All Chapters of The triplet alpha's rejected mate : Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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Anna pov“Please help me!” I cried, sobbing profusely as I walked into the hospital strolling behind the stroller that carried my father. “Where’s the doctor?” One of the four men by either sides of my father questioned the first nurse that had rushed up to them. “Most of the doctors are already in the surgical room. I’m afraid we do not have any available doctors”While the nurse and the men contemplated on how to save my father’s life, I couldn’t help but shiver in fear and imagine the worst to come. “This is all my fault” I mutter over and over again as tears rolled down my cheeks, convincing myself that my father was dying because of me. And why should I not? My mother had died during childbirth while bringing me into this world. I was too big that I’d occupied a lot of space in her womb. When I, Anna Marion; a sleezy, worthless omega was born, my mother breathed her last. Father had always hated me ever since then.And to be honest, I couldn’t blame him either. I equally ha
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Cadel pov “Good work, everyone” I said with a smile greeting the nurses around me as we stepped out of the operating room; Another successful operation. I thought with smile spread across my face. “Doctor, this is bad” One of the nurses says rushing up to me. The way her voice shaked, the evident trembling in her vocal cords made me know that this wasn’t a little issue at hand. “What is it?”“A patient was brought in earlier and now…”“And now?”“He just passed away. His daughter can’t stop crying”“What do you mean, he passed away?” I’d questioned, wide-eyed. “Didn’t any of the doctors attend to him?”The nurse shook her head. “All the doctors were performing a surgery”“Take me to the patient”. The nurse nodded her head as she rushed up to the reception, whilst I followed suite behind her. As we neared the reception, my senses heightened as my nose began to tingle. ‘What is this?’ I thought as the most enticing, sweet scent I could ever perceive began to fill my nose. I craved
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Cameron pov “MATE!” Killian, my wolf screamed. “What do you mean Killian?” I questioned.“MATE! She’s our mate!” Killian repeated. The conviction made me echo my thoughts. “She’s my mate”“No, she’s my mate!” Carson counter attacked. While I so desperately wanted to get in a fight with Carson if he was pulling my legs; I noticed Cadel stood in his tracks as silent as ever. “She’s your mate too, isn’t she?” I state as a matter of fact rather than a question. From the way he didn’t respond, my thoughts were confirmed. How was my brother’s mate mine? What was the moon goddess planning?. It wasn’t something unusual nor was it something unheard of. As triplets, it was only normal we shared the same destiny but this, this was unacceptable.I pulled Cadel and Carson to the side. “What should we do?”“I’m not giving her up” Cadel replied strongly. It wasn’t as though he was selfish, his reason was completely understandable. While Carson and I were given mates; although we’d rejected the
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Cut off
Cadel povI breathed out as soon as I got to the hospital. The one place where I got to work and not overthink, the right place I needed to just now. To my greatest surprise, I caught my mind wandering around. My thoughts were ceaselessly going back to what just happened at the pack, a new feeling of anger overwhelmed me again."What is wrong with Carson?!" I slammed a desk beside me, attracting the attention of some nurses around.They looked at me and wondered if I was crazy. At this point I didn't care about them, I just left them confused.I sat on the bench outside and it reminded me of Anne. How we sat on this very bench, how I met her, the feeling I got when I realized she was my mate. That was the best feeling ever. And now Carson wants to take that away from me. I balled my fist as anger struck me once more."I'll fight for her," I mumbled.I grabbed my lab coat and rushed back to the pack. Aside from being very unproductive at the hospital, there were no patients in need of
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Carson’s grief
CARSON’S POVIf I wasn’t angry before, I was fuming mad right now. Cadel just has a way of fucking with my mind. Ever since we were children, I have been very jealous of him, as he seemed like the best one out of us three. Cameron did not seem to bother about it since he was the most reasonable among us. I know that I can be too much to handle most times because of my arrogance, but I can’t help it. Especially towards Cadel. I want to do everything I can to spite him. To make his perfect façade drop. I wanted to see him vulnerable. Maybe I’d get over my obsession of trying to beat him at everything. It started when we were still young, I had walked in on my parents talking about him and praising him in front of other alphas. I have never forgotten the smile and look of pride they had on their faces. I was the first child out of the trip, and I thought then that I deserved more praises than him. I know its childish, but I still have not gotten over it yet. I’ve been told that I was
