Contracted To The Mafia (The Mafia's Dark Desire Series)

Contracted To The Mafia (The Mafia's Dark Desire Series)

By:  Crystal L  Completed
Language: English
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“Our marriage is nothing but a signature on a contract” he said glaring at her. “Don’t flatter yourself too much, Romanov. I don’t want this marriage either, however, if it would benefit my family; then I would sign the bloody paper” she said glaring back at him. ******************** He was a ruthless Russian Pakhan, and she was an English Don’s daughter, and their marriage was the ONLY way to ensure peace between the two rivaling families.

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81 Chapters
Chapter 1
Eliana:I kept my eyes on the paper that I just signed.My wedding contract.“Congratulations to our new groom and bride” My father announced proudly. Of course he would be, the man was forcing me into a marriage for a stupid peace between him and this family. The two families couldn’t just simply stop their fights, no, they had to wed me and their don, their eldest son, Vladimir Romanov.The man’s brown eyes avoided mine as they remained fixed on his own parents. His father may have been alive, but the man had resigned his position a few years ago to his son.Vladimir took my hand in his as the music started and I had to fight back glaring at him, knowing that everyone was now watching us. We both walked to the dance floor as to have our first dance, the glare my father gave me for not smiling told me that he would be making sure that I regretted making any wrong move. He had promised me to pay for the consequence with my l
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Chapter 2
Vladimir:I glared at my ringing phone as I stood beside the backdoor of the wedding hall.“What do you want, Viktor?” I asked the second I answered the phone.“What? Can’t a man congratulate his twin brother on getting married?” He asked in a mocking tone. I could already imagine him smirking at the fact of him ticking a nerve.“I don’t know how you found out about this wedding, nor do I care at this very moment…”“Of course, you don’t” he said casually “but anyway, congratulating you isn’t the only reason I called”“What is it this time? Do you plan on selling weapons to us? Has your little gang lost it’s clients?”“Funny, but I don’t associate myself with people I intend to kill, you know, I don’t eat with a person to kill him a while later”“That is why I am don, and you are nothing but
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Chapter 3
Eliana:I walked into the room which Maria, Vladimir’s mum had showed me to.The flight was a long one, and I couldn’t help but want to fall asleep the second I entered the house. Thankfully, Maria had prepared the room for me knowing that Vladimir and I wouldn’t be sharing a room. We had both made it clear enough that we didn’t want anything from one another. Well, that of course didn’t mean that my own family knew of this.Father would be having my head if he finds out that I wasn’t ‘pleasing’ my husband, and his own term of pleasing wasn’t a mutual agreement between the couple. He had sent me as a wife to a man who he knew could easily break every bone in my body, he believed that he was ruthless, and he wanted me to suffer for simply being born.“Is there anything that you need, Eliana?” Maria asked softly. I smiled and shook my head not wanting to trouble her, she had done enough for m
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Chapter 4
Vladimir:“Fuck” I hissed before coming undone. My eyes screwing shut as my body tensed.The woman, Nina, shrieked under me as she reached her point before I pulled out of her.My chest rose and fell as I caught my breath and Nina smiled laying on top of me, her finger running over my chest as I wrapped my arm around her waist pulling her to me. I smiled down at her as she laid her head over my racing heart.“I thought that I wouldn’t be seeing you again” she spoke after a while of silence. Her brown hair curled over my chest slightly tickling me.“Now, why would you think that?” I asked looking down at the woman who smiled at me.“Well, with the rumors that have spread…”“They weren’t rumors” I said stopping her. Her eyes widened and she tensed for a second before nodding.“So, it is true that you got married” she stated. I raised an eye
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Chapter 5
Eliana:I brushed my hair after taking a shower as I waited for it to dry.I have been isolated in my bedroom since Vladimir got here. As far as I was concerned, he was out banging a different woman, and that was something that was something that I didn’t want to think of.The fact my father could hear of this worried me. The man would have my head without even blinking, and the funny part was, I would have no say about it. He gave me his conditions; it was me who wasn’t following my part. At least, that is what they would all be telling me.The bedroom door was knocked making me frown in confusion before calling “come in”The door opened and Audrey walked inside carrying a tray in her hands making my eyes widen. I quickly got up and took the tray from her, setting it down on the dresser. Looking at it, I was surprised when I saw hot chocolate, cookies, and brownies.“I figured you might want something sweet. Th
