Chapter 46

My throat constricted at the possibility that I was called in to get tortured emotionally. My breath was shallow and fast. I knew that he didn’t want me to be his son’s wife or consort or even lover. Perhaps he would make me see that I was indeed not born for his son and would do anything to make me realize that now—that Rugien and I weren’t meant to be together in this lifetime.

But I still held on. I had no choice. I was an elite warrior, and this was the path that I chose even though it was originally for finding evidence that the King killed my mother and avenge her.

A moment passed by. The master of ceremony, surprisingly, was one of the healers I saw in the lab. He stepped forward, where I stood earlier. His face was emotionless as he spoke.

“Good evening, fellow Aryan beings. You are here today to witness the selection of the Grand Crown Princess to be wedded to the Grand Crown Prince Rugien, the one and only son of King Behkzur.” He paused. Everyone was qu

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