Mafia Boss of my Heart

Mafia Boss of my Heart

By:  A Ma Raa  Ongoing
Language: English
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“I warn you Cécile, I'm not the type of man you should fall for,trust me, my world is not for the innocent” ️ ️ ️WARNING ️ ️ This love story will consume you….. Cécile life's turned upside down when she is diagnosed with a deadly illness. But that's only the beginning; as she navigates her new reality through her visit to her birthplace to create memories. her peaceful getaway is disrupted by the arrival of Luca, a powerful and feared mafia Boss. Little did Cécile know that their intense encounter would mark the beginning of an extraordinary love story. As their relationship deepens, they both are faced with difficult choices to make with Cécile's life hanging in the balance. Deadly forces are closing in,and Cécile's fate is put to a test. Will the single truth they discover change everything or Will their love be strong enough to overcome and survive the deadly forces trying to tear them apart ? will they become casualties of the dangerous game they are trapped in?

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8 Chapters
Prologue My name is Cécile Garnier, and I've just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I just turned 25 two months ago and my life is supposed to be just beginning. Doctor Martins had said the cancer is advanced and it's likely that I will have a few months.his words the day he broke that sad news to me still echo in my mind like a death sentence. I remember the day at his office like it was yesterday. The look on his face, usually calm and welcoming, was lined with concern as he delivered the diagnosis and His gentle tone couldn't mask the gravity of the news. My mind raced with questions, but my voice was frozen with the sound of my heartbeat echoing in my ears. As Silence enveloped the room, the ticking of the clock became deafening. I never realized my body was trying to tell me something throughout those times I felt very tired and exhausted. But I kept brushing it off as stress from work. If only I had listened, I would have asked for help sooner Because I have a lot
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Cheek to Cheek
Luca crovetto. I Stood outside the door of the imperial suite with three of my men, my fist still clenched from the force of my knock, the manager's nervous whisper still lingered in my ear “she said she's not interested, please forgive her” He knew better, he had to plead on her behalf But I wasn't there to make a scene , I was here to get what I want. And what I wanted was that suite. Just a little escape from “ a human tragedy” the daughter of a rival mafia family “ the Barralis” Our families had a long standing agreement. I was betrothed to her from birth, it was an arrangement that would strengthen our alliance and secure our families power ending the Turf war between the both families. if I refuse to carry on with the marriage, I definitely facing the wrath of my family and the Barralis. my father would be furious and I might be cut-off from the family business or even be exiled. Her Father Don Amario Barralis, is one of the few men that I fear. He treated me li
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Blink of an eye
Cécile Garnier What the hell just happened! Did I just stir up trouble with a high-Roller. This doesn't look Good! “Should I apologize or should I leave” I thought to myself, fear began to creep in on me No” I said, shrugging it off. “these rich mother fuckers, He started it first, just because he had the power he just wanted to show it off on me “ but again my cell phone rang this time, it was Chloe. grateful for that distraction.I smiled picking the phone up and placing it on my ear “ Hey Chloe,” I answered, trying to sound casual. “Cécile, are you alright?, you sound upset, ? chloe asked “I just had a run in with a rich dude, says his name is Luca Crovetto” I said trying to mimic the lucas voice. “ said he is Lord of Crovetto Empire and I may have challenged him, I mean, who the hell comes out to publicly declare themselves as a lord just to walk over some people” I huffed “NO WAY!” Chloe let out a deafening scream that made me quickly pull the phone far from
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Night to remember
