Chapter 47

There were four female healers present in the room. Ulf was also there; however, it seemed that he was merely there to oversee the process. He was surprised though at first to see me but Domicos explained it to him. He nodded then and looked away.

It was my turn to be examined. I went inside a cubicle that was almost as large as my room in the quarters. I created a barrier around myself so that the negative energy from the Aryan healer won’t contaminate me. She was taken aback for a moment for what I did. I just gave her a dry smile and didn’t explain myself. She took off my uniform using her powers and I was bared to her.

Ponpon groaned when he landed on the floor face down but was ignored.

The healer, named Caayyas, used some gadget that I’d never seen before. I probed into her mind as she was almost too close to me while the disc-like gadget scanned my naked body. I wanted to know what the King planned against me. But I almost gasped but I held it in.


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