The mystified werewolf

The mystified werewolf

By:  Benesty wright  Completed
Language: English
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Adriana realizes the Alpha king she was sold to was her mate when he bedded her on a full moon.  However, any single shred of hope she had, was shattered when she was abandoned after that one night of passion. The Alpha king's other mistresses mocked her for thinking she could be favored more, and this left Adriana so heartbroken that she plotted to escape the Marshall mansion forever with the baby growing in her stomach. Will she succeed in her escape or will the Alpha king go in search of his mate??

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Blessing Idakpo
I love the progressive of the story. more chapters please
2023-11-13 18:13:09
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Gambo Idris Onuku
I love the start of the story. It's hooked me on
2023-11-13 16:59:53
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kris Kris
Very interesting! I wish we can have all chapters updated at a goal.
2023-11-11 02:37:42
default avatar
More chapters please, I am enjoying the flow
2023-11-10 15:02:12
default avatar
wow, this is such a great read, please the chapters coming. I really feel for Adriana.
2023-11-10 05:20:22
127 Chapters
Chapter 1
Adriana Pov"Isn't that the new slave bought by the Alpha's main steward, Maxon?"My heart pace steadied as I was brought to a halt in front of a mansion I'd only heard of in stories. "Her face is all smeared up in dirt and clay so I can't tell if she's pretty or not,"The voices from within the mansion became all too clear. It was obvious I was being perceived by the nearby werewolves even though I couldn't see them."At least she has a nice-looking body."I felt a kick to my hip nudging me forward but I quickly gathered myself."Focus," The Steward hissed. His name I now knew to be Maxon.I was taken by the hand and led into the mansion. I merely turned around to the rocky carriage that had brought us here as the shadow of the gigantic huge door covered my face before closing."Don't touch anything here,"My eyes slightly squinted to the brightness of the illuminated room as I adjusted to the lavishly lit-up room and the treasures it beheld. Items I could only look at but never tou
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Chapter 2
I could hear and feel the indignation coming from the girls. But I could especially feel the wrath of Rebekah."But Alpha what about me?!" She growled angrily and marched towards me to attack but the nearby officer restricted her."Calm yourself woman!"Another officer rushed towards me as the Alpha walked out the door."Come with me," he instructed and I nodded glumly, feeling as though I were in a dream.As we walked out the door and strolled down the hallway, my heart thumped in my chest and I wondered if the Alpha could hear it.It took only a few minutes until we reached the Alpha's chamber. By then, the officer stayed out while I followed the Alpha to his inner court.While the Alpha started taking off his clothes, I was worried as to what to do."Why are you just standing there?" I looked up from my trembling hands and to the Alpha's stern face."W-well," I bowed my head shyly, refusing to look at his well chiesled chest which shone so brightly at me.I was indeed a virgin, li
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Chapter 3
Three weeks later***"You idiot! You think you can compete against me?" Rebekah screamed as she pushed me causing me to stumble back but I made sure not to break my disposition in front of her."Rose has been the one spending the night with the Alpha for days now! All I did was sleep with him once, so why were you still picking on me? Why?!" I blurted, getting frustrated at Rebekah's deliberate meanness to me when I didn't deserve it."That's the thing! Even though now he's sleeping with Rose, he walks in front of your room every night and has officers stationed near your room."I froze at the realization, "What?" I asked quietly. "He has officers stationed near my room?""Isn't that weird? You're the only one he stationed officers for outside your room. Why would he do that unless he has some sort of attachment to you, Why?!" Rebekah screamed. "So you can pretend to not know he has feelings for you but I'm not dumb! Even though he chooses Rose these nights, he still has some sort of
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Chapter 4
I slided on neat underwear and then wore the dirty one I'd prepare afterwards. As I finished up with a coat, I deliberately made myself look pale with powder then I grabbed the only thing I had of value in my room. A piece of ruby chain. I was told the Alpha had someone put it there as a token of appreciation for our night together.To me, it was worth nothing compared to what I'd given so I did not mind giving it away as bribe.I boldly walked down the hallway of dozing guards but as I reached the pathway leading outside, I encountered a guard, poised and diligent to his work."What are you doing here?" He asked sternly, "You're supposed to prepare to bathe, as with the other girls."I immediately went down to my knees, as planned."Sir, please have mercy on me! I smell, and the other girls won't stop making fun of me. I've heard of healer Vanessa just outside of the mansion. If I can just meet with her, my problem would be solved!"The officer gave me a odd look but when the smell h
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Chapter 5