Luca Crovetto Otto And I were just leaving the district, feeling quite satisfied with my evening entertainment, when I spotted her, the same lady from earlier today. I remember that face vividly. It kind of amused me seeing her in the streets. What was she doing In this neighborhood of all places? Maybe she was there for the same reason as me, to have a good time. I nudged otto who was about to get the car door for me and i nodded discreetly towards the lady “looks like we have a familiar face here otto, the lady from the hotel, what do you think?” Otto observed her “ I'm seeing her here for the first time,is she lost?” “Lost?” I scoffed, placing my hands on each side of my pocket. “In this neighborhood? Unlikely” “Then it's likely madame Sophie sent her” Otto's suggestion made a whole lot of sense. But it cackled me up “Then this lady either has a lot of balls or she's very foolish. I responded. I had expected Sophie to dig up information on where I am, who I a
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Morning harsh light
Chapter five Cécile Garnier I slowly opened my eyes, sluggishly taking in my surroundings. I was in my hotel suite lying on the bed “What happened?” I muttered, my dry mouth trying to form words as I tried to sit up, a sharp pain shot through my head and I winced in pain. My muscles were aching. I looked around my suite,My clouded mind struggled to recall what happened the previous night especially how I got to my room. Suddenly the events came flooding back, the robbery, the men who tried to molest me and then Luca! I remember him saving me from those men, dragging me to his car and bringing me back to the hotel. “ Did he bring me up to this place?” I asked under my breath, rubbing my temple. I tossed off the blanket and got out of bed, stumbling towards the dresser. My legs felt like jelly. I caught a glimpse of myself in the dressing mirror. And I recoiled in horror! My eyes looked sunken, my skin pale and I was still putting on my dress and sandals from yesterday.
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Pretty Little Ideas
Chapter SixLuca Crovetto “ I'm back to the ville as instructed,Father”I said firmly pacing the courtyard of my ville with my phone pressed to my ear.“ Bene” he wheezed, his voice still carrying its depth “Resta li, await further instructions”. “Father I have problem, I need to speak to you about the deal” I quickened my pace , frustration building inside of me.“What about it” he asked his breathing was laboured and faint “The consortium is insisting on seeing the United front of our families before they agree and seal the deal!”“And How is that a problem,son” he sounded reluctant and it made me scratch my head feeling the familiar frustration build up in side of me.“ Father, you know i can’t stand sophie, I know her, she's not exactly the most cooperative person” I explained Trying to keep my voice even.There was silence at the other end of the line which made me wonder if he was paying attention.I was getting restless, then he finally speaks again.“ Luca, we need Th
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The Deal
Chapter Seven Cécile Garnier “I'm begging you!” I pleaded with the staff at the reception, my voice brittled in desperation while my two hands clasped together as I wrung them in a frantic plea. “I just need to find Luca crovetto, My ID and my bank cards are still missing” The receptionist, a lady dressed in a tailored navy blue uniform with a tight bun leaned in closely, her eyes seemed to hesitate, as if it was weighing the cost of helping me. She bridged her fingers together and her voice firm but gentle. “We still can't disclose any information about our guest mademoiselle, please try to understand” she repeated, She had been a little bit sympathetic at the beginning after I stormed into the reception asking about lucas whereabouts. The receptionist's gaze flicked to her colleague, a younger man who rocked back and forth with a little bit of impatience. his eyes rolled subtly before he looked away. I sensed a silent warning passing between them to maintain their neu
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Game Starts.
Chapter 8 Luca crovetto “Fine, I’ll do it!” She looked up at me, her eyes sunken in helplessness. She looked like she had just rolled out of bed. Her hair was a tangled mess, her eyes had dark circles underneath, her lips dry and cracked. At least she had managed to change her clothes. But the black hoodie and ripped jeans she wore looked like they had been thrown on hastily. I was thrilled that she accepted the proposal. Of course she had no choice,if she had somewhere else to turn to, she wouldn’t be here asking for my help. look at her, so vulnerable. Desperation was written all over her. I was enjoying every bit of the moment. The Satisfaction was evident in my gleaming eyes . “Excellent choice” I said, my voice low and neutral. As I started to walk back to my seat, I had been standing , towering over her. her eyes followed every of my movement. “When Is this ——meeting—- happening ” she queried, her voice cracking slightly. Which made me pause. I shrugged ,
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