Mated to the Alpha Twins

Mated to the Alpha Twins

By:  Lekha  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ivy felt the air grow cold as Alexander approached her, his every step echoing with the weight of a looming decision. Retreating with each of his advances, Ivy could sense the dual nature battling within him – man and wolf. When he delicately touched her waist, drawing her closer, her skin prickled with a mix of fear and desire. "You can't deny our bond," he whispered, his voice a gentle caress against her neck, "you feel it too." Tears welled in her eyes as she admitted, "But it's Jake, your brother, I thought I loved." Alexander's eyes darkened with a mix of anger and sadness. "Ivy, Jake isn't who you think he is." Set against the backdrop of a world where supernatural forces are both a gift and a curse, Ivy a normal modern girl who is reborn into a supernatural world as a princess Amelia finds herself caught between the affections of twin brothers Alexander and Jake. While Alexander's passionate nature contrasts sharply with Jake's smooth charm, Ivy soon discovers a dark secret. A Dark Secret- 1000 years ago, She was killed by a two step-brothers who loved her deeply...

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35 Chapters
A Curse of a Witch.
1000 YEARS AGO. "What more do I want? You are everything I could ever ask for." Kylan whispered in Kora's ears, which made them both smile. Even though there were extra chairs in the room, Kora still decided to sit on Kylan’s lap, intentionally making slow movements like a lap dance to turn him on. She rubbed her ass on his prominent bulge, making him groan."You are such a bad girl; I just know what you want," Kylan said with a chilling smirk across his face. “Do you?” she asked with a slight smirk, getting the reaction she wanted from him. “I do,” he said as his hands made their way toward her shirt. "Don't blame me; you want the same thing too, don't you?" Kora said, feeling his hands inside her shirt. She turned around, wrapping her legs around his waist and pressing herself more into him. Not being able to take it, he got up from his chair and placed her on the table. Loosening the knots of her dress, he peppered kisses on her shoulder blades, neck, and face. “They are qui
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Werewolf are Fiction.
PRESENT. Ivy breathed a sigh of relief as she finally reached the last period of her class lectures. "Have a nice day, everyone," she said, waving to her students as they left one by one.To many, she was a crush, and to some, a role model. Ivy was a dedicated teacher at Primes Time College who took her job to the next level. She was willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure that her students understood every detail of what she was teaching.As previously mentioned, many of the schoolboys and even some teachers had a crush on her. Despite knowing that she was much older than them, the boys often used the cliché "age is just a number."She had short, blonde hair that she often styled in an attractive, slightly messy bun. Her skin was smooth, her eyes resembled those of a cat, and her lips were irresistible. She was the epitome of every guy's dream, and the girls saw her as a role model. Shortly after she was employed at the school, many girls began imitating her dress style and even
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The Other World.
In the living room, Amelia's grandfather, mother, and father were seated, their faces stern. Amelia stood before them, her head downcast, tears slowly falling onto her feet. Was it really so wrong to resist him? She was acutely aware that her greatest critics were her family members, especially her grandfather. Poor Amelia."You foolish child! Haven't you grown tired of being a failure?" Mrs. Dave spat, her voice tinged with rage."Look at this family," Grandfather admonished, pointing at Amelia. "I led this pack as if it were my only possession and handed it over to your father. He and his wife have run it with their very essence, sacrificing everything for the pack's happiness. No one shirked their duty or was useless. Why must you be the exact opposite?"Mr. Dave simply shook his head, at a loss for words, his eyes filled with disappointment and contempt as he stared at his daughter.Insults continued to rain down on Amelia. Was this how life was meant to be? When even her family d
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You will be mine.
"Hello, hello." The voice of an unfamiliar presence echoed in her mind, jolting her back to the present.Slowly, she opened her eyes, confronting the sight of two peculiar men standing before her. Her body ached, a reminder of the mishap she had suffered earlier."Hello miss," one of the strangers attempted to engage her. "How are you feeling?"Fully alert now, Ivy stammered, "Where am I? What's going on?""We saw you nearly drown and rescued you," the other man explained."Drown? Are you serious? I was hit by a vehicle! Where even am I?" Ivy exclaimed, taking in the unfamiliar forested landscape, centered by a river, devoid of any vehicles.Seeing her confusion, the two men exchanged uneasy glances. "Come, let's bring you to the palace where you belong," one offered."Palace?" She parroted, her voice altered. "What happened to my voice? What did you do?"Their expressions displayed as much confusion as hers. They couldn't comprehend the strange manner of their princess.Ivy's shock e
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5. I’m Ivy. Not Amelia.
