Presence of another woman

“I am fine, Lily,” Mark said softly. Lily released his hands and then got up. “I must leave. I have troubled you a lot. Forgive me for that,” Lily asserted, lowering her eyes. A door knock interrupted the two when Mark stood up and told Lily to sit on the couch because he would drop her home. 

Mark went to the door and opened it. “Serena, you here? This early?” Mark asked with a surprising look and let her came in. Serena stepped inside and saw at a far end near the bed Lily. 

“What is she doing here?” Serena asked Mark. 

“We were talking about something,” Mark replied her and then looked at Lily who came towards them. She forwarded her hand towards Serena to shook hands with her but Serena ignored her and turned to Mark. 

“Mark, I do not like the presence of another woman in your room. Hope you will understand,” Serena stated. Lily felt somewhat bad upon hearing those words. She took back her hand. 

“Serena, you are taking us w

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