Welcome to Hell, Lily!

“Lily,” Mark whispered the name as he saw in front of him. But wait her eyes were closed and she was standing straight in front of him when he noticed the other thing- he was holding her hand. Immediately, he released her hand when she fell but Mark caught her. “Lily, Lily,” Mark called out her name as he patted on her soft cheeks, lightly. 

He sat on the grassy ground, holding Lily. He looked around and found the fog was clear. He was again in the same place. “Did I sleepwalk again? But what is Lily doing with me this time? How come I held her hand and took her here?” Mark wondered. 

Lifting his right hand, Mark joined the two fingers together and placed it at Lily’s forehead, the place between her brows. But he was failed to see the memories. Not one but entire memories of Lily were blocked, he could not see anything. “Why am I not able to see her memories?” Mark murmured. 

He looked around a

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