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About her
CADEL’S POVI walked into my room this morning after having a rough night. I didn't sleep a wink as I occupied myself with work. Sorting out documents that were not even necessary. My wolf was restless too which made me even more stressed. I hated it when I had issues with my brother. I know it was inevitable since he seemed to have it all out for me, but I tried to avoid situations if I could.I stripped out of the clothes I had on the other day and I caught a whiff of the scent of my mate which made me smile. At least, there was already something good in my life. Quickly taking my bath, I dressed up and walked out of my room, towards Anna's.It took everything in me not to go into her room and have her sleep in my arms. I knocked twice, before opening the door then looked around the room and saw her walking out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body. I didn't hide fact that I was staring at her though. She looked like everything I had ever imagined and more. Trying
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Up against
ANNE’S POVIf I was not worried before, I was now. Immediately Cadel walked out or more of stormed out of my room, I knew there was going to be a great problem.I paced in front of my bed, fidgeting and clueless about what to do. I woke up this morning feeling good and nice until I smelled the scent of Carson. I thought it was a dream. A beautiful dream at that. He was smiling widely at me in the dream, something I had never seen him do. He had this look of content on his face, and in the dream I was with three of my mates.When I woke and felt him surrounding me, I felt content. I didn't want to get out of bed. I still don't know how to deal with the fact that I have three mates. Now two mates since Cameron rejected me already. I still felt the pain from the broken bond and an emptiness somewhere. It doesn't make sense to me. I feel attracted to the trio, but only Cadel cared for me. He made me feel wanted. After the situation I had with my dad for years, I felt like I was not en
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ANNE’S POVWalking around the mansion aimlessly, the thoughts of what happened in Carson's office ate up my mind. I still couldn’t get over the fact that something sexual almost went down between us.And the sick part of all this was that, if it had gone further then I would not have stopped it. After walking around the whole house, I went into the kitchen last. Since I got here, I've not stepped my feet into the kitchen. Funny though, because I loved cooking. As I walked in, I stopped at the entrance in awe. I was surprised at how big the kitchen actually was. There were maids running around trying to get things in order. And it seemed like there was feast going on since everywhere was bustling."Luna." Someone said suddenly. I whipped my head to face the person. It was like that person called the attention of everyone and they all stopped what they were doing to bow to me. If this was not a new and strange feeling, tell me what was, I thought to myself. I liked it though. I felt
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CAMERON’S POVA soon as I walked out of the house, I felt like I could actually breath again. I has no idea of what was wrong with me. Things weren't meant to play out like this between Anne and I. The tightness I was feeling in my chest wasn't supposed to be there. The jealousy I was feeling wasn't legitimate. I had no right to. I was the one that rejected her not the other way around. Then why was I feeling like this?The main reason I rejected her was to stay away from the drama and to avoid unnecessary confusion.‘The confused one has to be you right now.’ My wolf said. It felt like he was mocking me.Thinking about how I met her, I really found her attractive and I wanted her. Until eventually got to know that she was to be the mated of the three of us. I found it so hot. Imagining my brothers and I having her at the same time was such a turn on. That was another reason I rejected her. I didn’t know how my brothers would feel about it. The happiness on Cadel's face the day he
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Cadel's connection
ANNE’S POVIt has been two days since the encounter I had with Cam and I could confidently say that the bastard was avoiding me. I'd been speculating about it before but now I was fully sure. I know I was the one that jumped him because he looked so yum and irresistible but at least. He hasn't looked at me since it happened. Cadel didn't come around like he used too and I didn't even see Carson at all. I felt like I was going crazy and my mates were the reasons for it. The moment I had with him in the kitchen, I didn't regret it at all. I even wanted more. But I couldn't forget the look he had on his face when he left. He looked like he had done the most horrible thing in the world. That alone made me feel like shit. I started to think back to what I had gone through before. Feeling unwanted and alone. The fear that same thing was going to happen to me again took over my sanity. I stood up from the bed and started pacing around the room.‘Let's go talk to them.’ My wolf said. ‘Wh
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