Shall I bite him?

“I am going. There is nothing in this hotel. That soul might have escaped the instant it had seen you near Lily Evan,” opined Michael. Mark nodded and thanked him for coming. Michael then vanished in thin air.

“A fallen angel?!” Mark murmured before living the Three Chimneys. He was now in the villa, in his room. His eyes fell on the wingback chair and he recalled how Lily was sitting there earlier. “Why am I thinking about that woman?” he wondered and went to the changing room, changed into his nightclotheses. 

Turning the lights off, he went to the bed and slid into the sheets.  There was dim yellow light glowing in his room. His eyes were fixed on the ceiling as he tried to take some sleep. Hours passed like that but sleep could not reach his eyes. He then took the lid of the bedside lamp in his hand and kept pressing it thus, turning it on and off. 

Unable to sleep, he sat at the bed and looked at the time.

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