A fallen Angel

“Come from heart?” Mark questioned with a raised brow. Lily nodded and put her hand down. “No one can teach you things like this. You have to feel on your own,” Lily stated. 

Mark averted his gaze from her and then put a thought over it. “By the way, can I ask something?” Lily questioned.

Mark turned his gaze again on her. “Yes, please,” voiced Mark. 

“How much will it cost to make a house in a place like this by someone?” Lily asked him. 

“Umm… Ms. Evan, The Woods is a restricted region. The region is only for some of the Royal families of Scotland. Foreign intrusion is not acceptable so, I am afraid that someone cannot purchase any land here.” Mark explained to her which did not please Lily. 

“Why only some of the people have access to this area? Isn’t this discrimination?” Lily muttered and huffed. 

Mark faintly smiled

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