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Chapter 6
Vladimir:“Where are you going?” Mom asked raising an eyebrow at me. I had gone to my room to shower and change after leaving Eliana’s room, and now was headed out to finish some unfinished business that I had to take care of.“I am really surprised that you’re questioning me where I’m going when I’m twenty-six” I teased mom wrapping my arms around her. She tapped my chest twice and I chuckled kissing the crown of her head before she pulled away to look me in the eye. I was never one to raise my voice at my mom, it was something that was unspoken or thought of to begin with. Dad and Dimitri were against, we were raised to respect women, and if they were family members; we were to die before even considering breaking their hearts.“You are a newlywed man, at least try and give your relationship a chance” mom’s eyes met mine and I raised an eyebrow at her making her laugh “not even the slighte
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Chapter 7
Eliana I scrolled through my phone when the house’s door slammed against the wall as someone opened it, startling me. I frowned in confusion putting my phone back inside my pocket. “WHERE IS SHE?” I heard Vladimir’s voice making me frown in confusion. “Vladimir, what the…?” Ivan started when Vladimir walked into the living room and grabbed me by my neck forcing me to stand. His grip tightening making my eyes widen as he cut off my airway. “Vladimir! LET THE WOMAN GO!” Ivan yelled pulling his son away from me only for him to take his gun out of his waistband and point it at my abdomen. Luka pulled Ivan away from Vladimir, whispering something in his ear all while I tried removing the bastard’s hand from around my neck. “What are you doing here?” Vladimir snarled. My heart raced against my ribcage as I feared his expression. The anger he held though I wasn’t sure of what it was made me want to hide. I couldn’t even miss the blood which w
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Chapter 8
Vladimir:“Do you trust she’s telling the truth?” Luka asked and I sighed putting my hands under my chin as I tried to think straight.I thought of every option, and every reason to find one lie in what she said. But the woman could have been killed, she wouldn’t have lied in such a state, her racing heart against my body. Her frightened eyes, I wasn’t blind not to see them.“Yes, why she had told me the complete truth? I don’t know, she could have found a lie to give, but she didn’t…”“Well, if that’s the case, then that means we have a problem” Luka said. I sighed getting up from my leather chair, I walked to the bar and poured both Luka and I a drink. Handing the man his glass, I sat on the chair in front of his and shook my head, questions swarmed my mind at this state, those who I had no answers to.“We have more than just a little problem, but for now, I real
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Chapter 9
Eliana:“Vladimir!” I heard the woman he brought over tonight shriek as she reached her orgasm.I sighed and walked down the stairs heading down to the dining room. This has been going on for two weeks now; the man would come home every night with a different woman, and she would leave in the morning before breakfast.I smiled when I saw Audrey, her eyes met mine and she nodded at me to sit by her side on the couch. Her eyes studying my expression only to frown in confusion at the fact that I wasn’t my cheerful self this morning. I couldn’t be, no matter how much I did try, it became harder to smile nowadays.“Has he always been like this?” I asked Audrey. The question has been bothering me for days now, maybe he was always sleeping around and now he was just doing what he was used to. I didn’t like admitting it, but it was starting to annoy me that he was.“Who?”“Your brother&rdqu
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Chapter 10
Vladimir:“Need I ask where you two have been?” I asked Luka who walked inside followed by Eliana.“Tvoya zhena decided to go and get something from the store, but she didn’t seem to find it” your wife, Luka answered nodding at Eliana who wouldn’t look at me. Her eyes glared daggers at Nina who raised an eyebrow at her. However, neither one of them bothered to approach the other as Eliana walked past us and up the stairs.I nodded at Nina dismissing her and watched as she walked out the door before raising an eyebrow at Luka “what really happened?”“Just forget about it, she just needed to understand who she was married to. I believe she got her lesson” Luka answered making me frown in confusion.“And that means?”“You’re not going to let it slide until you find out, are you?” Luka asked and I smirked. He shook his head at me and sighed.
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