After a long period of blackout, Ivy slowly opened her eyes again. Now she was no longer by the riverside, she was lying on a soft bed in a lavish room, the walls adorned with intricate designs and gold accents. “What is this place?” she asked herself as she raised her body off the bed and tried to seat up. Still feeling disoriented and confused, she looked around the room and then noticed a woman sitting by her side, her face a mixture of anger and concern. A voice from within her called "Mother""Mother?" Ivy thought to herself. “What the fuck!”“What the hell is wrong with you this little pretender?” Mrs Dave yelled. “Who are you? Why did you bring me here? How did I get here?” Ivy couldn't help but think if she was now a magician. From the accident to the hospital to the riverside and now a lavish room. “No...No..No... What is all this?” “What is your problem? Why are you shouting?” Mrs Dave said.“Are you mad? Who the fuck are you?” Ivy said, increasing the tone of her voice.
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6. You know my Name?
Ivy felt a heavy lump of vomit in her throat as she watched herself in the mirror."No! No!! No!!!" She said as she began to move backwards, one leg after the other."What did you do to me?" she cried out as she held the long black hair attached to her head. At this point, Mr and Mrs Dave did not know whether Amelia was faking this whole thing or if it was real. But how would it be real? She had just fallen into the river on purpose so it definitely was part of her plan to avoid the marriage as they won't let her be until she gets married to the Diamond pack's Alpha Azrael.Ivy immediately took advantage of their confused state and ran as fast as she could towards the door. She stepped on the broken glass which where scattered all around her room. "Ouch, ouch, ouch, MY LEG!" That did not stop her from running, she tried her best to outrun and outsmart each and every one of them."Get her!" Mr Dave shouted in a loud angry voice as they ran towards her. Ivy kept running with all the stre
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7. A Weird World.
"Amelia, what the heck is wrong with you." Mrs Dave said as she angrily came down the stairs to meet Ivy and the men who had bundled her like a set of wood."Isn't it enough, put me down."The guards look at Mr Dave who was standing at the last step of the stairs, and he nodded in affirmation. They then set Ivy down on her feet and stepped back, keeping a watchful eye on her. Mrs Dave walked up to Ivy and looked her up and down, clearly displeased."Why all this drama? Are you not tired? You know that whatever you do doesn't really make any difference. You are getting married and that's it." Mrs Dave seemed to have added volume to her voice."Who the hell do you think you are to raise your voice at me?..."In the middle of Ivy's outburst, Mrs Dave interrupted her with a massive slap on her pale face. Ivy stumbled back from the force of the slap, her hand flying to her cheek as she gasped in shock. She looked up at Mrs Dave, her eyes wide with disbelief. In the history of Ivy's life, h
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Ivy's heart sank further at the thought of being completely cut off from the outside world. How was she supposed to figure out what was going on if she couldn't even check the date or time? She felt a growing sense of panic rising within her." How about the year, what year is this?" Ivy asked.The maid scratched her head profusely, they never really cared about the year or date and of course, it was none of their business. All they knew was to serve the royal family for as long as they live. But thinking of this, Miss Amelia had never asked her these kinds of questions before so what prompted all this? The maid wanderedAs the maid stood there thinking, Ivy's heart sank a little. Was she really that out of touch with the world that she didn't even know what year it was."I'm sorry, Miss Amelia, I don't really keep track of the year," the maid finally replied apologetically. "Is there anything else I can help you with, Miss Amelia?" the maid asked kindly, sensing Ivy's unease.Ivy hes
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As Ivy just laid down there the tension in her muscles began to melt away, and she closed her eyes, letting out a contented sigh. For a few minutes, she simply lay there, letting the warm water wash over her. But as she opened her eyes and looked around the bathroom, she couldn't help but feel a sense of curiosity.What else was there in this palace? What other secrets and wonders lay hidden within its walls? Ivy knew that she had to find out. The cool cream soothed her skin, and Ivy let her eyes close as the maid softly hummed a tune while she worked.For a while, Ivy simply let herself relax, feeling the warm water and the comforting presence of the maid wash over her. But as the minutes ticked by, her mind began to wander back to the problem she had been struggling with earlier.The sense of defeat she had felt earlier began to creep back in, and Ivy felt a wave of frustration wash over her. She leaned her head back against the tub, feeling a lump form in her throat.The maid pause
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*Kinsmen Pack*Mariam stepped out of the bathroom with very exposing lingerie. She looked really attractive that even Alpha Alexander couldn't hide his reaction."At your service, my Alpha, do to me whatever you want." She said as she approached the bed where Alpha Alexander was sitting.Alpha Alexander was not too much of a talking type, but he was sure a man of action. His v-shaped face was as bright as ever, we could tell that he was amazed by what he had seen and was ready to finish work on Mariam that night. His cobalt blue eyes became even brighter and more glued to the view when Mariam began to take her dress off. He didn't just want to pounce on her yet, he just wanted her to display what she had and then he would take over from there.Mariam drew even closer to Alpha Alexander, his muscular body hitting her on every side as she tried to seduce him. She played her way through his chest and marked out all the bisect and trisect on them. He was so built and had a very nice and a
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