flying in the air. At the silence, Jason accelerates the bike more which causes Gracie to hold onto him t
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Day 4: Good Morning, Princess.
The sun streaks to her cheeks as Gracie comfortably shifts to the warmth of a body. Her figure inches closer while her lips curved into a small smile. She felt Sun's warmth enveloping her, along with a heat from a foreign source distributing throughout her body. Lazily opening her eyes, she oddly felt very light and happy. Maybe she had a very good dream, she thought. When she was about to do her morning stretch she felt a weight restricting her movements. It took her several trials of thoughts to conclude she was in Jason's house and her head right on top of his bare chest with his muscular arms encircling her waist protectively. His room was more towards the contemporary style. White walls, turquoise blue curtains and solid white wooden furniture. Everything about him including his hair is white or aesthetically silver. The event of last night played within her head. Wait, did I lose my virginity already? She panicked in her head. Nah! A side of her exclaims calming her down for
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Day 4: Party Gone Wrong
"Okay. So all you have to do is scare whichever guy my Mum will make me meet. Simple!" Gracie stated as she snaked her arms around Niall's muscular ones. The boy simply gave her a glare, a judgemental one before clicking his tongue. "Your plan is straight up suicide for me, if my mom or Sira finds out." He barks. Gracie frown at his statement before pleading with her doe eyes. "Pretty, please?" She whines a little. "Seriously could you not have hired someone else for this? You literally get ten times more expenses than me every month!" He exclaimed rolling his eyes and then sarcastically turned to face her. "Did I have to be the one going to the man you are supposedly having a date with and be like, hey man keep it lowkey and don't scream but I'm having a secret relationship with your future wife so please leave us alone?""Yes! Such a great memory you have." Gracie rolled her eyes. "I swear this plan always works!" She promises although he didn't seem convinced."Why couldn't you
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Day 5: That Girl.
Sitting in the noisy cafeteria of her school, Gracie stares at the girl before her who seems to be eating alone silently. Niall sitting next to her, equally defeated, trying to stir a word from her mouth. It was the middle of the day and Gracie had just two more classes to attend, so the girl decided to spend her break talking to Sira. "She didn't come back to me last night!" Niall's displeasing whines. "Nor did she go back to her apartment." "Where did she go?" Gracie queries, worry portrayed on her face. "To my parent's house, obviously." He states. "Mom and her were ganging up on me. I swear to God, my own mom is siding with her-" Niall's speech was halted when Sira glared at him. The poor lad gulped before answering, choosing his words cautiously, "I mean as she should. Of course, what I did was unacceptable, therefore my mom should be with Sira." He finishes. Sira violently bites her sandwich, piercing Niall's soul with her bambi eyes. "Sira! Please, hear me out!" As Gracie
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Bonus Chapter: What Jason Drew?
Flashback'22 June, 2021 13:11 pm' Jason sighed, glancing at the digital wall clock as he waited for his mother on the dining table at his house. Los Angeles, the big city that everyone loves to talk about, is the second most crowded in California. Being born in the city of luxury and fame, indeed is an experience of a lifetime but every rose has its thorns. Being too exposed to certain things could create chaos in anyone's life including the private one. Jason's mother had raised him on her own since he was five. The woman had gone through betrayals and abuse at an age when all a girl needs is love and respect. Considering love, it was all fake. She realized it as soon as her arranged husband asked her to abort the child she was carrying. Why? He didn't want to take over such a responsibility, not when his career was at its peak. Her multiple denials and stubbornness made him react to things violently and often physically. The woman went through a lot but somehow saved her child an
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