Adriana's povAfter showing the gate officer the token, he nodded and gestured for me to pass.I immediately started walking away and put a measurable gap between I and the officers but It didn't take long until I heard a officer from another team go to the gate officer and say."I saw Miss Rose enter the mansion a while ago, so who is that in her hoodie?"I slowly turned back to look at the gate officer and at the same time, the wind blew violently, moving the hoodie cap from my hair causing it to fall down my back.My eyes widened at the officers at the gate and they stared at me, in shock that they'd let a fake go."Hey you!""Come back!"They immediately shifted into their wolves and started to chase after me. But due to my pregnancy, I couldn't shift least I hurt the little one inside of me so I just ran as far as my feet could take me.From paths to paths, I ran until my legs were begining to become stiff and my body muscles were begining to ache.But as I saw a group of horse r
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chapter 6
Adriana Pov"So… Do you mind telling me why so many officers were after you?" Lane asked and I swallowed nervously. I couldn't possibly tell him about Tristan."Well.. I—""—Nevermind!" Lane interrupted and flung open the curtains. In our view was a well structured building which looked like an inn. It was beautiful. I began to notice that the further we went, the more engulfed we were by the freshness of the town. Men and women went about doing their activities by the roadside."Freshly baked bread!""Buy your beautiful jewelries here!""This is the heart of the seven packs. New Moove town."I was in awe by how homely New moove felt. I could already tell that I would like it here.We were greeted by two men wearing a golden badge."Alpha Lane Lockwood,"Lane gestured to the man riding the carriage to stop, so did his men around us."Our Alpha asked us to give you a warm welcome to New Moove,""Is that so?" He said proudly."Yes sir. As soon as we were informed of your arrival we boo
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chapter 7
"Category A begins now!""You sure you can do this?" Lane said with concern as he flapped his hand fan to the side. I was holding a spear, standing in front of a fatty who seemed to appear tougher and definitely more experienced than me. "Begin!" The red flag was waved and I lifted my spear and flipped it around in preparation.Back when I was living with my aunt and her husband, I would mop the floors until the skin on my hands started peeling. What got me by was separating the stick from the mop and swinging it around. Then I would stay in a very pacing position while playing the stick forth and back.Back to the moment, I saw that the fatty was mesmerized by how I'd swung the stick so leisurely. He on the other hand was holding a small knife.But still, the light in his eyes was unquenched. I knew I should not take him lightly.The fatty ran towards me and that was when I grabbed onto the top of my spear so it lifted me up a little higher from the floor. The moment the fatty reac
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chapter 8
Adriana pov"Ladies and gentlemen, the second round is about to begin," Carmen announced as the competitors gathered around, Alpha Abel's hopefully gaze was still focused on me, "So what do you say? Are you going to join my team for the second round?" Alpha Abel asked as his amused gaze focused on me"Are we meant to be in teams?" I asked as I moved my gaze to Carmen, who also had an amused expression on his face"Listen to the announcements first, and Abel, don't pester the girl," Carmen said as Abel grumbled some incoherent words, I managed to hear some of what he said and it went like this 'mind your business' then the rest was gibberish."Go on and make the announcements, and stop annoying me," Abel said to Carmen, his annoyance evident in his tone "Fine, fine. Quit being so grumpy," Carmen retorted before making his way to the stage to outline the rules for the second category."Such an annoying brat," Abel muttered quietly as our focus shifted to Carmen, who was about to start
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chapter 9
Dereka povI watched as Alpha Abel walked over to the microphone, and my heart raced in my chest with nervous anticipation. He began to recite the words of the poem I had written down, this poem was personal, it was about my life and how I was thrown away by Tristan, my mate, the man who was supposed to love and cherish me. Well, it doesn't matter now, I don't need him, I can fend for myself and the baby growing inside me.As I listened to the words from Alpha Abel's lips, for a moment, the world seemed to fade away, leaving only the sound of his voice echoing my words."In love's peaceful embrace, I stayed, under the sun, in tales we'd tell, Yet fate, a cruel and fickle friend, With reckless hands, I did rend and rend.Tossed aside, I stood, betrayed, By love's cruel game, a pawn dismayed. The one I cherished, once so near, now lost to me, a soul plain.Like leaves in autumn's swirling breeze, I found myself alone with ease, cast off, discarded, left to mourn, the love I held, now fi
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chapter 10
AdrianaAs the final contestant finished saying their poem, Alpha Carmen left us and walked up to the stage to address the remaining contestants that participated in the second category."Hello, everyone," Alpha Carmen began, his voice commanding attention. "I'm pleased to see you've all made it this far. But, rules are rules, and only five teams will proceed to the last and final round.""He should just rip off the band-aid instead of stringing them along," remarked Alpha Abel, observing Carmen's announcements."The first team exiting or I rather say being disqualified from the competition is the Blood claw team due to their disruption during the challenge," Carmen declared, the room buzzing with murmurs filled the air."That's not fair. Why should I be punished for that idiot's mistake? " That man from before teammate said as he glared at Alpha Carmen,"Question: Did you try to stop him when he was disrespecting Alpha Abel and his fellow contestant Adriana?" Alpha Carmen questioned,
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