Her memories not readable!

“Miss Evan, you should not speak this harshly with Mark. He knows better than you about his sister. You came to a very wrong conclusion that Mark does not spend time with Sarah,” Serena gave a reply to Lily instead of Mark.

“I did not talk to you, Miss,” Lily said sarcastically. Emma slightly laughed upon hearing Lily’s words. But they did not notice that. Lily stood up from the couch and then looked at Mark. “Your sister just told me something which she should not tell me as I am an outsider,” Lily pronounced.

Elizabeth intervened as she saw the atmosphere was heated up. “Mark, go to Sarah. You should not speak like that with your little sister,” Mark’s mother, Elizabeth told him and then turn to Lily. “Lily, could you tell us what Sarah told you?” Elizabeth asked her.

Lily glared at Serena who was also glaring at her. “That his brothers and sisters don’t spend time with her,&rd

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